Euro Pro Ninja Master Prep Vs Magic Bullet Vs Ninja NJ602 Kitchen System 1100 Review

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Compare Motor/Speed/Controls:

Euro Pro Ninja Master Prep QB900 features a 400W motor with one-touch pulsing for maximum control and consistent results while you mince, dice, chop, or puree with ease.

Magic Bullet features a 205W high-torque motor.

Ninja NJ602 Kitchen System 1100 has a 1100W motor. It features 3 speed options. Speed-1 for making various types of dough, pizza, cookie, pretzel; Speed-2 Blend smoothies, fruit and vegetable blends; Speed-3 Crush Ice for frozen drinks.

Compare Blades

Ninja Master Prep has Pitcher Blades (4 blades) for blending/drink-making and Bowl Blades (4 blades) for food prep. Features Quad blade technology for uniform cutting, blending, and ice crushing.

Magic Bullet comes with 2 NEVER-NEED-SHARPENING stainless steel blades. Cross Blades for chopping, grating, blending food such as onions, cheeses, meats and frozen drinks. Flat Blades are perfect for whipping cream and grinding hard foods like coffee beans and spices.

Ninja NJ602 Kitchen System comes with 3 types of Stainless steel blades. 6 Blade assembly for the 72oz container. 4 Blade assembly is to be used in the 40oz bowl. 2 blade assembly is for making dough in the 40oz bowl.



Compare Blade Speed

Ninja Master Prep – Not specified

Magic Bullet – Not Specified.

Ninja NJ602 Kitchen System – not specified.

Is it a Food Processor?

Euro Pro Ninja Master Prep comes with a 16 oz. 2-cup bowl for fast and easy prep work.

Yes – Magic Bullet can be used as a Food Processor.

Yes – Ninja Kitchen System 1100 is a food processor too. The 4-blade assembly in the 40oz bowl can be used for ice crushing, blending, pureeing, chopping and controlled processing.

Does it Blend?

Ninja QB900 features a 48 oz. blending pitcher. It blends vegetable and fruits into drinkable liquid. You may have to add some ice or liquid.

Yes – Magic Bullet can be used as a PERSONAL Blender. The self-blending Party Mugs come in handy for blending.

Yes – Ninja Kitchen System 1100 can be used for blending. Use the 4-blade assembly in the 40oz bowl for blending. USe “Speed-2” control for blending.



Does it Extract Juice?

Euro Pro Ninja QB900 does not extract juice fruit.

Magic Bullet CLAIMS to work as a juice extractor too.

Ninja Kitchen System 100 is not a juice extractor.

Does it make Smoothies?

Ninja Prep Master does not make smoothies.

You can make smoothies with the Magic Bullet. You can make Strawberry & Banana Smoothie, Cranberry Smoothie, Bullet Boost Smoothie etc.

Yes – Ninja Kitchen System 1100 can make Smoothies too.

Does it grind Coffee Beans?

Ninja Prep Master does not grind coffee beans

Magic Bullet also does not work as a coffee grinder.

Ninja Kitchen System 1100 does not grind coffee beans.



Does it make Hot Soup?

Ninja NJ602 Kitchen System 1100, Ninja QB900 and Magic Bullet cannot heat soups from cold ingredients.

Does it Make Dough?

Ninja QB900 and Magic Bullet cannot make dough.

Ninja NJ602 Kitchen System 1100 can make dough. The Ninja® Kitchen System 1100 also features a unique capability to knead dough for pizzas, breads, pretzels and cookies. The Ninja® Kitchen System 1100 can make up to 1.5 lbs of dough in one session, using the dough station and dough hook or dough paddle on Speed 1 (dough).

Magic bullet cannot make dough.


Does it make Ice Cream?

None of these are ICE CREAM makers so they can not make ICE CREAM. Don’t get scammed by the false advertising.

Does it make fruit juice?

Euro Pro Ninja Master Prep can not extract juice from fruits. But you can add liquid or ice to reach the consistency you desire.

Magic Bullet comes with the Bullet Juicer attachment that can be used for making Fruit Juices.

Ninja NJ602 Kitchen System 1100 can blend whole fruits and vegetables, but it couldn’t extract juice

Does it Crush Ice?

Euro Pro Ninja Master Prep CLAIMS to crush ice.

Magic Bullet also CLAIMS to crush ice.

Ninja NJ602 Kitchen System 1100 crushes ice perfectly.

Does it Chop Vegetables?

Ninja Master Prep chops vegetable. The 16 oz. bowl is used for chopping.

Magic bullet also works as a food chopper. It can Chop onions, mince garlic, grate cheese.

Use the 40oz bowl for chopping vegetables in Ninja NJ602 Kitchen System.

Does it Make Baby Food

Ninja Master Prep makes baby food.

Magic Bullet makes baby food.

Ninja NJ602 Kitchen System 1100 does not make baby food.

Instructions/DOs and DONT DOs?

Ninja Prep Master QB900

  • USE brief/shorter pulses for better results. Let the blades stop completely between pulses.
    For better chopping results do not chop too much food at a time. Make smaller pieces of food and process smaller amount each time.
  • NEVER use the Euro Pro Ninja QB900 empty.
  • NEVER use the Ninja more than 20 seconds without pause.
  • DO NOT interchange the pitcher and bowl blades.
  • DO NOT immerse the POWER POD in liquid.


Compare Cleaning

Ninja Master Prep – Use and damp sponge to clean the POWER POD. All the parts EXCEPT the POWER POD are dishwasher safe. It is advisable to place the blades, splash guards and storage lids on top rack of dishwasher.

All the parts except the Power Base are dishwasher safe. Place the Magic Bullet cups on the top rack of dishwasher. OR they will be damaged.

Compare What do I get? and Price:

Euro Pro Ninja Master Prep Blender comes complete with Power Head, 16 oz. Prep Bowl (with 4 blades, lid and splash guard), 48 oz. Pitcher (with 4 blades, lid and splash guard) for $59.85

Magic Bullet comes with High-Torque Power Base, Cross Blade and Flat Blade, Tall and Short Bullet Cups, Shaker/Steamer Tops, Stay-Fresh Re-sealable Lids, Four Party Mugs with Comfort Lip Rings, The Magic Bullet “10 Second Recipe” Book, BONUS Bullet Blender and Bullet Juicer. Price $99.99 + $39.98 s/h.


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