Fusion Juicer Vs Breville Juicers BJE200XL | JE98XL | BBL420XL

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Fusion Juicer Pros/Advantages

Jason Vale Fusion Juicer is a gold standard advanced juicer that extracts the healthiest nutrient-rich juices. Unlike ordinary juicers, it has low induction motor that creates minimal heat friction, thus keeping nutrients and essential anti-oxidants intact which improve energy, vitality and strengthen your immune system. The Fusion Juicer lowers cholesterol level and prevents heart diseases. It extracts 30% more juices, is easy to clean and costs very less.

Fusion Juicer Complaints/Disadvantages/Cons

Design Issues
The design and mechanism of the Fusion Juices tend to interfere its functioning. E.g. a customer struggling to make it work noticed a tiny plastic piece had snapped off the bottom of the pulp collector and realized that the piece fits into the base to push an internal “on” button to start the machine.

Soggy pulp
The pulp can be really soggy and wet that creates a mess and inconvenience.

Disappointing processing of ingredients like kale and parsley
Kale and parsley may come out through the pulp collector without being juiced. Even some greens followed with ingredients that yield more juice may come out the same.

Cleaning not very easy
Fusion Juicer requires practice and patience to be cleaned. You have to get the hang of it to save time and get better results. You also need to put a plastic bag inside the pulp catcher for easy clean up.

Breville BJE200XL Pros/Advantages

Powerful motor
The motor of Breville BJE200XL is so powerful that there’s no need to use the pusher except to cover the top. It juices even tough ingredients like purple cabbage, whole kale leaves, celery, carrots, broccoli, beets and more without trouble really fast.

Excellent design
Breville BJE200XL has only four parts: the food pusher, feed chute / pulp collection lid, pulp collection container and micro mesh filter. It is compact and tall, and therefore space-saving. Every component is designed well, including the plug that has a moulded loop for ease of plugging and unplugging. It is also easy to assemble its Compact Juice Fountain. There’s also a handy cord wrap in the base of the juicer’s unit besides several other intelligent features.

Smart to look at
Besides efficiency in functioning, Breville BJE200XL also looks very smart and makes your kitchen look great.

Perfect fit and finish
All parts fit perfectly and facilitate smooth functioning. It also has a great finish to match.

Ease of use and clean up
Breville BJE200XL is very easy to clean as you need only two minutes for that. Its parts can be easily separated and it can be cleaned even without a dishwasher.

Breville BJE200XL Cons/Disadvantages/Complaints

Limitations of single speed
Breville BJE200XL works on only one speed so the shredder basket cannot be slowed down for hard or leafy greens. You need to pack the chute with green and feed it slowly.

Improper shredding of small slices

A small gap between the bottom of the food chute and the shredding blades of the filter basket result in imperfect shredding of small slices of fruit or veggies in the pulp container.

Difficulty to remove pulp from the integrated pulp container

The integrated pulp container made of plastic traps pulp after a few times of usage which cannot be removed even after all the soaking and cleaning

Difficulty in cleaning juice dispensing hole

The juice dispensing hole is hard to clean and build-up can also take place in it. A small bottle brush is needed to clean it properly.

Leakage of juice

When in use, the juice may leak or bubble out the sides even of the juicer even if everything is perfectly secured.

Wet pulp

The pulp left behind after juicing is soggy even if ingredients are added very slowly. Big chunks of fruits and veggies may be left without sufficient juice getting extracted out of it.

Breville JE98XL Reviews – Pros/Advantages

Easy and safe to use
Breville JE98XL is very easy and convenient to use. You don’t have to chop ingredients before being juiced once large seeds are extracted. It’s efficient and emits less noise as compared to other juicers. Besides, its safety features ensure you don’t hurt your fingers.

Breville JE98XL has a very strong body and is built to last really long; that’s great VFM. It doesn’t move while its motor spins.

Plenty of juice
Breville JE98XL yields a lot of juice, which prevents wastage of nutrition left behind in the pulp.

Easy to take apart and assemble
Its smart construction ensures that disassembling and assembling it while juicing and cleaning is easy and trouble-free.

Easy clean up
Another plus point. It’s non-messy to clean, and using a produce bag in the back bin makes clean up even easier.

Multiple speeds
Breville JE98XL offers different speeds so you can select the appropriate one to juice ingredients perfectly.

Breville JE98XL Reviews – Cons/Complaints/Disadvantages

Less output of juice
One of the dampeners is that Breville JE98XL may produce very less low with soggy pulp left behind.

No tilted irrigation or expulsion system and poor flow
The design of the machine decreases the low juice output as all of it isn’t removed. It lacks tilted irrigation or expulsion system and offers only a level ring from which juice comes out. You need to tilt the machine manually after turning it off to get 25% more juice but it’s tedious and unfair.

Pulp settles everywhere and makes it difficult to clean
Thhe pulp settles virtually in every part of the unit except in the actual pulp b. The solution provided by its manual of lining the pulp basin with a plastic bag for easy clean-up is ridiculous. The pulp gets deposited everywhere, so cleaning it becomes a mess.

Loud Noise
Another drawback of Breville JE98XL is that it tends to be quite loud, which can be annoying.

Excessively fast speed of motor and blade
It makes ingredients come back up and juice sprayed all over too. Its blades too move fast, which makes the juicer messy. Add less amount of ingredients in the juicer and cover it with hands to avoid mess.

Breville BBL420XL Reviews – Pros

Efficient performance
Breville BBL420XL is definitely a star multi-use blender that blends well and makes work easy.

Smart features
The blender is robust comes with a number of exciting features such as a combined ice/standby setting and a thumb grip which helps you pull its lid easily and handle it well. Also, the additional little ring on its electrical cord makes it easier to plug and unplug.

Reasonably priced
Buying Breville BBL420XL won’t burn a hole in your pocket as it’s priced attractively.

Easy and fast clean up
Cleaning up Breville BBL420XL is very simple, quick and hassle-free.

Breville BBL420XL Reviews – Complaints/Disadvantages/Cons

Limitations in liquefying
Breville BBL420XL The items blended with tend to become warm. It cannot liquefy very well, leaving it pulpy and foamed. Smoothies don’t turn out very good as bits and pieces remain in it.

Dissapointing ice crush/pulse feature
It simply spins and tosses the cubes around even if a lot of water is added. It doesn’t suck anything down as it claims.

Loud noise and poor design
Breville BBL420XL generates extremely loud noise which can be irritating.

Leakage and difficulty in cleaning certain parts
It may leak and pose difficulties in cleaning the jar between itself and its black plastic base, with the mess being visible.

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