Ceramicore Pan vs Stonewell Pan Review

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Ceramicore Pan complaints

Doesn’t live up to the claims
These pans are supposed to be non-stick and it’s their USP, but are they really non-stick? Not at all; after a few uses they get tarnished and the black stains seen on the so-called non-stick surface don’t come off.


The making of the pans is a problem
It’s particularly true of the handle that remains quite loose and shaky; in fact you have to tighten it before every use.


Not fat-free cooking
That’s what you are told and that might just be true of the first time you cook with the pan. But from the next time around not only do things start sticking but you need to use fat/oil every time. In fact if you look closely, even the instructions ask you to use some oil before cooking. Not the plan you had in mind for healthy eating.

Cleaning a hassle
Firstly, even plastic utensils mark the pan and its colour doesn’t last long. You are led to believe that you can clean the pan easily with a cloth but even after soaking it overnight, cleaning is a pain.


Waste of money
You can easily find cheaper pans that are actually non-stick rather than this one, which totally isn’t.

Stonewell Complaints/Cons/Disadvantages

Not ideal with a glass ceramic stovetop
Although the surface might have non-stick material in it, the problem lies at the bottom of the pan. A sharp metal ridge circles it and it’s in contact with your stovetop. You don’t notice it initially because of the packaging etc but you will notice the damage it does to the stovetop sooner rather than later.


False marketing
The website claims the pan to be ovenproof but if you call Big W to confirm that, you are told that it’s recommended not to be used in the oven.

Compare Features and benefits


  • Non-stick ceramic keeps food from sticking
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Oil-free cooking
  • High-quality Aluminium body
  • Ergonomic Bakelite handle
  • Heat-diffusing base distributes heat evenly throughout the pan
  • Heats up faster and retains heat much longer
  • Easy cleaning/Dishwasher safe
  • Can be used on gas hobs, electric, ceramic and induction


  • Healthy Cooking– Non Fat Frying (Without Oil or Fat)
  • Stone cooking for natural and traditional flavours of foods
  • Extremely durable
  • Allows you to cook at higher temperatures
  • Glass lid with built-in steam valve and Ergonomic Bakelite handle that stays cool
  • Hard and scratch-resistant coating
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Compatible with gas hobs, electric, ceramic and induction.

Compare What do I get & Price

  • 1 28 cm Pan + Glass Cover
  • 1 24 cm Pan + Glass Cover
  • 1 20 cm Pan

All this for just €79.95. Official website Ceramicore.TV



  • 1 x 24cm frying pan
  • 1 x 24cm lid
  • 1 x 28cm frying pan
  • 1 x 28cm lid
  • 1 x 20cm frying pan
  • Instructions Manual
  • 1 x V Slicer
  • 1 x 6 Piece Knife Set & Block

All this for just £79.99. Website JCMDirect.com


Is it easy to clean?
Ceramicore: Yes
Stonewell: Yes


Is it dishwasher safe?
Ceramicore: No, only hand-wash recommended.
Stonewell: Yes


What material is used to make cooking surface?
Ceramicore: It has a solid Ceramic coating on an aluminum base so it retains the heat.

Stonewell: The cooking surface has small stone particles that makes this frying pan stongest one thus stonewell heats up quickly and stays hot for long time.


What material is used to make handles?
Ceramicore: Bakelite
Stonewell: Bakelite


Does handles get hot when I cook?
Ceramicore: The ever-cool handle on CeramiCore keeps the heat in the pan and NOT in your hand!
Stonewell: The handle stays cool so the heat stays in the pan, and is gradually released to the food.


Is it oven safe?
Ceramicore: Yes, It’s resistant to high temperatures, so you can even use CeramiCore in the oven.

Stonewell: Yes, It is oven safe.


Does it create toxic vapors while heated?
Ceramicore: It does not release harmful fumes or toxins.
Stonewell: No, Stonewell does not create toxic PFOA vapors.


What material is used to make cooking surface?
Ceramicore: Solid ceramic coating on aluminum base for heat retention.
Stonewell: Small stone particles.


Compare Warranty
Ceramicore: Lifetime warranty
Stonewell: Lifetime warranty


Can use metal tools?
Ceramicore: Its not advised using steel wool or other abrasive metal materials.
Stonewell: Yes, you can use.


Can I cut foods in the pan?
Ceramicore: No
Stonewell: Food portions can be cut in the pan.


Where is it made?
Ceramicore: Poland
Stonewell: Germany


Can you cook without oil, butter and fats?
Ceramicore: Yes
Stonewell: Yes



How does it cook?
Ceramicore It has a heat diffusing base, which lets heat distribute evenly and it retains heat longer too.

Stonewell Aluminium base in Stonewell cooks quickly and the stone has amazing heat retention abilities, which means food gets cooked perfectly. The pan reduces heat to food and brings flavours out of it.


Compare How to clean it
Ceramicore: You should hand wash Ceramicore pans as dishwasher detergents damage the surface. You shouldn’t use cleaning powders, cake cleaners, steel wool or abrasive material including cleaning pads like Scotch Brite. You can wipe it with damp paper towel, or clean with soft sponge and warm soapy water before rinsing dry.

Stonewell: One clean up wipe can do the trick.


Compare cooking temperature
Ceramicore: Cooking temperature range 400ºC / 750ºF
Stonewell: It can be used in the oven till 350 degrees F or 180 degrees C. But you need to remember to never put a hot pan in cold water because it can crack the cookware coating.


Compare Features and Benefits
Ceramicore The ceramic surface is non stick and lets you cook oil free. It’s made using environmentally friendly material and the aluminium body is of superior quality. The Bakelite handle has been ergonomically designed and the heat diffusing base ensures that heat is evenly distributed through the pan. Works on all types of hobs and gas and it is dishwasher safe too.

You can cook in a healthy way and fry without any added fat. It also cooks delicious food because it brings out natural flavours. It’s very durable and lets you cook at high temperatures. There’s an in built valve in the glass lid and the Bakelite handle is ergonomically designed; it stays cool to touch. Works with different types of hobs, is dishwasher safe and the surface is hard and scratch resistant.


What is it made from
Ceramicore A solid ceramic coating on an aluminium alloy base so that the heat is retained. The pans don’t scratch, burn, dent or flake.

Stonewell This 24 cm non-stick griddle pan is made using die cast aluminium and is perfect for light and healthy cooking.

2 thoughts on “Ceramicore Pan vs Stonewell Pan Review

  1. I purchased a three piece ceramicore set and a set of knives. Delivery came within ten days but was not complete the knives were missing. I have tried to retrieve a receipt without success and the items were sent from Ceramicore.TV The pans also are sticking and some follow up counseling would be appreciated.” Where are the Knives I paid for?

  2. Stonewell will not work on an induction cooktop due to being made from aluminium, if a magnet sticks the base then a pan can be used on an induction cooktop, I would suggest you remove induction from your advertising if this is the case.

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