Copper Fit (Copper Flex) vs Copper Wear vs Tommie Copper Review

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Compare what is it? Copper Fit vs Copper Wear vs Tommie Copper

What is Copper Fit? Copper Fit is a high quality copper infused compression sleeve that claims to offer you relief from sore and painful knees and elbows. It also claims to offer support for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain. They earlier called it Copper Flex

What is Copper Wear? Copper Wear is a therapeutic copper compression sleeve that promises to relieve pain and soreness from your muscles and joints. You have a different sleeve to offer support and relive pain from ankles, elbows and knees.

What is Tommie Copper? Tommie Copper range of compression apparel has recovery sleeves that promise to speed up muscle recovery and relief. The performance apparel on the other hand has been designed to boost game time performance.

Compare how does it work? Copper Fit vs Copper Wear vs Tommie Copper

How does Copper Fit work? Copper Fit works by bringing the benefits of copper, which is infused in the sleeve to the table. Copper has been used for centuries to not only offer antimicrobial protection but is an essential nutrient to the body as well. Copper Fit also assures you results with the advantages of compression therapy, which is known to offer support for muscle stiffness and pain, reduce recovery time for muscles, support circulation and oxygenation besides preventing fatigue by keeping your muscles strong. More Copper Fit info here….

How does Copper Wear work? Copper Wear asserts that it is made using 88% copper fiber embedded Nylon, which means you get the therapeutic benefits of copper, which is an essential nutrient for your body. This high performance sportswear has also been designed for effective compression that can facilitate muscle recovery too.

How does Tommie Copper work? The performance collection in the Tommie Copper range asserts that it has been ergonomically designed to offer you complete range of mobility, motion and ultimate comfort. It brings in the benefits of copper coupled with compression to ensure that your game time performance is boosted. The Recovery collection in the Tommie Copper on the other hand is meant to be worn all day and night. The 4D compression enhances joint and muscle recovery while alleviating pain in joints and muscles.


Compare Features and Benefits: Copper Fit vs Copper Wear vs Tommie Copper

Copper Fit Features and Benefits : Copper Fit asserts that you can get relief from pain in your elbows and knees without having to go great lengths for it. Moreover you will get adequate support for your muscles when you are working out or indulge in any physical activity.

It is made out of comfortable, lightweight material but it is quite tough. The comfort fit it offers makes it easy to use.

Importantly, Copper Fit asserts that it works for fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes and just about anyone looking for relief from pain in these parts of their bodies.

Copper Wear Features and Benefits : It stresses on the fact that you can relieve pain and soreness from your elbows, ankles and knees while your muscles are given adequate support too. Copper Wear has also been designed to be ideal for everyday and athletic wear.

It is a lightweight 36 gauge fabric that promises to be comfortable to wear. The fabric wicks away moisture, which is an added advantage.

Tommie Copper Features and Benefits : The Recovery collection in the Tommie Copper claims to boost circulation, mobility while energizing you too. The performance collection has been ergonomically designed to give you just the right fit and enhances game time performance.

Tommie Copper range can work on different pain points like arms, hands, legs, back, chest and feet. It is lightweight yet sturdy and durable.


Is it odor resistant? : Copper Fit: One of the advantages of copper is that it offers antimicrobial protection, which prevents odors and damages too.
Copper Wear : Yes, it is odor resistant.
Tommie Copper : Yes it is.


Does it relieve soreness?
Copper Fit: Copper Fit maintains that it can relieve soreness in your elbows and knees.
Copper Wear: Yes, it can relieve soreness and stiffness in your elbows, ankles and knees.
Tommie Copper: The Recovery collection in the range is meant to relieve soreness.


Is it comfortable?
Copper Fit : The comfort-fit is one of the hallmark features of this compression sleeve, which makes it comfortable even with extended wear.
Copper Wear : Copper Wear is comfortable copper apparel fit.
Tommie Copper : Yes it is comfortable to wear. You can wear the Performance range on game day and Recovery collection throughout the day and night without any hassle.

Compare what do I get? Copper Fit vs Copper Wear vs Tommie Copper

Copper Fit : You can buy an elbow or knee sleeve and get a second sleeve free. Just pay additional S & H.
Copper Wear : You can buy an elbow, knee or ankle sleeve and get a second same sleeve free. Just pay additional S & H.
Tommie Copper : Buy any two sleeves and you can save $10.

Compare Price: Copper Fit vs Copper Wear vs Tommie Copper

Copper Fit : $19.99 + S & H | Official website
Copper Wear : Knee and elbow compression sleeve is for $19.99 + S & H while the ankle sleeve is for $12.99 + S & H. Official website
Tommie Copper : The collection is available in varying range of prices based on the sleeve you choose. Official website:

Compare Pros and Cons: Copper Fit vs Copper Wear vs Tommie Copper

Copper Fit Reviews and Complaints : Maurice who tried Copper Fit complains in the review that the sleeves don’t work as well as they have been advertized. Even if you make sure you get the right sized ones, they start falling off in a few steps and you have to stop to pull them back up. He says that they are not high on quality and you are charged exorbitant shipping costs, which are never returned. You have to wait long time for the delivery and you know that it’s a lightweight product, so you don’t know why there’s a huge shipping cost. There is also false marketing involved because you are told that it is made in the U.S but the box clearly states that it is made in China. According to him, it might just be a better idea to get a good quality one for a lot cheaper at a nearby store.

Jenny who used Copper Fit exposes in her review that the shipping costs are a complete scam. After ordering a set of elbow sleeves and receiving four, the total billing came up to $130.

Copper Wear Reviews and Complaints : Jennifer who used Copper Wear complains in her review that the only compression you see is in the bands at the top and bottom of the sleeve. You don’t get any relief in the spot where you need it the most.

Steve who tried Copper Wear claims in his review that it is not any different than the regular sleeves you find in drugs stores for $10-15. The copper infusion seems like a magnetic bracelet scam and you don’t really know whether there are real and tangible benefits to it.

Tommie Copper Reviews and Complaints : Nelson who used Tommie Copper complains in his review that the band at the top of the knee sleeve cut into his knee badly. There is no reason for the rubberized band to keep the brace in place, to be so tight. The chart recommends that you go for a size larger, which is just what he did but the elastic was still way too tight. According to him, the problem with going one size up is that compression is lesser and that can hamper the results.

Bruce who tried Tommie Copper exposed in his review that it was a troubled investment because the results don’t come after a lot of waiting. You are told that it takes about 30 days for complete relief and there is a 30 day returns policy for it. He believes that it’s the best time for one to return the sleeve because it doesn’t offer any pain relief no matter how many days you use it. In fact, neoprene knee braces tend to give a lot more support. The only good thing about the Tommie Copper sleeve according to him is that you can wear it at night on sore knees.

6 thoughts on “Copper Fit (Copper Flex) vs Copper Wear vs Tommie Copper Review

  1. today i purchased Copper Fit men’s underwear.thinking that this product was Tommy Copper..however Copper Fit & Tommy copper are two different companies..Copper Fit is made in Jordan distributed by Idea Village , Wayne NJ…
    the product I purchased has a different sku# than Tommy Copper so I’m thinking the two companies are not the my opinion Copper Fit is a knock off. However I like the product. At Ollies discount outlet I paid 4.99 for one pair in color black. I hope this is informative …

  2. I have used Tommie Copper knee & calve sleeves since 2014. I started out sleeping in them during leg/knee pain when I went to bed.
    I finally was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis.
    I now wear knee sleeves about everyday. I have to wear them if am up much on legs. I couldn’t work without them. My elastic broke on a sleeve. I am trying to replace it, plus buy more.
    I am having trouble for the 1st time in 3 years getting them to fit right.
    Last year trying to save money I bought Copper Fit at the drug store. It was short lived. The elastic lasted no time.
    Over 95% of the time I don’t have to take my Arthritis medicine with my copper sleeves.

  3. I’d have to say that I love my tommie copper compression knee sleeve. I am a police officer and was involved in on duty accident which left me with Permanent Tendinitis in my right knee. When I would run and work put for awhile, my knee became swallow and would hurt to the point that I wasn’t able to walk. I put on my tommie copper compression knee sleeve for four hours and my knee felt like new. For the first year I owned my tommie compression knee sleeve, I would wear it whenever my knee bothers me and now I don’t need it nearly as much. I would recommend tommie copper to anyone and I have to some of my friends…

  4. Copper Wear seems to give you a 30% edge then nothing at all. Bed Bath & Beyond sells the knee sleeve for 10 bucks and with coupon for 20% comes to 8 bucks. Other then that medical supply stores have various supports….

  5. Well go to the As Seen On TV shelf in Walmart and get all of the sleeves for 9.88 and 12.88 for the airplane dress socks. I think my dad’s rip old fashion copper bracelet is the best. Copper Fit on both knees and ankles may have added support today for my 3.4 miles walk with arthritis everywhere, but my arches hurt at the end of the day. Gonna try them daily. Retired PE teacher/ track athlete and dancer.

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