Finishing Touch Lumina vs Diamond vs Yes vs Micro Touch Max

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Compare Features and Benefits: Finishing Touch Lumina vs Diamond vs Yes vs Micro Touch Max

Finishing Touch Lumina

Finishing Touch Lumina is a sleek and lighted hair remover that can remove hair from any body part.

It has micro-oscillating blades and light to let you see fine hairs. Its trimmer attachment slips over clipper head.

The pivoting head works great on awkward angles. The length guard trims hair that you don’t wish to remove – like the eyebrows. The light lets you see fine hairs that you’d normally miss.

Finishing Touch Diamond

Finishing Touch Diamond is a compact precision hair remover that removes unwanted hair on sensitive areas and is powerful enough to remove thick hair painlessly and instantly.

The hair remover uses diamond technology to whisk hair away. It features a light and reaches all body parts.

It contours on all shapes of the face and body to remove hair anywhere, and its light lets you see the finest of hair.

Yes! by Finishing Touch

Yes! By finishing Touch is an instant and painless way to eliminate body hair with just one touch on the skin.

Yes! has Sensa Light Technology that removes hair without irritation. Its compact size can contour around any body part.

Yes! is safe to touch so it works on sensitive parts like the bikini line and is powerful enough to use on legs and arms without causing nicks and cuts.

Micro Touch Max

Micro Touch Max is an all-purpose personal hair trimmer that trims hair to micro precision without nicks, cuts, or razor burns.

The trimmer has 50% longer blade, rubber non-slip grip, inbuilt light and 2 combs attachment.

It’s perfect for on the go and the light lets you see where the device is going. Safe to work on neck, sideburns, eyebrows, ears, nose, and powerful enough for arms, chest, shoulder etc.


Compare Reviews and Complaints: Finishing Touch Lumina vs Diamond vs Yes vs Micro Touch Max

Finishing Touch Lumina Review – Pros and Cons

Adequately efficient performance
One customer who used Finishing Touch Lumina states that it does a fair job of removing hair. The appliance is reasonably easy to operate and attractively priced too. It seems to work better with light colored fine hair than dark colored or short hair. If you expect it to remove hair in one go, you may be disappointed. In most cases you need to use it more than once for complete removal of all hair.

Bigger tip, end result rather staid and dull
Another user complained that Finishing Touch Lumina ought to have a smaller tip for better performance. Removing facial hair with it feels rather dicey as it takes more time to trim it and doesn’t yield 100% satisfactory results. Since the tip is rather big, using it for and around eyebrows feels dangerous. Also, it leaves your skin feeling dull instead of soft and smooth.

Finishing Touch Diamond Review – Pro and Cons

Power too low. Suits only long hair
A customer who has used Finishing Touch Diamond observes that it seems suitable only for long hair and not really for everyone. You have to be really careful while using it as it’s too sharp and injures the skin so easily. It’s not effective for touchup or maintenance either. The device seems forever low on power. Inserting a new battery in it also doesn’t help, and you actually get the feeling that a hair tweezer might work better.

Too weak and inefficient to deliver
Another customer who reviewed Finishing Touch Diamond complained that the device is not sturdy and reliable. It broke as soon as she took it out of the box and came apart within two weeks.

False promises
Yet another customer alleges that the free diamond which the Finishing Touch Diamond advertisement promised never arrived. The device seems just hype and no substance.

Micro Touch Max Review – Pros and Cons

Not good enough like a razor
A customer who has used Micro Touch Max says that it just doesn’t match a razor in terms of quality and performance. You need to run it two or three times on your skin for a close trim. It is so fragile that it simply gives a light and feeble feeling when used. A piece of the trimmer end of her device broke even though she was very careful with it.

Low on quality and power
According to another user, Micro Touch Max isn’t as durable and powerful as it claims to be. Changing its batteries doesn’t really help, and it slows down even when a thin hair comes its way. You have no choice but to trim against the direction of hair growth to obtain whatever it delivers. Also, the battery compartment and the silver knob of the customer’s Micro Touch Max came apart soon.


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