Cerafit Cookware vs Flavorstone Cookware

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Compare Features: Cerafit Cookware vs Flavorstone Cookware

Cerafit Cookware

Cerafit is a combination of non-stick technology using ceramic, stainless steel base and high-grade aluminum wrapped with a gold coating to provide a lifelong durable cookware. With its non-stick ability and flexibility of use on any induction, it provides the most healthy food and while doing so saves energy too.

Flavorstone Cookware

Flavorstone cookware are known for their effective non-stick capabilities. This is due to the proprietary Sapphire surface that provides amazing non-stick ability and is scratch-resistant to ensure the food can be cooked with little or no oil. The heat distribution also takes place evenly ensuring there are no hot spots.

Compare REVIEWS: Cerafit Cookware vs Flavorstone Cookware

Cerafit Reviews and Complaints

Cerafit gold edition is a highly interesting cookware and many individuals have found it beneficial. There have been claims that it cooks food better due to the use of ceramic and does provide non-stick attribute for most food items. But there have been many complaints regarding its performance over a period of time and the non-stick attribute being temporal. Also, there are complaints regarding the precautions stated in the commercials as it can chip if it is bumped with metal. Compared to other non-stick pans it’s also reviewed to be much costlier and unworthy of the price placed upon it.

Flavorstone Reviews and Complaints

Flavorstone’s proprietary technology claims to provide a surface that is non-sticky. There have been complaints regarding the same to the effect that the non-sticky nature of Flavorstone does not last for a long time. Some people even have experiences where its ability to be non-stick has gone away in just over few weeks. It requires Silicone utensils to be used instead of metal utensils on the surface. Even if it works fine with all the features the size in the commercials can be deceiving and the 24cm pan can hardly hold food for the entire family that includes 3 members.

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