Clear TV vs Mohu Leaf

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Compare What is it? Clear TV vs Mohu Leaf

Clear TV – Clear TV comes with antennas that give you access to your favourite TV shows, news, sports, weather reports etc without the need for expensive cable and satellite bills month after month.

Mohu Leaf – Derived from Advanced US technology it is a paper thin indoor antenna that claims to let you watch over the air TV channels without having to pay cable and satellite bills.

Verdict – They are both equal on functionality.

Compare How does it work? Clear TV vs Mohu Leaf

Clear TV – Clear TV comes with a specially designed antenna, which can pick up TV signals without interruptions. In fact, it claims to ensure that you have the signal even during storms etc. it can be mounted on walls or windows to make sure the signal is not weakened like it happens when it passes through concrete walls and metal.

Mohu Leaf – The combination of an unobtrusive design and powerful reception capabilities make Mohu Leaf an ideal choice for your homes, according to its claims. It comes with a 10 ft high performance digital cable for your convenience and the good news is that you don’t have to point it anywhere to get the signal you want.

Verdict – Mohu Leaf has an edge here.

Compare Features: Clear TV vs Mohu Leaf

Clear TV – Clear TV claims to be versatile so that you can watch a whole lot of your favourite channels whenever you want. They could be sports events, news, TV shows or weather reports, they will be at your fingertips from now on. What’s more, you can get rid of the hideous outdoor antennas as this one can be mounted standing, on the wall or windows. Since you get the video in HD you are assured of its quality as well.

Mohu Leaf – Making the most of advanced Military technology and built using top quality material, it promises to offer you high performance every time. In fact it brings 1080 p HD quality to any digital ready TV. The reversible black and white design can be painted to match the décor of your homes. You can also hide it behind TV or painting and get rid of those bulky, annoying antennas. It also stresses that it complements any streaming device for maximum viewing options.

Verdict – Mohu Leaf with its additional features is a winner here.

Compare Benefits: Clear TV vs Mohu Leaf

Clear TV

• Quite simply, Clear TV means you can watch your favourite channels and shows without paying huge costs to cable and satellite bills. You don’t have to deal with monthly bills that can become the bane of your existence either.

• You can get started with Clear TV at the earliest because installation is so easy. Once you have plugged it in you can get access to all your favourite channels instantly.

• As long as you have power, you will be to watch Clear TV irrespective of the surrounding circumstances.

Mohu Leaf

• It is your way to watch any number of channels of your choice without the need for cable and satellite bills and contracts that can burn a hole in your pocket every month.

• Mohu Leaf is not only easy to set up but work with as well. Its 10 feet high performance digital cable is quite handy and you have the option of scanning for channels in your TV menu. Good news is that you can set it up yourself, without the need for any special tools.

• It is made in the US and can be easily hidden anywhere in the house thanks to its reversible, paintable form.

Verdict – Although Clear TV has its benefits, you have to give this one to Mohu Leaf too.

Compare Range: Clear TV vs Mohu Leaf

Clear TV – 25-30 miles from broadcast antenna.

Mohu Leaf – Within 30 miles from broadcast antenna.

Verdict – It’s almost even on this count.

Compare Price: Clear TV vs Mohu Leaf

Clear TV : $19.99

Mohu Leaf : $39.95

Verdict : Clear TV is definitely cheaper.


Does it have HD?

Clear TV : Yes.

Mohu Leaf : Yes.

Verdict : No winner here.


Does it have TV signal amplifier

Clear TV : Yes.

Mohu Leaf : Yes.

Verdict : They have same capabilities.


Does it have PBS

Clear TV : Yes.

Mohu Leaf : Yes.

Verdict : They both have PBS.


Does it have ABC

Clear TV : Yes

Mohu Leaf : Yes

Verdict : They both have ABC.


Does it have CBS

Clear TV : Yes.

Mohu Leaf : Yes.

Verdict: They both have CBS.


Does it have NBC

Clear TV : Yes.

Mohu Leaf : Yes.

Verdict : They both have NBC.


Does it have Fox

Clear TV : Yes.

Mohu Leaf : Yes.

Verdict : They both have Fox.


Does it work on Laptop?

Clear TV : No.

Mohu Leaf : No.

Verdict : All even.


Does it work on Smartphone?

Clear TV : No.

Mohu Leaf : No.

Verdict : Both don’t work on Smartphone.


Does it work on Computer?

Clear TV : No.

Mohu Leaf : No.

Verdict : Both don’t work on Computer.


Does it work on Tablets?

Clear TV : No.

Mohu Leaf : No.

Verdict : All even here.

Compare Reviews and Complaints: Clear TV vs Mohu Leaf

Clear TV Reviews, Pros/Cons

Problems galore : Steven who reviewed Clear TV complained in his review that he bought it in good faith and tried to follow the instructions to the T. But he realized that it was a pointless exercise because he was outside the stipulated area from the TV transmitters. He was given to believe that the distance has to be measured from the TV stations but that’s not the case at all and that’s what he warns everyone about.

Not for old TVs : Rob who used Clear TV revealed in his review that he tried everything possible to make it work with his TV but that just wasn’t happening. It was because he was using an old TV and Clear TV is just not meant for that. He has decided to junk it completely rather than having to go buy a new one just to be able to use it.

Doesn’t give a lot of channels : Sandy who used Clear TV exposed in her review that though you are told that you can get access to a lot of channels but that doesn’t happen. After trying and struggling with it for a long time she finally managed to get a few channels. But she says that you could do that without paying high price for Clear TV and with the help of a cheap antenna that you can get in your neighbourhood store.

Mohu Leaf Reviews, Pros/Cons

Doesn’t work : Jason who bought Mohu Leaf complained in his review that he was initially pleased because he was able to eliminate heavy cable bills from his monthly expenses. But then he regretted his decision of buying Mohu Leaf because it didn’t give him access to any of his favourite channels. Nor could he watch the local news and shows that he was hooked on to. He faced this problem even though he was within the range, according to his claims.

Be careful about the location : Natalie who used Mohu Leaf exposes in her review that you have to be very careful before buying this antenna as it might just not work in certain areas. In fact she even suggests looking online for locations and area stations to find the type of antenna you need. This one turned out to be quite useless for her because she wasn’t getting the channels she wanted. She also points out that the antenna is quite direction sensitive, which is a problem.

Lot of moving required : Tom who bought Mohu Leaf complained in his review that he needed to move it around quite a bit to get the channels he wanted. Although he was in the right zone he wasn’t getting the signal because he had double pane insulated windows. You are not told about that initially, which he thinks is disappointing.

One thought on “Clear TV vs Mohu Leaf

  1. I purchased 2 CLEAR TV antennas and I love them. I have them on both the 1st and 2nd floors of my home. There nd floor It works better on the 2nd floor. Location does make a difference and it does make a difference how old tv’s are. On the 1st floor I have a 7 year old plasma tv. On the 2nd floor I have 2 new tv’s. The tuners make the difference on the reception. The newer tv’s hold memorize the tv station signal and are not susceptible to loss of signal. I hooked up antennas on both the North and South windows of my home to each of my tv’s.
    It picked up an astonishing 56 stations and all with HD tv clarity. They don’t waiver as the older tv does with storms. I live Lighthouse Point Florida.
    By the way, I also purchased 2 of new CLEAR TV keys and are not as good as the one’s that attach to the windows.

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