Fusion Booster vs Nutribullet

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Compare Features and Benefits: Fusion Booster vs Nutribullet

Fusion Booster Features and Benefits

Fusion Booster is a personal blender that can get you maximum nutrition out of fruits and vegetables into delicious smoothies you make. It does that by blending and breaking down these nutritious food items. The container with travel lid it has ensures that you can have your tasty and healthy drinks on the go.

The performance of the Fusion Booster is spot on because of the 300 watt power motor that is capable of breaking down all types of fruits and vegetables. It can also let you make different recipes; from soups to shakes without any hassle. And if you want to make salad dips, sauces or spreads then this blender is quite handy for it too.

One of the important features of this blender is the portable bottle container. It lets you take your drinks straight on the go with you. It also has a travel lid, which means there are no spills to contend with.

The blender is compact in size and can sit nicely on your kitchen worktop without taking up too much space. It can also be easily put away when not in use.

The container is BPA free to ensure complete safety for you and it is dishwasher safe to save you the hassle of cleaning.

The blender has been smartly designed and is sleek to look at, making it a handsome addition to your kitchen.

Nutribullet Features and Benefits

It is a blender that promises to get maximum natural goodness from healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables you might want to incorporate in your diet. The problem with juicing is that it removes the fibres while big chunks of food are left behind when you blend. But this blender works by breaking down foods into healthy nutrients like minerals, proteins, enzymes and vitamins bringing them straight into your glass of smoothie or chosen drink.

Nutribullet makes the most out of exclusive extractor technology and it’s coupled with the power of 600 watt motor to give a strong performance. The motor works in a cyclonic motion while the patented extractor blades make it more effective. It manages to pulverize skins, seeds and stems that are rich in nutrients and brings their complete goodness to you.

Firstly, it brings you the benefits of extracting food, which gets you the optimum nutrients from healthy food items. It can work wonders for anyone suffering from a health condition or athletes because these nutrients are absorbed quickly into your system. You won’t have to rely on chewing action and body enzymes to convert food into its most absorptive state.

It helps you make several types of health drinks including those that have herbs and nuts. From salad dressings to soups, dips and natural ice creams there are endless options in front of you when you have Nutribullet at home.


Compare Reviews and Complaints: Fusion Booster vs Nutribullet

Nutribullet Review – Pros and Cons

One customer who used Nutribullet revealed that there is a major issue with the gasket in the blade assembly. The thing is that food gets stuck under the gasket and doesn’t come out easily. You have to remove the gasket and wash it with soap water otherwise it can get smelly and could lead to food poisoning. If you call the customer service for advice you never get one answer; it oscillates between the gasket shouldn’t be removed to it can never be cleaned. You wish they would be more helpful with the concerns of their customers.

Another customer who reviewed Nutribullet said that within a couple of months it starts showing snags. There are leaks from the blade unit, including lubricating grease and you just can’t stop that even after tightening the unit up. It means blades get rusty later as there is no lubrication left. It also makes a loud noise while blending, which is quite irritating.

One customer who used Nutribullet said that it’s not a well made blender and shows many problems after some use. Unfortunately the customer service is absolutely hopeless and it takes about a week for them to get back to your query. They are just not interesting in listening to your problems.

Another customer who reviewed Nutribullet complained about being sold some random products that weren’t asked for, at hefty rates. You are told that they will cancel the charges but it doesn’t happen and in fact you keep getting charged more. It’s a scam.


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