Ceramicore vs Cerafit

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Compare How it works, Features and Benefits: Ceramicore vs Cerafit


The promoters of Ceramicore proclaim it’s the ultimate 100% non-stick ceramic pan that guarantees a flawless cooking experience along with good health. It boasts of what they call the water lily effect i.e. the ceramic coating of the pan being completely impenetrable so there’s no flaking, no sticking and no burning. Ceramicore is termed as the greatest revolution on account of revolutionary features such as polished white non-stick ceramic surface, extra resistant handle, use of environmental friendly material and more. It promises oil-free cooking, compatibility with electric, ceramic, induction and gas hobs and ease of cleaning and lifetime durability.


Superlative non-stick cooking: Cerafit Gold Edition is a premium ceramic cookware set that promises matchless non-stick cooking experience. It features a solid stainless steel base for even heat distribution and the freedom to cook on any surface.


Superior advanced technology It claims that its cold compression technology binds together the components of stainless steel, industrial strength aluminum, and ceramic under 4000 pounds of pressure. When it’s wrapped with a proprietary gold outer coating in this state, it transforms into the perfect non-stick cookware that’s durable, robust and imperishable. It is also PFA free, able to withstand extreme heat while cooking and dishwasher safe.

Compare Reviews and Complaints: Ceramicore vs Cerafit

Ceramicore Review – Advantages and Disadvantages

Attractive looks – Ceramicore is a sleek, smart-looking ceramic pan that instantly wins you over its style and design. The glass lids it comes with are particularly notable for the elegant look they lend.


Screw supplied too short
The screw that is provided is short hence the handle it secures tight tends to comes loose. Moreover, the red coating it comes with is also thin and soon turns shabby.


Disappointing ceramic coating
The ceramic coating of Ceramicore is anything but thick, strong and durable. You realize that its ceramic coating is dismally thin when fried eggs, bacon and other food stuff stick to it and defeat the purpose.

Cerafit Review – Advantages and Disadvantages

Flawless cooking surface – Cerafit uses ceramic, the flawless non-stick cooking technology which ensures food won’t stick to the surface.


PFA free – The Cerafit is fully PFA free, which means you cook healthy and stay fit.


Short-term performance – The coating of Cerafit starts chipping off beginning at the edges. It shows scratch marks too, which means one cannot avail of the permanent non-stick coating it claims it provides.


Difficult to clean
You need to soak the cookware overnight to ensure that it’s clean properly after use.

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