Finishing Touch Flawless vs No No

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Compare what is it? Finishing Touch Flawless vs No No

Finishing Touch Flawless

Finishing Touch Flawless is a painless facial hair remover designed to instantly and painlessly remove facial hair, especially on the upper lip. Finishing Touch Flawless employs spinning technology to precisely and microscopically remove even the finest of hairs without redness or irritation to the skin.

No No Hair Removal is not a razor but a long-term hair removal device where the hair removal process takes time because the heat treats the hair.

Compare what does it do? Finishing Touch Flawless vs No No

Finishing Touch Flawless is a new device that erases facial hair instantly and painlessly. It is a hypoallergenic way to remove unwanted facial and body hair and is an alternative to waxing, is sleek and discreet and doesn’t irritate your skin. Recommended to use by dermatologists, the 18K gold-plated head is hypoallergenic and gentle on all skin types. It features a built-in light so you never miss a hair and leaves you with no nicks, redness, or irritation. It simply leaves you with a finish as smooth as waxing!

No No is designed to give you at home spa-like hair removal results. It uses a device with thermicon technology that takes heat down to the follicle, not only removing the hair but also preventing future growth.

Compare Method of Hair Removal: Finishing Touch Flawless vs No No

Finishing Touch Flawless
Simply touch Finishing Touch Flawless mechanical head to your skin and gently move it in a circular motion to eliminate any unwanted hair. It is gentle and safe to the touch, so there’s no risk of nicks, cuts, or irritation.

No No Hair Removal has low, medium, and high treatment levels to remove hair with a heated wire that stays above the skin. Simply glide the device over your skin at a 90-degree angle. It can be fitted with a wide tip to remove hair on legs, arms, chest, and back, or a narrow tip for smaller areas such as the face or bikini line.

Compare Body Parts it can be used on

Finishing Touch Flawless
Removes facial hair instantly and painlessly from the lip, chin, cheeks, arms and more.

No No
Features three customizable treatment levels, No No is perfect for use on the body and face.

Does it remove hair permanently?

Finishing Touch Flawless – No

No No – No

Compare how is it powered? Finishing Touch Flawless vs No No

Finishing Touch Flawless
It uses a single AA battery. One is included with your order, although customer service verified it is not rechargeable (you can purchase one on your own).

No No Hair Removal
Rechargeable and cordless.

Can it be used in shower?

Finishing Touch Flawless – Nope.

No No – No, you cannot use it in the shower because it’s not waterproof.

Is it painless?

Finishing Touch Flawless & No No – Not entirely Painless.

Compare Price

Finishing Touch Flawless – $19.88

No No Hair Removal – $245.97

Compare Reviews: Finishing Touch Flawless vs No No

Finishing Touch Flawless REVIEW

Carla Webster says in her review of Finishing Touch Flawless that it hardly removed any facial hair and did not remove chin hairs down to skin level.

Nicole Rodriquez is disappointed with the Finishing Touch Flawless and states in her review of it that it does not work on course hair.

In her review of the Finishing Touch Flawless Bonnie Hubbard writes- “It is good for a quick touch-up, but it doesn’t always do the job of trimming small hairs”.

Sheryl Bell complains in her review of the Finishing Touch Flawless – “Not the precision cutting blade I expected. Maybe it needs a new blade?”

Alberta Lowe complains in her Finishing Touch Flawless review that it does cause her face to have some burning after use but the hair grows back smooth eventually.

Katrina Bailey seems unhappy with the Finishing Touch Flawless and claims in her review that it is more of a battery sucker than anything.

Gina Cobb, who tried the Finishing Touch Flawless says in her review- “Not as great as advertised. Waxing is much better”.

Another user, Susie Jacobs, states in her Finishing Touch Flawless review- “This is really just a man’s electric razor but with only 1 razor head. It does the job but not very smooth. It is great for when running behind and you don’t have time for creams or wax”.

No No Hair Removal REVIEWS

Gwen Hodges tried No No and says in her review of it” Does not work as advertised. It does not remove hair as easy as advertised (In one swipe). It takes several swipes in same area to remove the hair, she says”.
Alma Spencer mentions in her No No review that it didn’t remove hair, is difficult to use and the results are horrible. She further adds that it made her hair feel like she had shaved and it grew back much faster.
Cheryl Boone is extremely disappointed with No No and states in her review of No No – “All it does is burn your hair. It would be considerably more cost effective to just burn the hair off yourself with a lighter”.

Another user Mabel Poole finds the No No very expensive and writes in her review- “High price for junk. Instructions are wrong, it did burn my face and leave scar”.

In her review of No No , Freda Hunt says- “It didn’t take care of the chin hairs as described. It removed maybe the top quarter inch of hair (and we could smell the burning hair), but it did not remove the hair all the way down to the skin line. It was indeed pain free as advertised, but it did not work as advertised. I even tried it on my own arm to see if it would remove the hair, and it did not”.

Raquel Jimenez complains in her review of No No – “We spent about $250.00 on this device, and it does not work completely. There is still very visible stubble on the face, and I would not buy it again”.

2 thoughts on “Finishing Touch Flawless vs No No

  1. My Finishing Touch Flawless was working fine, until it just stopped working. And it had a fresh battery. I was using it, as usual, and though the light stayed on, the unit stopped shaving. Needless to say, I’m not happy. It was barely 3 months old.

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