Dream Lites vs Cloud B Review

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Dream Lites from Pillow Pets
Making bedtime fun for your kids and alleviating their fear of the dark is now easy with Dream Lites , the cool night light for their bedrooms. They go off automatically in about 20 minutes as your kids enjoy restful sleep.

Cloud B Twilight Turtle
Cloud B Twilight Turtle is a plush toy that can transform any room into a starry night sky. A truly magical constellation of stars is projected from the plastic shell of the turtle onto the ceiling.



Compare Dream Lites and Could B Special Features
Dream Lites converts your kids’ bedrooms into a ceiling starring night sky, giving them a truly magical experience in an instant.

Cloud B Twilight Turtle has a shell that illuminates giving a calming effect. It’s available in three soothing colours, Classic Mocha, Purple and Blue. It gives out eight actual constellations including the Big Dipper and you can have fun figuring them out with the Twilight Turtle Star Guide.

Compare Dream Lites and Could B Material
Dream Lites are made using Deuter Dura Lite RS .

Cloud B products are created using – Textile Material: Polyester, Fill Material: Polyester Fiber.



Compare Dream Lites and Could B Characters
The cool Dream Lites collection includes Jolly Giraffe, Mr Tiger, Mr Bear, Tardy turtle, Silly Monkey, Green Triceratops, Zippity Zebra, Playful Penguin, Hot Pink Ladybug, Fluttery Butterfly, Rainbow Unicorn and Snuggly Puppy.

Besides Twilight Turtle the Cloud B Night lights collection also includes Twilight Sea Turtle and Twilight Ladybug.

Compare Dream Lites and Could B Prices and Offers
You can buy Dream Lites for $29.95 plus shipping and handling charge at www.dreamlites.com.

You can get these Cloud B night lights for $32.95 at www.cloudb.com.



Compare Pros – Dream Lites Vs Could B

Dream Lites is a cool product for kids and they seem to enjoy it. Buying the deluxe option is something to think about because you get it with an AC adapter, which avoids burning batteries. For more Dream Lites review please visit the Dream Lites review page.

The common On/Off button in Cloud B makes it convenient for use and the stars in the constellation are much brighter. The ladybug in particular creates a bright starry night as expected.


Compare Cons – Dream Lites Vs Could B

Making Dream Lites work can be tricky, which is disappointing. You have to be careful with your order as well because it’s easy to get ripped off. You get charged astronomical amounts with shipping and the customer service from the company is practically non-existent. For more Dream Lites complaints please visit the Dream Lites review page on this site

Cloud B works only on ceilings up to a certain height, beyond which it doesn’t show. The Twilight Turtle struggles with showing off the yellow colour on the ceiling. It works only when it’s pitch black, which doesn’t always happen.


Dream Lites is a fun product but it’s not easy to make it work and the shambolic customer service doesn’t make things easier.

Cloud B night lights are cool but not without their flaws.

Where to buy Cloud B and Dream Lites
Buy all the Cloud B and Dream Lites characters at Amazon.com. Low price, free shipping, easy return and friendly customer service.

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