Cutting Edge Grass Seed vs Pearl’s Premium Grass Seed

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Cutting Edge Grass Seed vs Pearl’s Premium Grass Seed

Cutting Edge Grass Seed

What is Cutting Edge Grass Seed:

It is grass seed that keeps today’s needs for sustainability in mind while offering you lush green grass wherever you want.
Cutting Edge Grass Seed is brought to you by Sustainable Low Maintenance Grass LLC, which is not only known for its work in grass seed research but environmentally friendly products as well. It has made its mission to bring sustainable lawn products for consumers. Cutting Edge Grass Seed has been created in the same vain and is said to reduce the need for constant watering, chemicals, fertilizers and herbicides. Thus the overall carbon footprint when it comes to growing grass is reduced while you get top quality turf just about anywhere you want.

How it works

Cutting Edge Grass Seed is a patent pending mix of Kentucky Bluegrass and other seeds known for their performance. It has special characteristics that make a world of difference to grass growing today and not only do you get aesthetically pleasing lawns but those that require minimum maintenance too. Cutting Edge Grass Seed can lead to durable, fast germinating grass that self-repairs and has improved resistance to salt, diseases and insects.


Features and Benefits

• It’s known for cutting edge organic Seed Coating with Hydration and Mycorrhiza Package.
• Cutting Edge Grass Seed can grow deep roots; up to 48 inches and can thus be fully germinated, and durable in dry conditions because it seeks its own water.
• Besides there being no need for constant watering, you don’t need constant mowing and fertilizing as well.
• It is Endophyte and Rhizome enhanced grass seed.
• Cutting Edge Grass Seed is self repairing, especially in the annoying damaged sports.
• Salt and gray leaf spot resistant, it also wins you points towards LEED Certification.

Pearl’s Premium Grass Seed

What is Pearl’s Premium Grass Seed:

It is grass seed that can be your way to lawns that require hardly any maintenance and water, according to its claims.
Pearl’s Premium Grass Seed has been created keeping the needs of many lawn lovers in mind who don’t seem to have an alternative to heavy duty maintenance to get lush green grass around their homes. We like to add to the aesthetics of our homes with lawns that give you an exciting option to host family and guests as well. But the problem often is the maintenance that’s required in ensuring that your lawn looks gorgeous. Pearl’s Premium Grass Seed claims to be a way out of this problem.

How it works

The secret of Pearl’s Premium Grass Seed is said to be in its roots. They grow very deep after one year and thus you get an adequately installed and maintained lawn. These roots can draw moisture around and thus reduce need for watering. It also absorbs nutrients from the surroundings reducing the need for fertilizers. And since it grows slowly you need minimal mowing too.
The founder of Pearl’s Premium Grass Seed has done extensive research before putting best seed varieties in ideal percentage blends that require low maintenance. Sunny mixture, Shady mixture and Sun/Shade mixture are the options that can be used depending on your specific requirements.

Benefits and features

• Pearl’s Premium Grass Seed grows slowly, which is why you are saved mowing effort and costs.
• It draws water from moisture around hence you don’t have to water it regularly. It saves you costs while the lawn stays healthy in drought like conditions too.
• It draws nutrients from surroundings; all you have to do is spread organic fertilizer or compost 1-2 times a year. It thereby saves you huge costs on chemical treatments.
• You get lush green grass, all year round, even in winters.
• Pearl’s Premium Grass Seed is also considered to be an environmentally friendly option as it is native and adaptive seed that protects lakes and rivers from chemical run off. Overall it reduces your carbon footprint to a great extent.


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