Dormeo Octaspring vs Magniflex Review

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Magniflex New Moonlight

Use this mattress for revitalizing sleep as Memoform Magnifoam layer that’s quilted to the cover gives you additional comfort. It has a hypoallergenic and breathable padding while springs in singular sachets, non deformable box and insulating TNT sheet are some of its other highlights. The springs are made of tempered steel, which make them very durable and thanks to the sachet, the mattress works for people with different body weights uniquely offering you amazing support. It’s also the reason you don’t get the ditching effect seen in regular mattresses.

Magniflex Giglio

Memoform Magnifoam layer, tempered steel springs, and the polyurethane box, the reasons behind its non deformable body are present here too. In addition to that Bamboo fibre fabric is used for covering; it’s resistant, hypoallergenic and breathable and there are 127 springs per square metre. These are just some of the reasons why it’s ideal for spine relaxation.



Magniflex Trinity

This model is a good blend of technology and tradition; it’s an original sprung mattress with boxed springs. That’s why it is high on durability while you make the most of the latest technology as well. Structured (192) tempered steel box springs are seen here and there’s the polyester fibre fabric that not only fits wonderfully but gives you good comfort too.

Magniflex Orthodream

The resistant box structure forms its body, covering and protecting tempered steel springs. This mattress can offer you complete orthopaedic support. A fine lavender extract Jaquard layer is used to cover the mattress and since lavender is known for its purifying and relaxing properties, not only is the hygiene of the mattress maintained but it also encourages restful sleep.

Magniflex Orthodream Plus

It covers all the basic features of Magniflex Orthodream, but here you will find that the springs are present in the form of sachets. That ensures that the mattress has even better durability and longevity. While you get orthopaedic support you also get the benefits of Lavender covering, which remains one of its highlights.



Dormeo Octaspring 8500 Mattress

It’s the most luxurious mattress in the range from the manufacturer and has three layers of Octaspring. Supportive foundation is laid by the bottom layer, while five unique support zones in the middle layer ensure that the mattress is equipped to match body’s weight distribution so that you are not uncomfortable at any point. Memory foam spring zoned layer on top, cap the luxurious experience for you.

Dormeo Octaspring 8000 Mattress

It’s extremely popular with users and partly it’s because of its versatility. There are three zones of memory foam springs that are laid on top of five eco zone cells. These cells have been designed to offer support to different parts of your body, including head, shoulders and hip. Medium Octasprings are used for additional support so that you feel rejuvenated when you wake up.


Dormeo Octaspring 6500 Mattress

There might be two layers of Octaspring, instead of three here but the benefits are still the same. There’s soft memory foam used for your head, shoulders and legs while firm springs look after the needs of your hips. They are placed on medium Octaspring that gives cushioning support and you sleep deeper and longer.

Dormeo Octaspring 5500 mattress

If you like the comfort of the high end memory foam then this is the right mattress for you, because it will do away with the problem of heat and humidity. Octasprings in an open honeycomb design that you will find on a sturdy base make the mattress very breathable. Eco-Cell 3D air-mesh sides let the memory foam breathe and you sleep comfortably.


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