EverPurse vs Mighty Purse vs Plug Purse

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EverPurse offers you a way to charge your Smartphones on the go and without the hassle of any wires or cords. It has a charging pocket where you can charge your phone all day. The purse itself can be charged overnight on its charging mat. It has been cleverly designed so that your phone is easily led to the dock connector at the bottom. Thus there’s no need to fish out a cord.
It’s a sleek looking purse that can also keep you fashion forward, according to its claims. Available in cool colours the purse has enough space to carry your regular necessities in it too.

Mighty Purse

It’s a fashionable handbag accessory for women who can also charge their phones while being on the go. The highlight of the Mighty Purse is the lightweight built in battery, which can be used to charge your phones whenever you want. It’s a smart looking purse that’s made out of genuine leather and is available in different colours and finishes. Thus you can have one that suits your tastes or to complement your look.
It is said to be quite versatile and can be used with all Smartphones that have a micro USB. The LED indicator ensures that you know how much charge is left in the purse for times of emergencies. From credit card compartment to hidden cable and zipper coin compartment, it’s cleverly designed to give you enough space too.

Plug Purse

It is a wristlet with a mobile charger that is built in so that you don’t have to be stranded without a charged phone. Plug Purse is roomy enough for all your necessities in it and it is smart looking as well. Thus you can use it as a regular purse that will add to the glam quotient while being high on utility too.
It contains a rechargeable internal battery that is said to have enough power so that you can completely charge your phone when you need it the most. It’s also compatible with all types and brands of mobile phones, which is an added advantage. The soft liner used in this purse ensures that your mobile is protected while it’s charging.


Ever Purse Reviews/Complaints

Too much Electronics for a Bag
EverPurse contains a significant amount of electronics that makes it very stiff on one side of the bag. Carrying so much electronics in a bag may make you feel uncomfortable when you can just carry a spare charger instead of carrying this electronic infested bag just to charge your Smartphone.


Delay in Supply
Everpurse Company is located in Chicago and some parts for the EverPurse must come from overseas which causes delay in the supply of the product. It also had technical issues with some parts at various points that could be a matter of concern.


Great Accessory for your Smartphone
EverPurse charges your charges your Smartphone on the go, wire free! It’s definitely a must have accessory for the fashionable you. Everpurse has a special charging pocket into which you can place your smart phone. It comes with the patent-pending docking system that will guide your phone smoothly onto a dock connector at the bottom without you having to fish for the cord!


The Everpurse can be used on its own, but it also is meant to be small enough to be carried in larger bag. It can be used in medium- and large-sized handbags without much difficulty, making it a flexible accessory.


Mighty Purse Reviews/Complaints

An Essential Accessory
The Mighty Purse leather wristlet is an everyday essential as its design incorporates a hidden, lightweight 4000mAh battery and charging cables to recharge most smart phones and tablets and what more it is just not convenient and essential but also merges fashion with technology which is a great combination for the fashionable you.


No More Spare Chargers Bulging Out Of Your Bag
Now you can leave your spare chargers at home as the mighty purse will charge any of your smart phones or tablet discreetly while on the go. This bag is perfect for carrying and charging and you will never be left powerless again.


Mighty Purse not so Mighty
With only 2 credit card slots, you can only fit ID and either a debit or credit card in this purse, so it is great if you are out running errands and when your needs are minimal, but if you are out for the whole day then you have to carry another hand bag to stuff your things and the mighty purse to charge your phone which is a sure nuisance when you can carry a bigger bag with a spare charger instead of two bags.


Faulty Adaptor
Mighty Purse is sure a very handy, useful and a fashionable accessory however it does not come without issues as the adaptor may not last as long as promised and you may be stuck with a big mighty purse to just stuff your things but not charge your phone.


Plug Purse Reviews/Complaints

Charge your Phone on the Go
The Plug Purse is a small wristlet style purse, with a mobile phone charger built right inside. Plug Purse has everything you want from a little handbag, in that it’s small, but has enough room to carry most of your essentials. Use it as your everyday bag or to haul around more stuff, use it as a wallet and cell phone holder.

A Must Have Accessory
The Plug Purse has a rechargeable internal battery that holds enough power to completely recharge your cell phone, and the internal power cord is built right in so you’ll never lose it, and it is compatible with virtually all cell phones.

Faulty Instruction Manual
With Plug Purse you have to figure out a lot of its functions on your own with the trial and error method as some of the vital information on Plug Purse is missing from the manufacturer. Like, there’s no list of what phones are compatible with the Plug Purse so you won’t know if it will charge your particular phone or not. Information like how much time it takes to charge the Plug Purse has also been skipped so you might need to keep checking if it’s fully charged or end up overcharging/undercharging it. There’s no knowing as to how long it takes for your phone to charge with the Plug Purse and there’s no mention of how much charge Plug Purse holds. A new instruction manual for the plug Purse could really help its customers.

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