Chair Gym vs Resistance Chair Review

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Compare What is it?: Chair Gym vs Resistance Chair

What is Chair Gym? – Chair Gym asserts that it is a use at home workout equipment that lets you get a complete body workout in a few minutes per day.

What is Resistance Chair? -Resistance Chair promises to be an easy, simple and effective solution for you to get a complete body workout at home.

VerdictBoth Chair Gym and Resistance Chair work on the same principle, which is why they are both winners in this category. Chair Gym is a “cheap” alternative to the much expensive and branded Resistance Chair. Read our Chair Gym review here.

Compare How does it work?: Chair Gym vs Resistance Chair

How does Chair Gym work? – Chair Gym maintains that now you have a way of getting more than 50 exercises right in the comforts of your home. What’s more, you can get these exercises done easily and conveniently by spending few minutes of your time on a daily basis. Chair Gym claims to be effective for you because it has been designed to offer you three levels of resistance. There are smooth adjustable resistance bands; grey for light tension, black for medium tension and both bands for hard tension that do the trick for you.

Bring the gym into the comforts of your home and save yourself time while you get that incredible body you have always wanted. Chair Gym lets you do around 50 exercises from wherever you are and at your own pace. It lets you strengthen your muscles and enhance your flexibility. What’s more your energy levels will get a lift too.

Chair Gym features three different resistance bands for different levels of workout and you can build your upper and lower body too. Now there’s no reason to worry about wrong postures you get into when lifting weights that can lead to injuries because getting into the best shape has become a lot easier.

How does Resistance Chair work? – To begin with, you need to know that there are several dozen exercises that can be done with the help of Resistance Chair. The sturdy, commercial quality chair can be used for rehabilitation or increasing mobility in seniors, improve blood circulation or simply an all-in-one gym that can be made the most out of by health professionals. The secret of the Resistance Chair lies in its different resistance levels that allow you to take your workout to the level that you are most comfortable with.

Want to work out at home but can’t deal with bulky, heavy equipment that takes too much space and is quite expensive? In that case Resistance Chair Exercise System is the right answer for you because it’s quite comfortable and convenient, offering you great results when it comes to building muscles, boosting your cardiovascular health and gaining flexibility.

One of the major advantages of this system is that it is ready to be used straight out of the box and there are no lengthy installation procedures required. It’s a commercial quality chair that is quite sturdy and can take up to 400 lbs of weight. It has benefits for people of different fitness levels including elders who might want to use it for rehab or to gain some mobility.

Health professionals also trust this system, which is a low impact, safe use at home equipment for you. Now there’s no reason to bear those exorbitant gym membership fees when you can get the workout you want from the comforts of your home.

It offers you a convenient way of staying fit and healthy at all times. You can perform several dozen exercises without any difficulty and the How-To DVDs make things a lot easier for you. You can also buy additional accessories to have a well-rounded experience.

VerdictWhile resistance levels are at the core of both the chairs, Resistance Chair clinches this one because of its more in-depth functioning.

Compare Reviews and Complaints

Chair Gym Pros and Cons

A smart option – If you have found it difficult to work out because of your age or physical condition then this system is very easy to follow and use. The chair itself is quite lightweight and made out of very high quality. It supports your weight and offers you ways to strengthen your back, legs, shoulders, chest, arms etc. Resistance Chair helps you boost your stamina and keeping up with the exercises is easy because of the instructional DVDs that are quite elaborate and helpful.

Resistance Chair is easy to setup and store
You don’t need any screw drivers etc to put it together. It’s very easy to install and you can get started with it sooner rather than later. It can be stored away on its four legs, which means it doesn’t tip over. And it doesn’t take up too much storage space either.

Deceitful service – You order the chair because you want to start seeing the difference in your body but it takes ever so long to arrive. You are asked to keep waiting but the chair doesn’t show up for months. And if you do get it, there are often flaws and breakages, which is annoying. The customer service is completely hopeless and doesn’t give you any valid information or help.

Chair Gym is a Shipping Scam – The chair is poorly made and doesn’t work very well. That’s why your natural reaction is that you want to return it. You are told you can pay for the shipping of the chair you want to be returned and you will be reimbursed for it. But that doesn’t happen and you are left seething with anger. It’s blatant lying and cheating.

Chair Gym Doesn’t work – It’s really not that effective and a regular folding chair with the bands would do the trick for you otherwise.

Resistance Chair Pros and Cons

Problems with the design – While the chair itself is quite sturdy in spite of being lightweight, the problem lies in the plastic seat. It starts coming apart and breaking in several places after only a few uses.

Delivery and returns issues – The company takes its own sweet time to deliver the chair and when it arrives you might find that it’s already broken or there are parts that have come out. You want to return it but then you are charged shipping fees for that and end up spending money on a chair that’s not even well made.

More flexibility with resistance bands are needed – If you need weaker resistance bands because there has been nerve damage in your hand or because of any other reason, then you might be struggling because there’s no such option here. The resistance bands are a bit rigid when they are meant to offer you greater flexibility.

Compare Features: Chair Gym vs Resistance Chair

Chair Gym Features – To begin with Chair Gym gives you access to around 50 different exercises that not only build strength but flexibility and energy levels as well, according to its claims. This workout chair is very easy to set up and the good news is that it can be folded and stored away easily. You will also be pleased to find that there is adequate back support so that you can work out safely.

Resistance Chair Features – Resistance Chair stresses that it is packed with features including balance bar handle that offer support to legs while doing exercises standing behind the chair. The resistance anchor cable is for low impact resistance while the Anchor Assembly Base allows you to change resistance instantly. There is a detachable health step, which can be used as a foot rest and the removable backseat is ideal to get support for strength exercises. The Upper Activity Bay ensures that you can carry out a wide range of exercises including chest press, triceps extensions and more.

VerdictResistance Chair definitely has more features including the Upper Activity Bay, non-skid floor protectors, health step and a lot more, which makes it a winner in this category.

Compare Benefits: Chair Gym vs Resistance Chair

Chair Gym Benefits – If you have been looking to get into shape and improve flexibility but don’t have the time of the day to head to a gym then Chair Gym offers you a smart solution. What’s more, it only takes few minutes in a day to give you a complete body workout. There is a wide variety of exercises, which means things never get boring and your safety and convenience is taken into consideration at all times. Three levels of resistance ensure that you can customize your workout exactly according to your requirements.

Resistance Chair – Resistance Chair emphasizes that it’s your way to get a complete body workout from the comforts of your home. But since it’s portable, you can also take it with you wherever you go and never miss a workout. The different resistance levels in the chair mean you can get a precisely personalized workout. It is compact but at the same time it boasts of a heavy duty construction. As a result you know that you can work out conveniently and for a long time to come with the help of this chair.

VerdictResistance Chair definitely has more benefits for you thanks to its various exciting features and is the winner in this category too.

Compare Weight: Chair Gym vs Resistance Chair

Chair Gym – It weighs about 17 pounds.

Resistance Chair – It weighs about 30 pounds.

Verdict – Chair Gym is lighter and that’s a definite plus for older people for use at home, BUT Resistance Chair being heavier provides better stability as compared to Chair Gym and is suited for BIGGER users.

Compare Max User Weight Supported: Chair Gym vs Resistance Chair

Chair Gym – It supports user up to 350 lbs of weight

Resistance Chair – Max user weight it can sustain is 400 lbs

Verdict – When compare with the Chair Gym, Resistance Chair wins because it is capable of supporting more weight.

Compare Exercises: Chair Gym vs Resistance Chair

Chair Gym – It gives you access to over 50 different exercises that work on your strength, energy levels and flexibility too.

Resistance Chair – Resistance Chair lets you do a few dozen exercises that can work on various parts of your body and improve blood circulation, build strength and muscles too.

Verdict : Chair Gym CLAIMS to have a broader range of exercises, but this seems exaggerated

Compare Construction: Chair Gym vs Resistance Chair

Chair Gym – Not much info about the construction quality of the Chair Gym. They just mention Metal with padded seats. Looks cheap

Resistance Chair – It has been designed to be sturdy and durable enough to be used in gyms and wellness centres. It has metallic construction with padded seats.

VerdictResistance Chair looks sturdier and built to last thanks to its heavy duty construction. It’s the clear winner in this category.

Compare Back Support: Chair Gym vs Resistance Chair

Chair Gym – As you do the seated exercises, the double safety roll bars ensure that your back gets the support it needs.

Resistance Chair – Resistance Chair has a feature called Posture Prop, which quite simply is a removable back seat that offers you support for strength exercises.

Verdict – Resistance Chair has a special feature for back support and it seems to be quite effective. Resistance Chair is the winner here.

Compare Price: Chair Gym vs Resistance Chair

Chair Gym – It costs $149.75 and Ships free.

Resistance Chair – The Resistance Chair is expensive with a price tag of $279.65.

Verdict – Chair Gym is a lot cheaper than Resistance Chair exercise system. The latter however has more features and benefits that can be handy for those who want to get a complete body workout at home.

Compare What do I get? Chair Gym vs Resistance Chair

Chair Gym – One Chair Gym – no videos. You can checkout the Assembly and Exercise videos here.

Resistance Chair – With your Resistance Chair exercise system you get the Health Step Attachment, Posture Prop Back Support, starter set of Anchor Cables, Leisurely Living DVD, Strong Heart, Strong Body DVD and Owner’s Manual.

Verdict – Resistance Chair comes with a lot more in the box and wins this category.

2 thoughts on “Chair Gym vs Resistance Chair Review

  1. Does the resistant chair be able to use the twister seat for the abs work out? Has anyone tried using a twister abs seat on this?

  2. thank you for this comparison information. I didn’t know about the resistance chair, and it sounds like a more valuable product for my needs. As a disabled exercise enthusiast, I need something that offers similar benefits to the Total Gym for rehab. I don’t need extra hassle and cheap flimsy equipment. I know the pros & cons of a chair exercise system and can better make some decisions.

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