Free flexor vs Shake Weight vs BodyBlade Exerciser

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Free Flexor

Have you been trying to work on your forearms and get the best possible results? The problem with standard weights is that they only work on one angle thus limiting the results you can get. That’s where Free Flexor is supposed to come in and let you set your forearms on fire, so to speak. Free Flexor is supposed to be world’s first flexing dumbbell, which is why it can work your muscles in every possible direction. It gets the momentum swinging as you start working on your whole arm, including shoulders.

Free Flexor is known to bring the Circular Strength Technology into action to give you results you have been looking for. It is said to offer you the way to sculpt your biceps and triceps like you’d want to. Moreover it also works on your chest and shoulders, which let you have that ripped body, something regular dumbbells fail to do. EMG Muscle Stimulation test results have shown the benefits it can have over the regular dumbbells. Now it’s possible for you to take your workout to a whole new level with Free Flexor, the flexing dumbbell.


Shake Weight

There are many who try several methods and exercises to work on their arms, chest and shoulders but results don’t always follow. It’s about taking your routine to a higher level and that’s what Shake Weight claims to help you do. It is supposed to offer you an effective way to tone your arms, shoulders and chest. What’s more, it promises to help you get toned a lot faster as well. If you have wanted that ripped, defined body then this might be the right solution for you.

One of the big promises Shake Weight makes is that you will have your arms on fire in just about 6 minutes. Regular dumbbells just can’t give you that kind of a workout, which will have a big impact on your biceps. Shake Weight is known to give you these results because it makes the most of dynamic inertia. And as a result your muscle activity is boosted to about 300% to what it would be when you use regular dumbbells. That’s probably why Shake Weight comes with a 100% money back guarantee for your peace of mind.


BodyBlade Exerciser

There are several use at home exercise equipments that leave you feeling tired and achy without bringing you the results you are looking for. However BodyBlade Exerciser claims to show you the way to do exercises that are result oriented and functional. Moreover you are said to be offered a way where you can work out safely and without any worries of injuries. The reason BodyBlade Exerciser is said to work is because it works on the deep dynamic stabilizers of spine and core so that you have a strong foundation.

BodyBlade Exerciser brings to fore the benefits of vibration training where you are made to change directions rapidly with a rhythm of 4.5 cycles every second. That’s the reason your body will react 270 times every minute to resist the destabilizing forces of the blade. The benefits of vibration training include functional stability and a big boost to your overall wellbeing. Your endurance will be built and your muscle tone will dramatically improve, according to the claims of BodyBlade Exerciser. Another advantage of the vibration technology is that it works well for professional athletes, rehabilitation patients and those who are new to fitness as well.


Compare Reviews, Complaints, Pros/Cons

Free Flexor Review

Free Flexor Pros

Has some merits

If you want to use the Free Flexor you can’t have very high expectations. At best it can help you enhance your forearm and grip specific strength but that’s where the buck stops.


Free Flexor Cons

Falls short on expectations

There’s a lot of hype created about it and you are told that you will get those ripped muscles like models do. But that’s not what you see and getting those kinds of results takes years of hard work and the right diet as well.

It’s gimmicky

It might be an interesting concept but the execution is pretty poor. And it seems like a gimmick at best to try and woo those who want to build some muscles. Regular dumbbells will work just as well.

Not worth the money

It’s not cheap and you’d expect it to deliver. But it doesn’t; in fact it can’t because one exercise will not be enough to tone your entire body or build muscle.
Shake Weight review


Shake Weight review

Shake Weight Pros

Some results are seen

Yes, your arms are given a workout by Shake Weight. It does work because of the shaking motion and it ensures that your muscles are charged up a bit more. But the point is, if you use your regular dumbbells in the similar manner, you are also probably going to get same results. So you can’t expect the world out of this one.


Shake Weight Cons

Not very comfortable

And you notice that, especially when it comes to the curved handles. They begin to irritate your arms before you know it and that can be a nuisance. Another worry is that you start feeling quite sore and your hands hurt without always showing the results.

Hard to follow

You are told that a 6 minute workout every day will do the trick for you. However, when you look at the video of the workout you realize that it’s practically impossible to keep up with it. Thus it ends up becoming a self-defeating exercise.

Packaging is not up to the mark

It’s been noticed that it doesn’t always arrive in its original packaging. In fact sometimes you find it in a brown box, which is just shoddy.

BodyBlade Exerciser review

BodyBlade Exerciser Pros

Has some benefits

If you want to use it for your triceps, then it might have its benefits for you. In fact it is quite triceps centric in its approach, which might work well for some. It’s different and those who are bored of working with similar routines might benefit from it. It also seems to be ideal for those who are working on a rehabilitation programme.


It’s portable, which means you can work out using it whenever and wherever you want to. It also helps pump up your muscles quickly and if you use it regularly, it will help tone up your muscles.


BodyBlade Exerciser Cons

Limited uses

If you are going to expect it to strengthen your muscles drastically then that’s not going to happen. Your range of motion is also not enhanced to a great extent, which is a shame. For the price you are paying for it, it’s not great value.

Not easy to use

You will have to give it your best shot and persist with it when it comes to the exercises as they are not easy to follow. Regular dumbbells can bring you similar results too.


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