Euro Bed vs Aerobed

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Compare WHAT IS IT: Euro Bed vs Aerobed

What is EuroBed

EuroBed claims to be a versatile queen-size luxury inflatable airbed that’s extremely comfortable and portable so that you no longer have to subject your guests to sleeping on substandard blow-up mattresses, small couches, or uncomfortable cushions on the floor.


What is AeroBed P1954

AeroBed P1954 proclaims that your guests will be at home when they sleep on the standard queen-size AeroBed, which can be adjusted as per their need for a firm or soft bed.


What is AeroBed P1959

AeroBed P1959 is a queen-size inflatable air bed that convinces to be extra-supportive and to let you or unexpected guests get relaxed sleep.


Compare HOW IT WORKS: Euro Bed vs Aerobed

How does EuroBed work?

You can carry the lightweight EuroBed to any room and its built-in electric pump will inflate the bed in about 3 minutes and fits standard queen-size sheets.


How does AeroBed P1954 work?

The lightweight AeroBed needs to be plugged into an electric outlet and with the push of a button the inbuilt AC pump will inflate the mattress quickly and opening the whoosh valve will deflate it.

How does AeroBed P1959 work?

Use the handheld electric pump of AeroBed P1959 to inflate the air bed within minutes. You can just open the Whoosh valve to deflate it within a minute.

Compare FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Euro Bed vs Aerobed

EuroBed Features and Benefits

EuroBed proclaims to have a 240V built-in motor that inflates the bed in just 3 minutes. It also claims to have 42 pillars of air that support the contours of the body and the raised rim of 36cm gives you comfort and safety while sleeping and lets seniors and children get in and out of bed safely. It maintains to endure 30,000 pressure impacts and can take up to 250 KG of weight and two guests can easily sleep on it without bumping into each other while turning in sleep. It also convinces to have a pillow top design velveteen surface to prevent the bedsheets from slipping off. EuroBed states that it is also ideal for people who have small apartments, and for camping and holidays or during renovation of a property. It guarantees that you can easily move it to any room of your home even at a short notice of guests arriving. EuroBed assures that you do not have to use the air pump to inflate it manually, which takes a lot of time and energy but the inbuilt motor will do it for you.


AeroBed P1954 Features and Benefits

AeroBed P1954 claims to fit standard queen-size bedsheets. The inbuilt electric pump inflates the air mattress quickly and the Whoosh valve deflates it in a minute. It has an adjustment wand to choose your level of firmness or softness and the special engineering doesn’t make it sag. The double high height alleges to give more comfort and it also has a place to tuck sheets so they won’t slip off. The air bed promises to be easy to get into with its double-high height.


AeroBed P1959 Features and Benefits

The inflatable AeroBed P1959 claims to fit standard queen-size sheets. It alleges to have double-high height for comfort and ease and has a place for tucking sheets. The hand-held electric pump inflates the mattress easily and the Whoosh valve deflates it in a minute. It claims to be light enough and compact on deflation to be carried in a bag. The double-high bed is easier to get into and out of for anyone regardless of their age. Once the comfort level of the AeroBed P1959 is chosen, its extra-wide base gives extra support to the sleeper throughout the night.


6 thoughts on “Euro Bed vs Aerobed

  1. I’ve had the Eurobed for well over 12 months now. We use it frequently for guests and my kids friends whenever they stay over. The plastic cover housing the electric cord broke shortly after purchase so that was unfortunate. Otherwise the bed works exactly as advertised. It is almost always inflated with the kids hopping on and off it. It inflates and deflates remarkably quickly and I’ve never had a problem with loss of air pressure. It is a bit pricey but it’s money well spent. I would certainly buy another.

  2. I bought a euro bed and it leaks from the motor seal. I rang euro bed and they told me they can’t find my account. So they told me they would call back but did not. So much for the wonderful euro bed. Don’t bother with one they are hopeless.

  3. Bought a eurobed for camping, as the TV ad was impressive. Went away camping, on the 11th night, it deflated . Every night thereafter, l’d inflate it and wake up a few hours later, on the hard ground. THE EUROBED is RUBBISH !!!! Never again, will l buy feom TV

  4. Exactly what happened to me. The seam blew out and I didn’t realise until I went camping using it for the 3 rd time. So I pretty much slept on the floor!! Would not recommend this product at all!!!

  5. Purchased the Euro Bed. On first use the bed blew out on a seam. Wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. What a waist of $160.00

    • Exactly the same happened to me after one use.
      Will be reporting this product to the ACCC false advertising is illegal in Australia.

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