Flexable Hose Vs XHose Review

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Compare FlexAble and Xhose Features:

Flexable Hose Features

  • Flexable-Hose CLAIMS to retract to its original shape in just a few seconds and stores easily.
  • FlexAble commercial claims it will bend and stretch but never kink.
  • Use it water the garden or spray off your gutters.

XHose Features

  • The XHose from DAP claims to be super strong and yet ultra-lightweight.
  • It will not twist, tangle or kink.
  • It automatically expands up to 3 times when the water is turned on.
  • The Xhose automatically contracts back in just seconds when the water is turned off.
  • Unique 2-in-1 design features a tough rubber inner hose covered in durable super-strong webbing.
  • XHose is claimed to stay strong in all types of weather.



Compare Sizes available:

Flexable Hose comes in 3 sizes – 25′, 50′ and 75′.

Xhose is available in 4 sizes – 25′ (approx 9 feet), 50′ (approx 18 feet), 75′ (approx 28 feet), 100′ (approx 37 feet)


Compare What do you Get? & Pricing:

Flexable Hose

  • Flexable comes with a 7-Way Spray Nozzle.
  • The 25 ft Hose costs $19.95 + P/H. 50 ft costs $29.95 + P/H. 75 ft costs $39.95 + P/H.
  • Official website: FlexAbleHose.com
  • Official Promoter: Tristar Products INC


  • 25′ Expandable XHOSE $19.95 plus $6.95 s/h
  • 50′ Expandable XHOSE $39.95 plus $7.95 s/h
  • 75′ Expandable XHOSE $49.95 plus $8.95 s/h
  • 100′ Expandable XHOSE $59.95 plus $9.95 s/h (XHOSE Combo Kit includes (2) 50′ XHOSES.)

Official website: xHose.com
Official Promoter: National Express TV.



Compare Flexable Hose and XHose Reviews and Complaints:

Most customers think FlexAble Hose is just another “As Seen On TV” Scam. The “Buy 1 get 1 FREE” is a complete rip-off. The second hose is NOT FREE – you have to pay a HIGH shipping cost. They don’t show you the shipping cost before confirming the order. The FlexAble Hose is backordered and most people have not yet received the product. The don’t tell you that it is backordered.



6 thoughts on “Flexable Hose Vs XHose Review

  1. I bought the X-hose by DAP in October 2013. I got the BOGO offer and ended up paying about $100 for 2 75′ hoses and 1 25′ hose. Since hose season was pretty much over I left them in the bags and put them in the garage. I even thought about giving one as a gift for Xmas, but I forgot about it come December.
    About a week ago I pulled out one of the 75″ hoses.. I liked the heavy brass fitting they say will never leak.. It seemed to work great, expanded and contracted as advertised. My wife used it 2 days later and it appeared to break as water was rushing out the fabric.. Upon inspection you could feel the hose inside had somehow broken leaving the hose pretty much useless.. Of course they offered a 90 day money back guarantee, but it’s well past 90 days since I bought it. Unless they feel sorry for me and replace the hose, I’m pretty much out of luck.

    I wouldn’t recommend getting one unless you are going to use it immediately

  2. I have purchased 4 of the 50ft pocket hoses, paid $20 each.. I have 1 that has lasted for 3 months now, 2 that litterally exploded, and the other one leaks at the valve… I also bought a 25 ft pocket hose and have had no problems as of so far approx 1 month.. I myself will not invest in any more just stick with the normal hose with a self winding system…..

  3. Had the flexible hose for less than 2 months, when it exploded while I was watering my garden. Contacted the asseenontvofficialsite.com to see if there was a return/exchange/refund policy on this product and was told that there is a 30 day return policy. Well, the hose didn’t explode before the 30 days were up. It rudely waited until 6 weeks had passed. Now, after spending $33.80 I am getting no satisfaction at all. I will never purchase anything from them again and want others to be aware of their supposed Customer Service practice. Don’t purchase this hose…..don’t purchase anything from asseenontvofficialsite.com. You will get ripped off.

  4. Ordering on the automated system was difficult–no way to choose only 1 set, you had to go w/the 2-set offer, no order # given, no charge amount given, product came & my street # was wrong on the label, tried the hose & after 5 min. a plastic fitting broke off, & the 2 hoses together did NOT stretch out to the advertised length–each hose was supposed to go out to 25 ft., which should = 50 ft. total w/the 2 hoses together–my tape measure said 24 ft. for both together w/the water turned on. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. Calling customer service is hard–the area code is in NY, the people are all English challenged, they tried to sell me a longer one at a lower price, said I should send both the good one & bad one back (when i should just send the defective one) – no thanks. REFUND NOW. Run away from this TV infomercial offer! I’ll try the Pocket Hose – you can get 50 ft. for lower cost than the Flex-Able Hose.

  5. About 10 years ago I bought a similar product that had an integrated hose reel to roll up the hose. It lasted a couple of months before it basically disintegrated. Don’t remember what I paid, but whatever it was, certainly wasn’t worth it. Beware!

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