Clear TV Antenna vs Clear Cast vs ClearStream Review

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What is Clear TV Digital HD Antenna?

Now you won’t have to keep paying to watch your favourite shows across networks because you have Clear TV Digital HD Antenna, which lets you view them for free. It allows you to get clear HD signal from just about anywhere and you can get access to literally hundreds of digital and HD shows for free. While the signal is crystal clear, the antenna itself is quite easy to set up and it can be used on flat surfaces, wall mounted or standing. You simply plug it in to start enjoying your shows without any monthly charges, price hikes or contracts.

Clear TV Antenna Reviews and Complaints

It’s a rip off
It is nothing more than your regular over the air antenna. It can only pull off your local TV broadcast but then that can be done by a much cheaper antenna you get over the counter as well. Once you have plugged in these antennas into your TV you can scan the channels that are available for you. This one is a complete rip off.


It’s not the solution
Analog was free and that was before people had cable. There were fewer options then but it has changed since digital TV, and you can get many channels today. This is not a solution for cable TV prices and it does not let you see all those channels and shows. This is TV like old days and if you want that then you can make an antenna like this at home for a lot cheaper too.


Delivery is excruciating painful
You are told that there are back orders to deal with and the delivery is quite slow. But you can wait for months for the antenna to arrive and it might not. What’s worse is you are given no notice or told when the delivery might be either.

What is Clear Cast X1 Digital Antenna?

It is a state of the art digital antenna that is capable of capturing free channels that you find over the air and HD broadcasts. Thus you can get freedom from cable TV and satellite bills that you have to contend with month after month. You get crystal clear digital picture on your screen and what’s more, there is no tricky installation to deal with. It makes the most of breakthrough technology, which works well with the advanced indoor antenna design to give you sensational results. You won’t be relying on cable TV and footing those exorbitant bills anymore.

Clear Cast X1 Digital Antenna Reviews and Complaints

Leaves you disappointed
It is an indoor antenna and it doesn’t have a range of more than about 10 odd miles. Forget pulling all your favourite channels, it can’t pick up the local range as well. If you are buying it expecting that it will give you respite from the cable TV bills then you are going to be bitterly disappointed.


Look for easier options
If you are a DIY kind of person then you might actually revel in the little project of building your own antenna. You can do it cheaply and you will find all the directions you need on YouTube and other sites online. You can put it outside your house and the results will be a lot better than this antenna that is not really cheap.


It has serious limitations
The thing with antennas is that higher they are, better the chances of the signal might be. And if you take this one at a higher level as well then you will find that it starts picking up some channels but they are just not enough. You feel conned when you think that a regular antenna can pick up more channels then that. It’s a case of false marketing on the manufacturer’s part.


Customer service is disastrous
You barely manage to get any help from the customer service department of the company. Maybe it’s because they have to try and defend a crappy product. They say it’s been tested through their own testing methods but you’d think it’s a product that they just don’t care about much or their customers for that matter.

What is ClearStream?

ClearStream Micron Indoor Long-Range DTV Antenna
If you live within the 25 mile range of a TV transmitter then this antenna might be the right option for you. It is multi directional and capable of capturing around98% of broadcasts that are available over the air. It uses ClearStream Tapered Loop Technology, which makes it more powerful than your regular indoor antennas.


ClearStream Micron R Indoor DTV Antenna
Those living in urban areas of lower level homes and suffer due to multipath interference will benefit from these exciting and powerful indoor antennas that are more efficient than your regular ones. Exclusive Tapered Loop Technology is at the heart of these antennas that are now available in vibrant colours from white, black to bold red to add to the fun.


ClearStream Micron XG Indoor DTV Antenna with Amplifer
It’s the most powerful indoor antenna that you can buy in the market. The reflector used here is specially engineered to give you around three times the gain of a regular Micron antenna. The inline amplifier on the other hand ensures that maximum signal available is pushed through your TV.


ClearStream Micron A Indoor DTV Antenna
If you tend to keep your antenna away from your television and your Micron amplifier then you will find this antenna particularly handy. One of its special features is a variable inline amplifier that has four gain settings, which means you can get optimum quality picture when you are having problems with long cable runs.


ClearStream 1 Convertible Medium Range Indoor/Outdoor DTV Antenna
ClearStream 1 Convertible offers a lot of flexibility to DTV viewers when it comes to the placement of the antenna. You can pick from any of the three configurations; wall mount, tabletop and outdoors. You can make this choice based on your reception needs and individual preference and opt to use it indoors or outdoors.


ClearStream 1 Medium Range Outdoor DTV Antenna
ClearStream 1 Medium Range Outdoor DTV Antenna brings more quality to the UHF DTH signals you get at homes. It’s because it’s much better than your regular antennas used for this reception. The advanced design software of this antenna means you get fantastic directivity at all UHF DTH frequencies. It also lets the antenna to be a more compact and yet extremely powerful at the same time. This breakthrough technology scores on all counts; overall size, design efficiency and gain.

3 thoughts on “Clear TV Antenna vs Clear Cast vs ClearStream Review


  2. I noticed my tenant had this connected to a cable box (I didn’t know they had cable). The box was from previous tenants. My question is this: is this a way to hyjack the cable service or does it just enhance TV service. My concern, I don’t want anything illegal thing going on at my house. Thanks for your response.

  3. All of these antennas are a joke. Go to and read what the government has done for you. In as the regulations that force all the local tv uhf and vhf and hd is supposed to be furnished to the public. Here is what I am getting across to you. The old vhf antennas that had the bowtie on the front of a grill type of antenna can be used in place of air antenna I bought several types of air antenna which works but not as well as advertised so don’t waste your money. Ask all your friends and family if they might have one of these types of old antennas in their storage or garage. They work better than all of the above also what is really needed is a hd television they are built to receive the hd channels the free channels are listed like this ch4 ch4-1
    ch5 ch5-1 and so forth check it out no B>S>

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