Chop Magic vs Slap Chop vs Slice-o-Matic

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Compare Product Info, Features and Benefits: Chop Magic vs Slap Chop vs Slice-o-Matic

Chop Magic

Chop Magic Chopper claims it creates magic in your kitchen by making chopping, mincing, slicing, dicing and more a breeze. It features 6 mix measuring container and a dicing blade with a has 12 ultra sharp stainless steel precision blades that are designed to give you the best results each time you use it. The chopper is compact and facilitates storage of foods in its mix measuring container. It also boasts of a catch container that enables you to retain the vegetables. Chop Magic is space-saving and can also be used as a mixing and measuring container. You can shape, bake and make all your favorite toppings in just seconds with Chop Magic. It is durable, easy to use and a complete pro at all the functions it is designed to perform.

Slap Chop

Slap Chop is designed to flawlessly mince small quantities of vegetables, fruits and a variety of ingredients with just one finger push, or rather a slap at the top with its rotating blades at the bottom slicing it all. It’s a cylindrical shaped appliance with sharp and highly durable blades at the bottom which mince, grate and slice ingredients finely. It features what is termed butterfly opening that open up easily for you to handle it smoothly and clean conveniently. It also separates the outer skin of vegetables like onion and garlic automatically and also blends ingredients if processed together. It is lightweight, easy to use and dishwasher safe and processes and blends a whole lot of ingredients in a jiffy.


Slice-o-Matic is an elaborate chopping appliance that promises to cut your preparation time in half. It comes with parts like slicing blade, julienne blade, food chute, press, catch container and built sharp stainless steel blades. It also features adjustable slice settings and an easy glide handle or press. This gadget is designed to function with simple pressing down of the handle slightly without much force. It features two sliding locks at both sides which you slip to continue with the functions. Slice-o-Matic is an easy to use appliance that cuts vegetables, meats and more to perfect size. It guarantees the perfect blend of pieces of veggies or meats as per your needs. It functions a lot faster than an ordinary kitchen knife and has fewer parts to clean.

Compare Reviews and Complaints: Chop Magic vs Slap Chop vs Slice-O-Matic

Chop Magic Chopper Review – Pros/Cons

Doesn’t deliver as promised
A customer who used Chop Magic says she’s completely disappointed with its performance. She calls it a piece of garbage that frustrated right from the very first time she used it as its blades that it claims are really strong broke when she tried chopping onions even after slicing it into half. The blades, she says, simply came out and even the plastic on the edge broke then and there. She emphasizes that it doesn’t work.


Blades turns dull in a jiffy
Another customer who purchased Chop Magic insists there’s nothing magical about it as it can’t chop any hard fruit or vegetable but only softer ones like a banana. She says that the blades of her chopper actually turned dull with just three uses and that too with a lot of struggling. It’s not something she expected and still finds it hard to belive.


Fraudulent and misleading
Yet another customer recounts an extremely unpleasant experience with Chop Magic. She goes far enough to say that its makers must be arrested for trying to fleece. Her unit also broke the first time she used it. Though she doubted whether she used it appropriately, she is now sure that even experienced people would feel the same. She says she couldn’t even push an onion through the blade and even though she tried a lot with some force. When reinforced her doubt is that even the second chopper that came free didn’t work. Even a tomato she tried to chop turned gooey. She wanted to return the unit but it didn’t come with a packing slip and receipt so she doubts if she’ll ever be successful in returning it and getting the refund.


Slap Chop Review – Pros/Cons

Great at mincing garlic
A customer who has purchased Slap Chop says she’s quite impressed with the way it helps her chop garlic. She says it’s also good at chopping softer fruits and vegetables and is pretty simple to handle. She says the chopper is also quite easy to clean and satisfies on various counts. According to her, Slap Chop also manages to separate those parts of food that weren’t chopped by shoving them under some nooks and crannies. The customer on the whole sounds pretty satisfied with what she’s got.


Rather time-consuming
Another customer who has used Slap Chop differs in her opinion. She says she’d rather slice and mince vegetable and fruits with hands as it’d save time. Cleaning it takes up a lot of time if you don’t soak it in water beforehand. She says that using a regular knife seems more convenient as compared to Slap Chop. She states that its blades aren’t very sharp either. Foods also tend to get stuck in the hull. It also chops ingredients in a wavy pattern and the pieces aren’t uniformly sized. She recommends that you must cut ingredients in advance to get better results. It also doesn’t work that well with large pieces.


Slice-O-Matic Review – Pros/Cons

Good at making slices
A customer who bought Slice-O-Matic says she’s pleased with the slices she can make with this appliance. She observes that it does a decent job as a small sized meat slicer and generally does all the chopping tasks quite fast. She says you can count on it to slice any sized veggie as well as different types of meats too for home and outside.


Zero star quality chopper
Another customer who purchased Slice-O-Matic seems very furious. She states that she’ll give nothing more than a zero star rating to it as it has left her completely disappointed. Though she could slice cucumbers with it, she was disappointed to see that it failed with the potato. You need to first chop the foods before putting it through it to get some results. She says the potato simply tilted to one side and jammed the appliance repeatedly. When she was slicing a potato, a part of the machine broke and by the time she was almost through with it, the handle came off too. She concludes that it’s a complete waste of money.


Substandard quality chopper, difficult to clean
Another customer reveals that Slice-O-Matic is fragile and made of cheap material. She also notes that it’s not as easy to clean as it claims it is. She feels it’s also not as versatile as its makers proclaim it is and instead is rather limited. She says that a small sized meat slicer would probably do the job better.


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