Fuel Shark vs Fuel Doctor FD 47

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Fuel Shark

It seems to be a saviour for car owners who are grappling with rising fuel prices in recent times. Fuel Shark helps them reduce fuel consumption in gas and diesel engines so that they can save huge amounts every month.

Thanks to the fuel efficient driving option it offers people, it has already generated huge amount of word of mouth publicity. But that’s not all; it’s said to have become the talk of the town after independent tests from renowned TV News stations.

Fuel Shark has also been tested by renowned car dealerships and the results have been seen to be consistent. While increased gas mileage is an advantage, you also see other benefits including increased horsepower when using it. It also leads to lower emissions and longer battery life, which should be music to your ears. It’s versatile enough to work on gas or diesel.Space –


Fuel Doctor FD 47

It’s said to be boosted by a cutting edge technology that enhances fuel efficiency so that consumers can save huge amounts of money month after month. Vehicle’s power systems go through wear and tear and thus over time they become vulnerable to noise. What Fuel Doctor FD 47 does is it ensures that your drive’s computer systems get more precise information with the help of power conditioning qualities. As a result your drive’s fuel efficiency is restored to its original state.

Various independent laboratories have tested its performance and the results have been consistent. Fuel Doctor in itself is a known name as a primary sponsor globally in the realm of auto car racing. It’s also sponsored an all-star basketball game in Italy and is stocked by blue chip retailers, which says a lot about its reliability.


Fuel Shark Reviews/Complaints


False Promises: The Fuel Shark promises to give you better fuel economy, cleaner emissions, more horsepower, and a longer battery life. However it is technically and physically impossible for the fuel shark to give the results that it claims as it just provides an electrical drain for your car by using electricity to power the LED light.

Fuel Shark is Just an Extra Device and Nothing More: Fuel Shark does not do any damage to your car neither does it give you any miracles in term of your mileage its just a device that is nothing more than a show piece and has no affect what so ever on your engine. Fuel Shark is definitely not the solution for your fuel efficiency issue.

Fuel Doctor Reviews/Complaints

Fuel Doctor A complete Waste of Money

If you are tempted to buy a Fuel Doctor there is no harm in it. However you will not benefit from it either as it is a complete waste of money. People who claim that they are benefiting from the Fuel Doctor are the ones who are just making subconscious assumptions and are not thinking scientifically.

No Miracles for Your Mileage

You can test this on any vehicle and you will see that the vehicle will give you the same mileage with or without the device. It is possible that you may find slight variations in the gas mileage but this is possible with or without the device.

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