Cerafit Vs Stonedine

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Compare what does it do?

Cerafit – – Cerafit GOLD Ceramic Cookware is non stick, dishwasher safe cookware meant to make your cooking tasks a lot easier. It brings the best of ceramic and non-stick technology for those who are passionate about cooking. The highlight of this cookware is the surface, which is said to be indestructible. It also has a solid stainless steel base, which ensures that heat is distributed evenly while cooking. Cold Compression technology comes into play as well bringing components of stainless steel, industrial grade aluminium and ceramic together under 4000 pounds of pressure. Exclusive gold outer coating is then finally used to wrap it to make it extremely durable.


Stonedine – Safe and reinforced stone coating is at the heart of this cookware and is what makes it so tough. It lets you cook healthy without fats and oils while keeping flavours of food intact. Food is cooked perfectly and quickly, which saves you time. Since the surface is non stick there is no mess while cooking or to clean up later. 4.5 mm thick magnetized stainless steel plate base ensures even distribution of heat and that there are no hot spots. And since there are no chemicals it’s incredibly safe for use.

Compare how does it work?

Cerafit – Even distribution of heat due to the solid stainless steel coating means food is cooked to perfection. Components like stainless steel, industrial grade aluminium and ceramic brought together under 4000 pounds of pressure with the Cold Compression Technology in addition to the exclusive gold outer coating make it quite durable.


Stonedine – It has Stainless Steel, glass, aluminium and 4.5 mm magnetized stainless steel plate base that lets you have restaurant quality food at home. Even heat distribution on a surface that’s like hot stone ensures that flavoursome food is cooked quickly and more efficiently.

Is it safe?

Cerafit – – It’s supposed to work with electric, gas, ceramic and induction ranges and meant to be stovetop safe up to 450 degree Celsius.


Stonedine – – According to Federal Food Drug And Cosmetic Act and requisite FDA regulations the coating is said to be safe in contact with food.

Does it contain Teflon?

Cerafit – – It’s ceramic PFOA free cookware with non-stick properties.


Stonedine – – Instead of Teflon or similar substances seen in different cookware, Stonedine has micro particles of stone.

What is it made of?

Cerafit – – For starters, there’s the stainless steel base. It also contains components of stainless steel, industrial strength aluminium, and ceramic that are bonded together under 4000 pounds of pressure using cold compression technology. Finally proprietary gold outer coating is wrapped around it to create virtually indestructible cookware.


Stonedine – Microscopic particles of stone are put through a special process to create a ultra-hard non-stick coating. This Reinforced Stone Coating is resistant to abrasions and is quite durable. It’s also integrated well with the underlying substrate materials, which ensures even distribution of heat through it.

Is it toxic?

Cerafit – – Stainless steel is considered to be a better option than Aluminium cookware because of its low reactivity. Since hardened steel is used here, no particles are transferred to food.


Stonedine – – Perfluorooctanoic acids (PFOAs) often get used in manufacturing of non-stick coatings. They can be toxic and come with their own set of risks. But StoneDine has a micro stone coating which is naturally non-stick and it is certified PFOA-free.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Cerafit – – Although the pan can be cleaned in dishwasher, results are better when it is hand washed. It can be wiped clean with soft tissue if it’s not been used for frying etc. Use of scouring pads and strong cleaning products should be avoided.


Stonedine – – Since detergents don’t react well with non stick surfaces, it’s advisable to keep it away from the dishwasher. However cleaning it is as easy as using a paper towel. If thorough cleaning is desired then a nylon brush or Scotchbrite type of cleaning pad can be used.

Is it heavy?

Cerafit – – No information.


Stonedine – – Its special coating makes it durable and tough but it’s not heavy at all. It might be slightly heavier than normal cookware but it doesn’t seem to be a huge bother for arthritic hands too.

Where is it made?

Cerafit – – No information.


Stonedine – – Germany

Does it have to be seasoned?

Cerafit – – Oiling the ceramic-coating frequently and definitely after dishwasher use is recommended.


Stonedine – – There is some amount of seasoning required for the pans for them work anywhere close to one’s expectations.

Does the coating give out fumes?

Cerafit – In this case the ceramic coating is attached to the metal with Italian cold pressing method. Hence the cookware is durable, scratch resistant and can withstand high temperatures (up to 450 ° C) without any problem.


Stonedine – – According to Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and all applicable regulations from FDA, this cookware is approved for use in contact with food.

What cooking surfaces can it be used on?

Cerafit – – Stove, gas hob, electric cooker, ceramic and induction hob.


Stonedine – – Practically all stovetop surfaces like gas, electric, ceramic and induction.

Does it work with an oven and at what temperature?

Cerafit – – No information.


Stonedine – – It is safe up to 350 degrees F. But hot cookware should never be placed in cold water instantly as it can crack the non stick surface.

How should it be cleaned?

Cerafit – – Before first use, ceramic surface should be oiled and the pan heated up to high temperature till oil is burned off. It can then be wiped clean, which should be followed after every use. Regular washing up liquid and soft cloth or brush can be used for cleaning under running warm water. After using the pan for frying, cleaning can be done with soft tissue. Scouring pads and aggressive detergents should not be used. While it can be cleaned in the dishwasher, hand cleaning gives better results.


Stonedine – – Cleaning with paper towel is enough but Scotchbrite kind of pad or nylon brush can be used for thorough cleaning. It shouldn’t be cleaned in dishwasher because detergents tend to ruin non stick surfaces.

Can it cook without oil, fat and butter?

Cerafit – – It’s supposed to help cook without oil, fat and butter so that one can eat healthy. Since food gets cooked quickly energy is saved too.


Stonedine – – It is meant to let one cook without oil, butter or fat and still nothing sticks. Food is browned from the outside and cooked to perfection in a healthy manner, according to its claims.

Compare Price

Cerafit: – £99.99 + £6.99 P&P.


Stonedine: – $299.97 + $27.75 S & H.

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