Flex Shot vs Flex Seal vs Mighty Sealer

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Compare what is it? Flex Shot vs Flex Seal vs Mighty Sealer

What is Flex Shot? – Flex Shot is a thick rubber sealant that bonds, caulks and seals virtually everything whether you need pinpoint precision or need to fill big cracks.

What is Flex Seal? – Flex Seal is a liquid rubber sealant that quickly stops leaks by sealing and coating it. You just need to give a quick shot to the surface to coat and seal it.

Mighty Sealer – Mighty Sealer liquid rubber sealant that can create a durable, temperature-resistant and watertight seal on virtually any crack or hole it is sprayed on.

Compare how does it work? Flex Shot vs Flex Seal vs Mighty Sealer

How does Flex Shot work? – Flex Shot claims to let you make repairs with pinpoint accuracy neatly and without a hassle. You need to run the tube over any crack or hole you need to seal and the sealant will flow out of the tube nice and thick. It clings to virtually any surface and turns into a stretchy rubber seal that does not dry out, crack or shrink like regular caulks. The extension tube lets you reach the most hard to reach spaces for repairs and the sealant expands and contracts to make everything waterproof.

How does Flex Seal work? – You just need to spray the Flex Seal from the can on the surface that has a crack or leakage. It seeps into the crack and becomes a watertight, flexible and rubberized coating. Flex Seal comes in a convenient spray form. Just spray it on the cracked or leaking surface and it will seep in to become a watertight, flexible and rubberized coating.

How does Mighty Sealer work? – It sprays out as liquid to fill cracks and holes and forms a watertight barrier to stop leakage right at the source.

Compare Features: Flex Shot vs Flex Seal vs Mighty Sealer

Flex Shot Features – The thick rubber sealant contracts and expands to fill in small or big cracks. It has an extension tube that makes it easy to use and reach anywhere for pinpoint precision. It can be used over and over again and is great for DIY projects whether craft and art or home improvements. Flex Shot is a thick rubber sealant that bonds, caulks and seals virtually everything with pinpoint precision and even fills big cracks.

Flex Seal Features – It’s an easy to use and portable aerosol spray. The sealant seals out water and stays for years. It stays pliable and flexible. Flex Seal is a rubberized liquid sealant that needs just a quick shot to the surface to effectively stop leakages by sealing and coating it.

Mighty Sealer – The seal created by Mighty Sealer lasts for years and does not crack or chip because it’s flexible. The sealant creates a thick coat that prevents corrosion and rust. It works indoors and outdoors, inside and outside the surfaces. It sprays a very smooth and even coat to do away with cracks and leaks.

Compare Benefits: Flex Shot vs Flex Seal vs Mighty Sealer

Flex Shot Benefits – Flex Shot caulks, bonds and seals almost everything without the need for a caulking gun. The super adhesive sealant is great for any kind of repairs including everything from buckets to cars, kitchen sinks, bathroom tiles, roofs and gutters, pipes and duct work. It is mildew resistant and seals the repairs for 30 years. It does not run, drip or cause mess and does not dry so it doesn’t waste. Flex Shot reaches any hard to reach spot sealing with pinpoint precision with its extension tube. The thick rubber sealant fills in small and big cracks or holes with its property to contract and expand. It’s reusable over and over again and great for DIY projects – craft, art or home improvements.

Flex Seal Benefits – The sealant seals the toughest leaks and protects the surface from corrosion. You can apply it on dry or wet surfaces and can paint any color once it dries. It does not drip or sag in summer or crack or peel in winter. The sealant can stop vibration and deadens noise. It comes in a convenient and portable aerosol spray can. The sealant is flexible so it doesn’t crack or chip. It is pliable, seals out water and stays on for years.

Mighty Sealer – It lets you save money on repairs or replacement of gutters and leaking pipes and is so easy to use that anyone can work on the repairs. It seals and protects virtually any surface.


What materials does it adhere to?

Flex Shot : It adheres to virtually any surface and works on tile, porcelain, glass and fiberglass, metal, wood, stone, granite, marble, fabric, upholstery, paper.

Flex Seal : Most surfaces like tile, concrete, wood, glass, aluminum, metal, masonry, fabric, plastic, porcelain, rubber, dry wall, cement, and vinyl.

Mighty Sealer – Cement, grout, granite, wood, pipe, vinyl, rubber, metal, tree, countertop, faucets, and more.


Is it mildew resistant?

All 3 sealants Flex Shot, Flex Seal and Mighty Sealer claim to be mildew resistant.


What colors does it come in?

Flex Shot – Clear, white, almond and black.

Flex Seal – White, Clear, Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Almond, Brown, Blue, and Silver

Mighty Sealer – Clear, white and black


Does it withstand Heat?

Flex Shot – Yes. It can withstand extreme heat; temperature up to 350°F.

Flex Seal – No

Mighty Sealer – Withstands normal heat.


Does it withstand Cold

Flex Shot – Yes. It can withstand cold up to -76°F

Flex Seal – No


Does it withstand Pressure?

Flex Shot, Flex Seal and Mighty Sealer cannot withstand HIGH pressure.


How long does it take to dry
Flex Shot – It dries much faster than other caulks and sealants. It is dry to touch in 20 minutes and takes 48-72 hours to be fully cured.

Flex Seal – Depending on the temperature and humidity, it usually dries in 2-3 hours and takes 24 hours to cure.

Mighty Sealer – Less than an hour and cures completely in 24 hours.


Can you apply it on wet surface

Flex Shot – Yes, but not in standing water. It gives best results on dry surfaces.

Flex Seal – Yes

Mighty Sealer – Yes


Can you use it on Gasoline tank
None of these can be used on gasoline tank.

Compare Advantages: Flex Shot vs Flex Seal vs Mighty Sealer

Flex Seal Advantages – It comes in a convenient and portable aerosol spray can. The sealant is flexible so it doesn’t crack or chip. It is pliable, seals out water and stays on for years.

Flex shot – You can caulk, seal and bond practically anything with Flex Shot. It does away with the need for a caulking gun. Whether repairs for your car, sinks, roofs and gutters, bathroom tiles or even a bucket, the super adhesive sealant claims to seal it all effectively for 30 long years. The mildew-resistant sealant creates no mess or does not run or drip or dry.

Mighty Sealer – Seal the toughest leaks and protect all the surfaces from corrosion. Mighty Sealer can be applied on dry or wet surfaces. You can paint the repaired surface with any color once the sealant dries. The sealant does not sag in summer or peel in winter and can stop vibrations and deaden noise.


Compare Reviews and Complaints: Flex Shot vs Flex Seal vs Mighty Sealer

Flex Seal Reviews and Complaints

A customer who resides in a mobile home says that Flex Seal worked on a leakage a lot more effectively than caulking or covering the vent with a tarp. Another user reviews that it worked great on containing the sapping of a tree that they cut the branch of and it also blended the cut with its color perfectly. One reviewer saved hundreds of dollars on a radiator leak in his winter-affected SUV and other home improvements. A customer who reviewed the sealant says he sprayed almost half a can on a leaking gutter but it didn’t help at all. Another reviewer says that unlike its claim the sealant turned to dust within a year of spraying on their vehicle’s vent. One customer didn’t receive their merchandise at all and another one didn’t get a refund though they returned the sealant. A reviewer says it is thin and messy and took forever to dry.

Flex Shot Reviews and Complaints

A customer used Flex Shot to cork their window sill and frames and found it to be very easy to apply and effective. Another reviewer says that it blended with the background of their construction area completely like there were no repairs made. One user sealed the leakage in the shower that had troubled them for years and even a thin strip and layered bead in the corner stopped it. One reviewer says that the content was very less and it emanated a toxic smell. Another customer used it to seal the leakage in the gutter but it didn’t help at all and nor on any other home improvement projects. One user thought it’s too expensive compared to other similar caulks and sealants that give the same effect while someone else found it very difficult to use. Another reviewer said that it didn’t hold as it claimed in the TV commercial.

Mighty Sealer Reviews and Complaints

A user who reviewed Mighty Sealer says that they had used every caulk on the market possible to stop a leakage but it always cracked and peeled. But when they used Mighty Sealer it took care of the problem and worked wonders after a couple of coats working like liquid tar that never hardened. Another customer thought it’s affordable, easy to use, worked well and held up well. Other reviewers thought it was a bit expensive and messy but worked wonders. One customer complains that in spite of being so expensive it didn’t work any better than other products on their gutters. Another customer complains that the customer care is virtually non-existent and there were no contact details in case of issues with the sealant. For another user it didn’t even fill a hairline crack on the flower pot and bird bath in spite of emptying the entire can to fix the crack.

5 thoughts on “Flex Shot vs Flex Seal vs Mighty Sealer

  1. Flex Seal Review

    A customer who reviewed Flex Seal says that they used it on their table top and car and both were restored to look like brand new. Another user also found it very effective on their old table top fountain though they found the fumes to be irritable and recommended using it outdoors. For another user it used it to fix a broken car side mirror, which has stayed fixed even after numerous car washes. A user who reviewed the sealant says the can don’t last as much as the advert claims. Another customer complains that its odor is too strong and foul and wearing a mask didn’t help keep the harmful fumes away. Another user thought it’s just watered down roofing tar and comes out in clumps. They also found the sealant too expensive especially it’s ineffective. One reviewer applied several coats on a metal tank but it still leaked.

  2. Flex Shot Review

    A reviewer says that Flex Shot stood true to all its claims of the commercial caulked their leaking shower perfectly. Another user found it very easy to apply and it worked like magic in their kitchen as well as camper truck to fix things. The extension tube gave out the perfect amount of sealant needed for jobs. One customer who reviewed the sealant says that it’s a very handy product for emergency situations and also general repairs. A user complains that it’s overpriced and found the fumes emanating from it nauseating. They also tried to smooth it out on their bath tub with a scraper but the coating turned very messy and stuck to the scraper ruining it. Another reviewer used it on their gutter thrice but after a downpour it didn’t even help. For a reviewer it was no better than regular clear caulks that cost much lesser and give the same results.

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