eGlide vs No No vs ePen Review

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Compare what is it: eGlide vs No No vs ePen

What is eGlide: eGlide is a device that’s designed to remove unwanted hair at home safely and painlessly. Developed by Verseo, it employs technology that is used in professional salons and spas.


What is No!No!: no!no! Hair Remover is an at home hair removal system that provides professional salon-like hair removal at home. It does not use any harsh chemicals and costs much lesser than salon treatments.


What is ePen: ePen is a permanent hair removal system for home use purpose and can help in getting rid of unwanted unsightly hair quickly and painlessly.

Compare how does it work? eGlide vs No No vs ePen

How does eGlide work?
eGlide is easy to use and is to be simply glided over the problem areas after applying the conductive gel on the areas with unwanted hair. Repeated use helps in stopping the hair completely from growing back together.


How does No!No! work?
The thermal transference property of no!no! is used to send a gentle pulse of heat to the roots of the hair when the device is used over the skin. This helps in getting rid of unwanted hair easily, gently and without any pain.


How does ePen Work?
The conductive pads or gel is to be applied to the area of treatment. ePen then is to be used over the area for about 20 seconds after which a buzzer goes off to tell you that the root of hair is destroyed and now can be simply wiped or tweezed away.

Compare technology used: eGlide vs No No vs ePen

eGlide Technology: It uses the revolutionary Galvanic Technology that transmits a current directly to the roots of the hair so that it stops growing from there altogether. The home electrolysis roller removes 4″-wide area of unwanted hair without any pain.


No!No! Technology: The Thermicon wire in no!no! is used to achieve hair removal. It comes with a revolutionary thermodynamic technology that generates the heat and helps in the thermal transference process. no!no! comes with a built-in safety mechanism and is handy enough to make it perfect for home use.


ePen Technology: ePen comes with a galvanic technology that uses electrolysis to permanently get rid of dermal papilla that forms the center of growth for hair follicles. It basically does an electrolytic action over the root to eliminate it and hamper the growth of hair. This same technology is used in salons and spas.

Compare how long the results last?: eGlide vs No No vs ePen

eGlide Results: With regular use of eGlide great results are most likely seen in about six weeks with noticeable changes seen after three uses itself. With regular repeated treatment cycles the hair will stop from growing up altogether.


No!No! Results: Continuous usage should be maintained to ensure smooth skin. When not treated for 3-5 months hair will return to the pre-treatment state.


ePen Results: The initial results last for a long time and slowly a permanent removal can be achieved.

Compare Use: eGlide vs No No vs ePen

eGlide Use: It comes with a body mode. It is perfect for larger areas along the arms, bikini line, legs and underarms.

No!No! Use: It is safe to use on all body parts.

ePen Use: It can be used for legs, bikini line and back.

Compare side effects: eGlide vs No No vs ePen

eGlide: It does not irritate the skin and is virtually painless.

No!No! Side-effects: no!no! may have some side effects like burning, dark or light spots on skin, hyperpigmentation and hypo-pigmentation.

ePen Side Effects: No Side-effects reported.

How long does a single treatment session last?

eGlide: Time may vary as per the area but the two modes come with 20 second and 5 minutes cycle to suit the requirement.

No!No!: Each session lasts for about ½ to 1 hour.

ePen: It depends on the area of use but the buzzer goes off after 20 seconds when the treatment is done.

Do I need to wear safety glasses or goggles when using it?

eGlide: No.

No!No!: No.

ePen: No.


Does it hurt? eGlide vs No No vs ePen

Does eGlide Hurt? eGlide is painless and can give a slight tingling sensation associated with Electrolysis.

Does No!No! hurt? It may hurt a little bit.

Does ePen hurt? Electrolysis can give a slight tingling sensation to the skin.

Can men use it? eGlide vs No No vs ePen

eGlide: Yes.

No!No!: Yes.

ePen: No information available.

How long is the period between treatments?

eGlide: eGlide must be used twice a day on the same area not exceeding more than five days a week.

No!No!: For the first 2-3 months it is recommended to use no!no! for 2-3 times a week and lessen the use as time passes.

ePen: Use it a few times during the hair growth cycle to ensure permanent removal.

How many treatments are needed to notice results?

eGlide: Effective results start to appear after three uses.

No!No!: The results may vary but the average period is 4-6 weeks.

ePen: ePen provides great results on initial use and with couple of weeks usage it can provide permanent eradication.

Is it fda approved?

eGlide: No.

No!No!: No.

ePen: No.

Compare Safety: eGlide vs No No vs ePen

is eGlide Safe? Yes. Galvanic currents have been used in spas for over 50 years effectively.

is No!No! safe? no!no! does not use any radiation and hence safe to use.

is ePen safe? Yes.

Does it stop hair growth permanently?

Is eGlide Permanent? Upon a few uses permanent hair removal can be achieved.

Is No!No! Permanent? No, but as per clinical studies, usage for more than 6 weeks has resulted in remarkable hair growth reduction.

Is ePen Permanent? Since ePen uses electrolysis it can stop hair growth permanently.

Does it use radiation?

eGlide: No.

No!No!: No.

ePen: No.

Can it be used on the face?

eGlide: Yes, it comes with a mode for facial use.

No!No!: Yes. It’s perfect for eyebrows, chin, forehead and upper lip with a small areas tip kit to reach areas around ears and eyes.

ePen: Yes, especially on the upper lip area and for shaping eyebrows.

Does it work on dark skin?

eGlide: It works on all types of skin.

No!No!: Yes.

ePen: No information available.

Can kids use it?

eGlide: No.

No!No!: No.

ePen: No.


Does it leave stubble?

eGlide: No it clears up the skin smoothly.

No!No!: Only while running the hand over the skin a stubble might be felt.

ePen: No, it removes hair permanently after few uses.

Compare What do I get and Price

eGlide: One can purchase eGlide on, at $89.95. The kit includes an eGlide roller, 75 ml/ oz conductive gel, stencil kit, tweezers, travel case, 2 AAA batteries and instructions.

No!No!: no!no! can be bought at, for $270 plus $19.95 Shipping & Handling. The device comes with power supply, buffer, blades, brush, user manual and CD.

ePen: ePen can be bought on, for $59.95. The kit includes ePen unit, 3 rectangle patches, banana patch, 2 round patches, 1 lead for patches with 3 pad connectors, ePen conductive gel, 6 cotton swabs, 2 AA batteries and tweezers in a soft storage pouch.


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