Finishing Touch Yes vs NoNo

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Compare what is it? Finishing Touch Yes vs NoNo

What is Finishing Touch Yes? – Yes! is a hair removing device that claims to be the safest, most effective and easiest way to remove unwanted hair instantly and painlessly with its patented sense-light technology.

What is Nono – NoNo is a hair removal device that gives the most effective and painless hair removal device that removes more than in lesser time. It gives long-lasting and professional results right at home.

Compare how does it work? Finishing Touch Yes vs NoNo

How does Finishing Touch Yes work? – Yes! Has an ergonomic design and engineering that works on two aspects. It has a Sensa-Light Technology head that activates when it senses your skin and unwanted hair. Then the finely engineered oscillating blade moves against the second stationary blade that helps in trimming hair effortlessly and safely.

How does Nono Hair Remover work? – Nono claims to have developed a patented Thermicon technology that uses the scientific principle of heat transference to generate a gentle pulse. This thermodynamic wire transfers heat to the hair to remove it painlessly. Once the unit is turned on, the Thermicon technology is activated and on gliding it over the skin the hair is crystallized and removed without pulling or pain.

Compare Features: Finishing Touch Yes vs NoNo

Finishing Touch Yes Features
Yes! Features Sensa-Light head that activates when the device is placed on the skin and removes unwanted hair. The unit has LEDs that flashes on when it’s ready to use. The unit goes in ‘sleep’ mode and deactivates 6 seconds after the head is not in contact of the skin. On reapplying to the skin, the Yes! Unit will reactivate. The dermatologist-recommended device has a lithium battery and comes with a cord and charger and can be used in either modes – on battery or electricity if it discharges.

Nono Hair Remover Features – Nono has a patented Pulsed Thermicon technology that uses thermodynamic principle to generate gentle pulse of heat to crystallize and remove hair. The technology gives 35% more power to give you silky smooth skin. The unit has a Red and Blue lights to indicate whether the unit is being used properly or not. It has narrow Thermicon tips to treat sensitive and smaller areas like the face.

Compare Benefits: Finishing Touch Yes vs NoNo

Finishing Touch Yes Benefits – Yes! is safe and gentle even on the most sensitive of skins. You do not have to deal with chemical hair removals that are smelly or painful methods like waxing. Yes! Does not cause nicks and cuts or razor burns like shaving does. The device removes hair from all areas – face, arms and under arms, legs, and belly and bikini line.

Nono Hair Remover Benefits – Nono gives professional results right at home. It replaces painful, messy and chemical methods like waxing, threading, shaving, bleaching and buffing and removes more hair in less time. It takes just a few weeks to stop the growth of hair. Nono removes hair from the face, under arms, arms, legs, and even chest and back so that men can also use it. The hair remover works on all skin complexions and hair colors since it does not use light. It works on coarse and thin hair and the hair does not grow on the same spot after a few weeks.

Compare Price: Finishing Touch Yes vs NoNo

Finishing Touch Yes – $39.99

Nono – $101.62

Compare what do I get? Finishing Touch Yes vs NoNo

Finishing Touch Yes – Finishing Touch Yes! Unit with free shipping.

Nono – Free Neova Gift card worth $50 plus free shipping.

Compare Reviews and Complaints: Finishing Touch Yes vs NoNo

Finishing Touch Yes Reviews and Complaints

A customer who reviewed the device says that it removes hair painlessly and effortlessly and works much better than the more expensive hair remover devices. Other customers found is easy and fast and did away with the problems of razor nicks and burns. One customer who used the device says the first attachment removed the hair to the stubble stage and the second attachment removes the hair completely to give you smooth skin like a teenager. The same user has sensitive skin but the unit didn’t harm their skin at all. A user who reviewed the device says this is just an overpriced razor. Other users found its charge to be insufficient and even after charging for 12 hours it lasted only 15 minutes. For one user the long hair head came off of the device and wouldn’t reattach. For another reviewer it took over 45 minutes to treat just one leg. Read complete Finishing Touch Yes reviews here

Nono Hair Remover Reviews and Complaints

A reviewer couldn’t remove hair successfully even with laser treatments but Nono worked wonders for them. The blade worked fine for them even after using it for two weeks and many sessions and after 4 weeks of usage, their arms were hair free and legs were smooth too. Another user found that its buffing was quite gentle and the device was effective at removing hair. One user who suffers from bumps on the face reviews that the device didn’t hurt them on the bumps and worked even on their dark skin tone. One user was disappointed at not being informed that the tip needs to be changed every 2-3 months, which works out quite expensive. One reviewer says that it was ineffective at removing hair and also left the skin red and puffy. For another customer, it didn’t work on their coarse hair and the foul smell of burnt hair lasted in the house for days. Read more No!No! hair remover reviews here.

17 thoughts on “Finishing Touch Yes vs NoNo

  1. i got the Yes! for christmas. It takes a bit longer than a razor, but it works just fine on my legs. My underarm hair is a pain in the ass-even with a normal razor, so it is about equal to a razor’s results on that. I like that it doesn’t nick the skin at all.

  2. Last week, I bought a finishing touch razor. I checked it from Amazon,Ebay and Walmart. I saw it is the best of product with more good reviews.
    So I bought it. I find some store online and finally I got a good store with good price and good shipping ( within 7-15 days). I bought it from here :

  3. I’m glad I found somewhere to give my opinion on the No No versus “other” shavers in this category. The No No was a total waste of my $249 bucks. It never worked right and I had to actually send the first one back. The second didn’t work any better. Then it just totally stopped working at all and wasn’t more than a year old. I accidently found this one at Walmart for $19.99 and thought why not. What a good bargain. It worked great on my peach fuzz and the longer ones took a swipe or two but they were removed and painless and effortless. I am very happy with this minimally priced electronic and will recommend this to friends and family. If you’re on the line about this just go for it!!

  4. I wish I had read these before getting the Yes! I’m sure it’s a good beard trimmer, but does nothing it claims. I’m very disappointed! Waste of money.

  5. I bought the Yes, and I to am very disappointed with this product. My objective was not to have to continue to use Razors. Well after using the Yes for 1/2 hour I had to go take my shower and shave my legs as usual. VERY DISAPPOINTED…

  6. I bought my NO-NO when they first came out. Since I really haven’t been consistent with my usage, I haven’t seen any permanent hair removal, but have been very happy with temporary results. The smell of burnt hair has not been a problem for me. It only lasts a little while, and no one in the house has even smelled it. All-in-all, I would say that NO-NO is an excellent value.

  7. Yes Finishing touch. Rip off! They no longer make replacement heads for stubble – the head I need. So now I can just throw it all in the trash. A waste of $40.00. The “Nanny”.has lent her good name to a product that is a flop.

  8. The Finishing touch yes is just a glorified electric razor. The only light technology used is to turn it on when it is against your skin. If you are looking for a permanent hair removal system, this isn’t it.

    • Thank you Carole!! I just bought the Yes! and I am SO incredibly disapointed. It’s a freaking beard trimmer people!!!! There’s no magic “sense light technology” or whatever they call it. You push the electric razor head in and that pushes the button under the razor head (yup yup yup- RAZOR) to turn the light on! Wow… it’s just like….a trimmer with a flashlight attachment!
      AND it does/can hurt! I did get a small nic and it definitely hurt under my arms. Also, I could have shaved with my regular razor in a quarter of the time. And not get hurt.

    • I agree! I have a NoNO and saw the ad for the YES shaver. What a disappointment. The commeicials dwell on the ‘sensa light” which is nothing but a light…the end. It in no way compares to No No. It’s just a little electric razor. I’ll stick with No No. You just have to have patience. I’ll use the YES if I’m in a hurry. Just know what you’re buying.

  9. The no-no hair removal system didn’t work at all for me or my wife on any type of hair but the smell of burnt hair was just bad enough to make me sick. It’s a complete ripoff in my book.

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