Furby Connect vs Furby Boom vs Hatchimal vs Furbacca

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What is it? Furby Connect vs Furby Boom vs Hatchimal vs Furbacca

Furby Connect – It is an interactive furry toy that became a rage in 1998. Furby Connect can be petted, tickled, shaken, and offers many playful experiences by connecting it with a compatible smart device and downloading the app.

Furby Boom – Furby Boom is an interactive and adventurous toy where the player and the Furby Boom creature collect digital eggs, hatch them, and create a city of virtual little Furby Furblings.

Hatchimal – Hatchimals are a set of two interactive magical creatures that live inside eggs. One of two interactive Hatchimals lives inside each egg.

Furbacca – Furbacca is an interactive toy that reacts to motion and touch.


How does it work? Furby Connect vs Furby Boom vs Hatchimal vs Furbacca

Furby Connect – Furby Connect toy is equipped with Bluetooth, LED eyes, sensors under the fur, and a smart beak, apart from the almost-instant send to sleep mode. It works with an app support – Furby Connect World – but is also entertaining in offline mode.

Furby Boom – The Furby Boom creature needs to be cared for to get virtual eggs that hatch to give Furblings, which you can raise. Furby Boom is an independent creature that works better when played with regularly. It comes with a free app to translate its Furbish language. However, the more one plays with it, the more English it speaks. Furby Boom can be tickled, talked to, and fed with fingers. It also plays tunes and a player can pull its tail for more adventure. The optional Furby app works with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with iOS 5.0 or later.

Hatchimal – Hatchimal is like having a real cuddly friend in a toy form. It starts out as an egg that you need to care for before it hatches out of its egg into the real world. It makes cute sounds and its eyes light up to express its feelings. After you’ve played with it plenty and it’s time to hatch, the toy becomes rainbow-eyed. Hatchimals will only hatch when you have encouraged them and not on their own. An instruction guide included with each toy helps the owner understand how to use all of its features. Once the Hatchimal has hatched, there are a number of games and skills that a kid can play. The five different kinds of Hatchimals are pink penguin-like Pengualas who are laid-back and clumsy, purple and green dragon-like creatures Draggles are friendly but stubborn, and the Owlicorns are shy but bright hybrid of owl and unicorn.

Furbacca – Furbacca takes kids into the digital world with Star Wars theme using a smartphone. It’s a fully-integrated toy and app that makes Chewbacca-like Wookiee sounds, hums the Star Wars theme, and plays virtual activities. Kids can explore the galaxy far, far way and collect virtual Star Wars Furby Furblings. The Furbacca companion app is downloadable in the App Store and Google Play, though one does not need it for Furbacca figure play. The toy includes Chewbacca’s bandolier accessory.


What does it do? Furby Connect vs Furby Boom vs Hatchimal vs Furbacca

Furby Connect – Every time there is something new, such as music or video, to discover in the Furby Connect app, the toy’s antenna glows. Furby Connect friend is highly interactive and it’s easy to comprehend what he wants to say, even if it’s in Furbish. Its colorful eyes display over 150 animations to help express its needs. Kids can pet, tickle, or shake Furby Connect creature, turn it upside down, and move the antenna like a joystick to make Furby react. Furby Connect friend syncs with the Furby Connect World app to add to the surprises and physical and digital interactions with the creature. Accompanying Furby Connect friend is a sleep mask that can be slipped on to its eyes to put it to bed. It simply takes removing the sleep mask to get Furby to its bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fun self. Connecting to the app gets the Furby Connect friend updates and new content.

Furby Boom – Furby Boom hatches more than 50 virtual Furby Furblings eggs. Hatching ample virtual Furblings to fill the city towers gets the player golden egg. Ganging up with Furby Boom and virtual Furblings allows you to play games in-app games such as Furball, the Furbish version of soccer. The app’s monitor also lets you keep track of Furby Boom creature’s health, hunger, and cleanliness. The independent Furby Boom can be played with physically as well as digitally. There are more than twice responses in Furby Boom creature compared to the previous version.

Hatchimal – The furry creature Hatchimal can be played through 3 stages – baby to toddler, to kid. Every new stage it enters is welcomed by the Hatchimal singing, “Hatchy Birthday”. The player can teach the Hatchimal to walk, dance, play games and more. It also repeats in its own voice all the things that you say. Hatchimal needs caring like a real kid – it needs to be fed, nursed back to health, and consoled when they get scared. Once they are all grown up, they also play couple games such as answering yes or no questions and “playing tag”.

Furbacca – Engaging the Furbacca app brings an extra level of interactive play. It takes you to the Star Wars Universe and creates adventure and scenes from the cult franchise. You can up the ante by unlocking the Star Wars Furby Furblings.


Compare Features: Furby Connect vs Furby Boom vs Hatchimal vs Furbacca

Furby Connect – Furby Connect uses colorful LCD expressive screen eyes that display over 150 animations, motions and phrases to interact. The eyes communicate what Furby wants to say, and make Furbish comprehensible. If you introduce two Furby Connect creatures, they interact and remember each other’s names. There are over 1,000 phrases and fresh updates from the app that adds to the interaction. Furby goes to sleep simply by putting the mask on and wakes up to interact and play when you remove it. Furby Connect creature reacts to app videos with phrases and moves. The Furby Connect World app is downloadable at the Amazon Appstore, App Store and Google Play. It also supports some Fire tablets, iOS and Android devices.

Furby Boom – Furby Boom looks like the classic 1998 furry friend but has several important technological advancements. The first one is LED screen eyes that help Furby to blink and deliver multiple animations so that you can keep up with the electronic pet’s needs and emotions. The artificial intelligence shapes its personality and helps it make itself a better toy if treated well and turn into a bad guy if antagonized. The more one interacts with Furby, the more English it speaks. Furby Boom goes to bed when its tail is pulled and held for 10. You can play games, get eggs, and raise virtual Furblings with the free app.

Hatchimal – You can care for, nurture, and play with Hatchimal’s egg. Tapping the egg makes Hatchimal tap back. You can hear its heartbeat, flip the egg upside down, and its eyes light up from inside. Care for the Hatchimal even when it’s inside the egg. You will see its rainbow eyes when it’s ready to hatch. Hatchimal does not hatch without the player and needs encouragement by holding and rubbing the egg. It’s a surprise which of the two Hatchimal creatures is inside. Once the Hatchimal is out, you can give it a name and raise it from being a baby, to toddler, to kid. On entering each stage, it sings, “Hatchy Birthday”. They walk, talk, dance, play games, and do more such activities.

Furbacca – Furbacca is a Chewbacca-like interactive toy based on Star Wars theme that creates adventures and scenes from that Universe. It reacts to motion and touch. You can use Furbacca app to create an extra level of interactive play. A player can unlock Star Wars Furby Furblings.

Compatible Devices: Furby Connect vs Furby Boom vs Hatchimal vs Furbacca

Furby Connect
It’s necessary for a device to be supported for the best Furby Connect experience. Devices not included in the below list may be able to download the app but will have limited or no functionality.

iOS 9.0 and above
iPhone 5 and above
iPad 4 and above
iPad Air 1 and above
iPad Mini 2 and above
iPad Pro

OS 4.4 or above
Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7
Samsung Galaxy EDGE S6, S7
Samsung Galaxy MINI S4
Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3, 4, 5, 10.1”
Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 (10.1” model only)
Samsung Galaxy TAB 4 (7”, 8”, 10.1”)
Google NEXUS 7 (2013 Edition and newer)
Google NEXUS 9
Google PIXEL C
Motorola MOTO X (Generations 1, 2)

Amazon OS 5 and above
Kindle Fire HD 6 (2014)
Kindle Fire (2015)
Kindle Fire HD 8 (2015)
Kindle Fire HD 10 (2015)


Furby Boom
The optional App works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Not found

It runs on Android OS 2.3.3 or later devices, including Samsung GalaxyS2, S3, S3 Mini, S4, S4 Mini, S5, S6; Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3, 8.0, 10.1; Samsung Galaxy Tab (Gen 1, 2, 3); Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos; Toys R Us Tabeo 8, Motorola Razr HD (only non-US models), Google Nexus 4, Nexus 7. The device must support Furbacca app, which is subject to the App Store terms and conditions. Other compatible devices may not be supported. The compatibility is affected by updates. Furbacca app requires an Internet connection to download, update, and access certain information.


Batteries: Furby Connect vs Furby Boom vs Hatchimal vs Furbacca

Furby Connect – 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included)

Furby Boom – 4 AA batteries

Hatchimal – 2 AA LR6 Batteries (Included)

Furbacca – 4 AA 1.5V Alkaline Batteries (Not Included)


Price: Furby Connect vs Furby Boom vs Hatchimal vs Furbacca

Furby Connect – $79.99

Furby Boom – $79.99

Hatchimal – $59.99

Furbacca – $56.81


Review: Furby Connect vs Furby Boom vs Hatchimal vs

Furby Connect REVIEW

Furby Connect review says that after approximately 15 minutes of use when the software is updated, it does not respond to new batteries, reset or any classic Furby trick.

Furby Connect review reveals that it was tried it on an iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the Kindle Fire 2015. Even after hard resetting Furby, deleting and reinstalling the app several time, changing batteries, it does not update but only connects to Bluetooth. Ergo, the connect features cannot be used. It only times out when it’s left to sit at the end of the status meter for more than an hour, which is disappointing.

Furby Connect review complains that it does not connect to the app, and without an app it’s not fun to play with. In spite of updating the OS, changing devices, it did not work. Hasbro Customer Care was unreachable even after 3 days already.

Furby Connect review reveals that the software is full of bugs. The iPad interface has glitches and needs continual reset to keep it going. It took four attempts and two hours to update and connect even though it was just out of the box. The toy needs to be in the distance of one foot or less of an iPad for the Bluetooth to work.

Furby Connect review discloses that when the toy is connected to the phone, it picks up where it leaves off in the previous session. That wouldn’t be a problem if it completed the update. But, the toy freezes when the progress bar reaches the end and the update restarts, even though phone is placed right next to the toy and screen is on all the time. Restarting the phone and resetting the Furby toy doesn’t help.

Furby Connect review states that the manufacturers don’t tell you that it’s not compatible with all iPads.

Furby Connect review points out that it does not connect to Bluetooth and consumes batteries quickly.

Furby Connect review divulges that top-of-the-line Energizer batteries died twice, which is frustrating. The creature goes into deep sleep at times and needs to be held upside down for 30 seconds to wake him up!

Furby Connect review says that the connectivity is a great issue. The purpose of the toy is defeated if it doesn’t stay on and connected to the app.

Furby Boom REVIEW

Furby Boom review states that it constantly falls asleep or blacks out within 30 seconds.Their black eyes do not respond to external stimuli and almost conk out. Changing batteries did not help.

Furby Boom review rues that it does not work. It switches on for less than a minute every time before it screeches, crackles, and dies, even if you try different batteries or reset it.

Furby Boom review reveals that it was broken and would not talk. Only its mouth moved and buzzed or hummed.

Furby Boom review complains that it makes ghastly male voice at times.

Furby Boom review discloses that it went to sleep position out of the blue when it was dancing on the table. Nothing changed even after resetting it a few times.

Furby Boom review claims that it resets and changes voices all the time. Its batteries die within days, making its maintenance extremely expensive.

Furby Boom review points out that the only reason to not like the toy is the absence of a turn off button or volume control. It works well with the iPad app.

Furby Boom review calls its battery cover all wrong and adds that it makes noise while moving or sleeping. Its vocabulary and personalities are not quite impressive, too.

Hatchimal REVIEW

Hatchimal review makes it known that it does not work. The creature stopped after pecking the egg just a few times. Its manual is just a bunch of useless loose pages and no order. The creature is not out of the shell at all.

Hatchimal review suspects that it has a sensor problem or is defective and they were trying to contact the manufacturers for a replacement.

Hatchimal review found its blinking eyes and noise cute. But, it did not hatch even after two days of holding, playing with, rubbing and tilting. It was disappointing for the kid that it was unable to hatch and not know what color the creature was. Its eyes lit up but cycled quickly enough to know that it wasn’t reacting to touch-based on the color of the eyes. The toy is not worth it.

Hatchimal review tells us that it couldn’t turn inside like it was claimed.

Hatchimal review expoes that it broke the shell but not completely. It learns only one word at a time, and says it just a couple of times and never again. The toy doesn’t do much activity.

Hatchimal review points out that for an egg that hatches just once, the money one spends on it is disappointing.

Furbacca REVIEW

Furbacca review brings to light that it suddenly sleeps after 30 seconds for no reason, glitches persistently and out-of-sync movements between the eyes and the movement servos.

Furbacca review says it broke within 6 months.

Furbacca review criticizes that it doesn’t work at all. Even with two different kinds of batteries, it stayed awake for just two seconds. Either the unit was defective or it’s a faulty toy in general.

Furbacca review uncovers that it’s incompatible with other such toys, and doesn’t socialize, which is the purpose of this toy.

Furbacca review rues that it doesn’t talk and only growls and howls.

Furbacca review reveals that one can barely hear any noise and one needs to go to a quiet room, put the ear up to it just to hear the sounds, which is disappointing for them and their kids.

Furbacca review cautions that the toy was screwed to the package and the normal screwdriver did not work on it. They had to try two different hardware stores but couldn’t find the correct small screwdriver to unpack it.

Furbacca review makes it public that it goes to sleep more than it talks. One needs to use a Philip’s screwdriver to remove it from the cardboard packaging and remove the battery compartment door, which is not mentioned in the description. It needs 4 AA batteries to operate. It defies all suggested packaging guidelines by Amazon.

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