Derma Wand vs Lift Wand Review

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Compare What is it? Derma Wand vs Lift Wand

What is Derma Wand
It is a radio frequency skin care appliance that reduces the signs of premature aging and makes skin look years younger. Derma Wand claims it’s on par with what beauty professionals use and charge a bomb for. It uses lower amplitude and provides instant stimulation. It imparts an enriching massage effect and treats skin with thermal energy and enhanced oxygen levels. All it requires is just three minutes of treatment twice a day for splendid results.

What is Lift Wand
It is a high frequency facial machine that estheticians recommend and use in salons to remove wrinkles, eye bags, blemishes, scars and make your skin look firmer and younger with a glowing complexion. It enriches skin with increased collagen production and exfoliates dead skin cells by stimulating the pores.

Verdict: Lift Wand aims to address more problem areas as compared to Derma Wand.

Compare How does it work? Derma Wand vs Lift Wand

How does Derma Wand work? – Derma Wand releases an alternating high-frequency electric current through an electrode made of glass. It treats the skin with thermal and electrical energy, which stimulates the underlying skin collagen and cells. It also eliminates the harmful bacteria by producing oxidized Oxygen (Ozone) and purges toxins.

How does Lift Wand work? – It generates effective, safe and potent 20 watts high frequency treatment that erases wrinkles and replenishes skin. It employs a two-step treatment system and with use of Argan oil softens and heals the skin. It’s a pro at offering anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and skin tightening procedures and beautifying complexion.

Verdict : Both the devices use the same scientific method to erase the wrinkles.

Compare Features: Derma Wand vs Lift Wand
Derma Wand Features

  • Thermal energy and instant massaging stimulus
  • Portable
  • Reduces enlarged pores and uneven texture
  • 168,000 cycles per second
  • Stimulates loose skin
  • Instant stimulation and oxygenates
  • Makes lips appear fuller and reduces fine vertical lines
  • Reduces puffy eyes


Lift Wand Features

  • High frequency machine
  • Comes with four different electrodes designed to cater to specific applications
  • The face electrode
  • The nose electrode
  • The ear electrode
  • The comb electrode
  • Portable high frequency machine
  • Effective two-step treatment system
  • Verdict: Lift Wand seems to be more versatile than Derma Wand


    Lift Wand Benefits

    • Can be used anywhere if power outlet is accessible
    • Boosts collagen production of skin, effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, eliminates toxins by stimulating pores.
    • Perfect for skin and muscle toning
    • Provided with swappable attachments
    • Treats acne, blackspots, pimples and sagging skin
    • Improves circulation, balances the PH value of skin and prevents bacteria from growing
    • Easy to use

    Verdict: Derma Wand seems to score over Lift Wand here.

    Compare What to expect? Derma Wand vs Lift Wand

    What to expect from Derma Wand – It lifts your skin, tone it up and tighten it. Further, the device reduces enlarged pores, makes lips appear fuller and reduces puffiness of eyes. It also provides superior massage effect and enriches your skin with enhanced oxygen levels.

    What to expect from Lift Wand – It comes with four different electrodes which attend to and treat specific areas. Lift Wand increases collagen production of skin, exfoliates it, tones muscle and removes acne, black-spots and pimples. It also balances the PH value of skin and discourages bacteria from growing

    Verdict: Lift Wand offers marginally more features as compared to Derma Wand.

    Compare Price and What do I get? Derma Wand vs Lift Wand

    Derma Wand – Three payments of $39.95

    Lift Wand – Three payments of $29.95

    Verdict: Lift wand is priced lesser than Derma Wand and wins in this competition.

    Compare Pros & Cons: Derma Wand vs Lift Wand

    Derma Wand Pros

    Offers effective treatment via combination of radio frequency effects of thermal energy and instant massaging stimulus.

    Lifts the skin, provides toning and tightening


    Makes lips appear fuller and reduces fine vertical lines around.

    Reduces puffiness of eyes too


    Derma Wand Cons

    Doesn’t show expected results for everyone for up to a month.

    May stop working and break down for no reason.

    Works better on lower settings


    Lift Wand Pros

    Shows noticeable improvement in days.

    Makes skin look younger besides providing protection from bacteria and toxins.

    Easy to use.

    Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, acne, blackspots, crow’s feet and more.

    Great at toning and balancing PH value of skin.

    Less expensive


    Lift Wand Cons

    Not as gentle as it claims it is.

    Does not yield desired results for all.

    Plug not a standard safety plug.

    May show a drop in power and performance after a few uses.

    Derma Wand Reviews and Complaints: Derma Wand vs Lift Wand

    Derma Wand Reviews, Advantages/Disadvantages

    You can expect desired results in a month of dedicated and regular use of Derma Wand. It reduces fine lines, makes skin softer and provides better circulation to the skin, toning and makes it look radiant.

    Some users have complained that it doesn’t deliver on every count as it promises. It may not work perfectly on higher settings. For some, the Derma Wand only worked for one week then it did not. Some aren’t satisfied as it doesn’t work despite adhering to instructions.

    Lift Wand Reviews, Advantages/Disadvantages

    A number of users have stated that their skin looks visibly softer and younger after using it. Quite a few are satisfied with its performance and have experienced improvement with 30 days of use. They say that their close ones have noticed the difference and complimented them for the transformation.

    Some users of Lift Wand felt it didn’t show results after a month of use. Some don’t find it safe and have complained that there was a decline in its performance in a few days.


    Does it work on stretch-marks?

    Derma Wand : The Official website of Derma Wand does not claim that their product can be used for Stretch marks, though alleged skin care experts, beauticians and beauty bloggers have claimed in thier reviews that Derma Wand can be used to treat Stretch marks.

    Lift Wand : According to the official website Lift Wand claims to work on stretch-marks and a few users have reported diminished stretch-marks after using Lift Wand.


    Does it work for acne?

    Derma Wand : The Official website does not mention about using Derma Wand to treat acne. In-fact they warn users not to use it if they have severe acne scars. Don’t can’t expect to cure your acne with a beauty gadget like this.

    Lift Wand : Although Lift Wand claims to work on acne and there are glaring reviews about this product everywhere on the internet, don’t expect it to be a miracle product that will clear your skin of acne in just a fortnight. We haven’t found any trustworthy REAL reviews by Lift Wand users which attests this claim.


    Does it work on cellulite?

    Derma Wand : We could not find any true review which verifies this claim. The DermaWand website ( also does not mention that it works on Cellulite.

    Lift Wand : Same here too. Neither the official website nor user reviews attest this claim.


    Does it work on saggy/turkey neck?

    Neither Derma Wand nor Lift Wand work on Turkey or saggy Neck. If that is the only reason why you want to buy Derma Wand or Lift Wand than you are making a wrong decision. Although few reviews mention that DermaWand helps tighten skin on the neck but definitely it is not the perfect answer to sagging necks and the results are often temporary. You need to take professional clinical treatments and exercises to get rid of Saggy Neck.


    Can you use it on the neck?

    You can use both Derma Wand and Lift Wand on your neck but don’t expect great results. Micro-currents from these devices will not fix saggy necks.


    Does it work on eye-bags?

    Derma Wand : Users have reported diminished bags under the eyes. It also helps get rid of dark circles and reduces puffiness.

    Does it work on spider-veins? claims that the heat from Derma Wand can heal the Spider Veins but this claim is substantiated.


    Does it work on scars?

    Devices like Derma Wand and Lift Wand will not work scars. People with serious scars should avoid using Derma Wand and Lift Wand.


    Does it work on age-spots?

    Derma Wand and Lift wand do not claim to address issue of age-spot.


    Does it work on deep moles?

    Both Derma Wand and Lift Wand DO NOT work on deep moles


    Does it work on jowls?
    Both Derma Wand and Lift Wand claim to work on Jowls. But there aren’t many reviews that support this claim.


    Does it work on stomach?
    Both DermaWand and Lift Wand claim to work on stretch marks but we haven’t fond any credible reviews that attest this claim.


    Does it work on breasts?

    Though it is safe to use Derma Wand and Lift Wand on your breast. It does not firm and lift your breast. So it does not make sense using it on breast.


    Does it work on buttocks?

    Derma Wand and Lift Wand are hardly useful in lifting buttocks.


    Does it work on Hands, Legs, arms and thighs?

    Though it is safe to use on hands, legs, arms and thighs, Derma Wand and Lift Wand are not intended and designed to address issues on these body parts.

    7 thoughts on “Derma Wand vs Lift Wand Review

    1. I’ve been using the lift wand for two months with good results, however, last week I stopped using argan oil. Instead of covering my face with gauze I slipped a thin mens dress sock over the wand. I feel like I’m getting more of a “zing” and possibly an increase in oxygen. My skin has responded quite well to this method.

    2. My Derma Wand bulb somehow broke and I am not sure If i should order the lift Wand now or stuck to derma wand.Its been amazing but I’m feeling disappointed not being able to treat my skin anymore and it’s only 4 days now
      which one do you suggest between Lift wand and Derma Wand.Im 26 and had scars from adult acne and month with derma wand and feeling great yet just discovered the lift Wand which I don’t know much about .. any suggestions

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