EZ Chip Repair vs Dr Colorchip Review

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Compare How does it work? EZ Chip Repair vs Dr Colorchip

How does EZ Chip Repair work?

You wish your cars looked spanking new any given day but over time they get these annoying paint chips. They could be because of several reasons including rocks, stones and road debris that comes flying at your drive when you are on the road. It also leaves your car prone to rust, but fixing these chips can cost you a fortune. Thankfully now you have the secret of the professionals in the form of EZ Chip Repair, which works in three simple steps; dab it, flatten it and wipe it.

Original factory paint can be custom mixed to get best results and the product blends and seals to give a sleek professional finish in just about five minutes.

How does Dr Colorchip work?

If you have noticed irritating paint chips on your drives then you can take matters in your own hands with Dr Colorchip, which offers you a two step process to get rid of chip in a professional manner. It gives much better results than those paint pens you get because it has a special formulation of automotive tints and chemicals that give sensational results. All excess paint gets blended in and there’s paint only in the chip as you want. It’s very easy to use this product and you can get the job done within minutes.

Compare Reviews and Complaints: EZ Chip Repair vs Dr Colorchip

EZ Chip Repair Reviews/Pros/Advantages

Works as it claims
EZ Chip Repair lets you repair chips in hardly any time and you don’t even have to take your car to professionals and pay them huge costs. It is extremely convenient and easy for use at home.

Sleek finish
Professional results are one thing; the kind of sleek finish you get with this product is simply spectacular. Moreover since you get a custom paint mix, the color of your car can be matched exactly to get brilliant results. If you are looking to maintain the resale value of your car then this is a smart solution for you.

EZ Chip Repair Complaints/Cons/Disadvantages

Doesn’t work for large areas
As the product claims it works only for small chips on your cars. However if you hope that it would work on large areas then you are going to be disappointed because it doesn’t give the coverage.

Matching color can be tricky
It’s imperative that you get the color code right by going through the car owner’s manual.


Dr Colorchip Reviews/Pros/Advantages

Very simple process
It’s quite easy to use this product and there are no tricks involved. You can get a hang of using it quickly and get results in hardly any time.

Works well
This product will live up to your expectations, particularly when you are trying to get rid of small paint chips. Chips caused due to rock debris can be fixed neatly as well although it looks painted over, which is not so bad.

Dr Colorchip Complaints/ Cons /Disadvantages

Doesn’t give good coverage
This is going to be a problem for those who are looking to get rid of large chips. What this product basically does is that it covers the chip just like touch up paint would do. It can then be blended in so that you don’t notice any damages but then it doesn’t fill in the chip. Overall it doesn’t give you decent coverage, which is a problem for large areas.

One thought on “EZ Chip Repair vs Dr Colorchip Review

  1. EZ Chip Repair Reviews/Complaints

    Easy to use
    There are no special procedures to be followed and paint chips can be repaired in 5 minutes. You don’t need professional help and that saves you costs.

    Works well and offers you an efficient solution
    Not only does it work well since you have the option of custom paint mix, the paint on your car can be matched exactly. It’s a smart solution to retain the resale value of your car.

    Larger areas might be a problem
    It works fantastically on small chips but if there are larger areas that need to be covered then you can struggle using this product.

    Needs some homework
    It’s particularly true when you need to get the colour code from the car manual to ensure that the paint matches.

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