Gaiam Step360 Vs SPRI Step360 PRO Vs Bosu Ball Balance Trainer Review

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Gaiam Step360 Reviews/Pros/Advantages

Sturdy equipment
And that’s a good thing because you want to be able to work out comfortably without worrying about equipment being wobbly. If you follow instructions well you can inflate chambers properly and installation is a breeze.

Easy to follow and effective workouts
The program is focused on High Intensity Training with both cardio and strength training given enough importance. 8 different workouts are included on two DVDs that are quite user friendly. There are complete body work outs as well as area specific exercises so that you can burn fat, tone your body and work on problem zones as well. If you follow this program on regular basis, results will come.



Gaiam Step360 Complaints/Cons/Disadvantages

Not everyone’s cup of tea
And that’s one of the problems with these workouts; if you enjoy doing aerobics then you will have fun with Gaiam Step360. However it doesn’t work for everyone and they are the users who are going to be disappointed.

Regular workout is a must
That’s again a problem for those who can’t commit themselves to a regular workout. You need to keep up with this workout on a regular basis or together with other fitness activities to get results. If you are looking for a magic workout then this certainly isn’t the one.

SPRI Step360 PRO Pros/Advantages/Reviews

Versatile and well-rounded workout
This program works because it helps build core strength at the same time it can enhance your balance too. There are cardio and strength training solutions as well giving you a comprehensive workout.

Well-made and durable equipment
The product is carefully crafted in many ways and things stay in place. You can be very comfortable when you work out and won’t have to worry about things falling apart. Setting up the equipment the first time is quite simple too making things more convenient for you. A DVD explains different parts of the product and helps with setup as well. Additional exercise equipment can be added to the prodduct to make it more versatile.

Lives up to expectations
Following the exercises based on the DVD led by Jessie Pavelka is not difficult at all. Short, to the point exercises are easy to keep up with and since you see results you are motivated to push yourself harder.

SPRI Step360 PRO Complaints/Cons/Disadvantages

Problems with the mechanism
To start with the rubber tubes you find here can be a task to inflate and there are no valves to make things easier. Blowing them up with a small hand pump is a nightmare. Plastic pins you get seal the holes but they don’t leave your equipment with much pressure.

It’s tacky and not well made
Cheap foam rubber has been used to make the top layer and that’s hardly durable. You are paying top dollar for the product and this is not what you expect from it.

Good idea that’s not well executed
It seems like the concept behind the product is fairly decent but it’s gotten lost somewhere and not well executed at all. It makes for unstable and therefore unsafe surface training, which can leave you susceptible to injuries.

Doesn’t live up to the claims
It’s misleading to see bands in the promotions of this product because it doesn’t really come with it. Working with other bands doesn’t gel with the product and results leave a lot to be desired.



Bosu Ball Balance Trainer Reviews/Pros/Advantages

Easy setup
The use at home product is every bit as strong as the one you find in professional setups. It’s strong and sturdy but has to be setup rightly, including inflation to 10 inches. You also need to plug it in place so that it doesn’t lose air; once that’s done you are ready to go.

Great value for money
The Pro version is twice as expensive as the home version but you can barely tell the difference. The home version works just as well and shows you excellent results, making it a product that’s fantastic value for money.

Pushes you harder
And that’s needed when you want to see good results. And that’s the reason results come sooner rather than later as well. It works brilliantly on your abs and what’s more, you also work out different muscle groups at the same time. It has its benefits for fitness beginners and those who are rehabilitating as well.

Bosu Ball Balance Trainer Complaints/Cons/Disadvantages

Not a long lasting product
Even if you follow the instructions of setup to the T you will realize that things are not right in a short span of time. The bottom can come unstuck and the glue used to hold the dome and base together doesn’t work as expected. It looks like an inferior quality product that is just not up to the mark and when you consider its cost of $100 you are bound to think that you have been given a raw deal.

Pointless exercises They are described quite simplistically in the DVD but even getting onto the ball can be a difficult task. You are constantly juggling with different poses that make things difficult for you. You are put through rigorous routines and positions that are bit of a stretch at best and quite pointless.

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