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Focus T25

Are you finding it difficult to get that long time out of your busy schedule to get into the shape of your life? What if you were told that 25 minutes of your day is all it takes to get the results you are looking for? Yes, that’s the claim from Focus T25 and its creator Shaun T. He is a star athlete who experimented with this plan himself and has brought just what you need in Focus T25. As the name suggests, it’s about getting that intensity in a 25 minute workout, five days a week to get good results.

The reason Focus T25 works is because your workout sessions are jam packed with 100% intensity. There’s no rest in between and it helps you maximise your results. The fast paced workouts include high intensity moves, which have been incorporated to make them so effective and efficient.

Studies have shown that 30 minute workouts can be equally effective when it comes to burning fat and more efficient than what 60 minute exercises can do. Focus T25 includes the Alpha Cycle that consists of cardio, ab intervals, speed training, lower focus and total body circuit training. Together it can help you build your overall foundation and work on complete body fitness. Thanks to the modifier present on the screen, the workouts are easy to follow.

The Beta Cycle of Force 25 pays attention to the core through core cardio, dynamic core, upper focus, RIP’T circuit training and speed training. The dynamic moves used in these workouts can take your body fitness to a whole new level. What’s more, you get those ripped abs too.



The conventional interval training is turned on its head by Shaun T, who’s the creator of Insanity. It’s been touted as the hardest workout you can find you can find on a DVD and it claims to offer you results you normally get in a year within just 60 days.
The way Insanity workouts differ from regular programs is that you go flat out with your training and only take very short breaks for some air. This Max Interval Training ensures that your body remains at its maximum capacity throughout the workout. Insanity ensures that you push your body to greater limits so that it adapts and brings you fantastic results in just about 60 days.


Insanity Asylum

Who says you have to wait for months or years to get fitness results you desire? Insanity Asylum promises to give you those amazing results in 30 days by training inside the Asylum Matrix.

The Asylum is quite simply a training facility that only top athletes had access to and at some of the most exclusive labs and centres. But track star Shaun T has brought this exciting program within your reach. Dynamic multidirectional exercises are the highlight of this program, especially since they are based on the actual movements of professional sportspersons. Insanity Asylum works on biceps, deltoids, quadriceps, pectoralis, soleus and whole lot more so that you can pack those outstanding results within 30 days, from the comforts of your home.


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Focus T25 Reviews


Easy to follow
You can keep up with 25 minutes exercise a day and the modifier makes it easier for everyone to follow the routine. If you can’t figure out a move, or need a lower impact move, it helps you immensely.

Emphasis stays on the technique
There is a lot of stress on getting the form just right and Shaun T does his best to ensure that. His comments are valuable and he is thoroughly professional throughout.

Fun and Fast
Exercises are quite brief and you quickly move on to a new one before you are bored or exhausted. In fact the routine never gets boring and you have a lot of fun working out.

It’s effective
That’s the most important aspect of a program and Focus T25 scores highly on that count. You are dripping in sweat in just about 25 minutes and it is quite efficient overall.



Music on the DVD is not up to the mark
And that’s probably being a bit harsh especially because you are constantly focused on the workout. But the point is that although the DVD and filming quality itself is quite good, the music used on it leaves a lot to be desired. If that aspect was looked into closely, it could have been just perfect.

Insanity Reviews


Pushes your body to the limit
And if you can handle the pain, which is absolutely worth it, you will be happy to see the results you get. It lets you train almost like professional athletes and although the moves can be hard for some, they are performed at home. Thus you won’t have to feel embarrassed about getting the moves wrong.

You can get optimum results
It’s possible to lose large amount of weight if you follow this program to the T. If this workout is the right fit for you, then there is every reason for you to relish the challenge. It helps you get ripped muscles too. But things to remember to get best results include following the workout without fail. You can also get a workout buddy for your exercises and stay motivated. It’s also a good idea to follow the diet that comes with the plan.



Can be difficult to follow
Yes, the exercises are a bit difficult, especially initially but you can get a hang of them as you keep practising.

Ordering is a pain
You are made to jump through hoops to order it and that can be quite taxing in itself. What’s worse is that the delivery takes too long.

Insanity Asylum Review


Great results in a short time
If intense workouts are your cup of tea then this program might be the right fit for you. You will get great results in a short span of time. The workouts have been set up in a way that you can get into shape of your life by working for 60 days. It can help you lose fat too.

It’s effective
All the pain and soreness you go through will be worth it when you get dynamic results. You can get into the shape of your life if you persist through the 60 days and keep up with the good work. It tones your muscles like nothing you’ve used ever before and it’s a great way of burning calories as well. If you want to be stronger and fitter, this workout is for you.



It’s hard to follow
If you have not worked out before then you are probably going to struggle with these workouts. In fact they are quite hard for those who have been into some kind of fitness routine as well. However if you keep up with them for a while, you will get used to them.


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