Cebria vs Prevagen vs Procera vs Focus Factor Review

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Compare what is it? Cebria vs Prevagen vs Procera vs Focus Factor

What is Cebria : Cebria is a supplement that has a proprietary blend of Neuropeptides that claims to help you with age related memory loss and boost your short term memory. If you have been feeling forgetful and find it difficult to remember things, then it can be the right solution for you.

What is Prevagen : It is a natural protein supplement, which claims to offer you a way around mild memory problems that are caused because of aging. It asserts that it can lead to healthier brain, sharper mind and clearer thinking.

What is Procera : Quite simply, Procera is a doctor developed brain booster and memory enhancer that claims to offer you respite from aging related woes. Have you been having trouble remembering things or focusing? Procera emphasizes that it is a natural solution for all memory loss issues caused by aging.

What is Focus Factor : Focus Factor is a supplement, which maintains that it can boost your brain health and help you in case you are suffering from memory loss caused by aging. These issues can become the bane of your existence and affect the quality of your life after a certain age. Focus Factor asserts that it is a solution for that, which can be followed quite easily on a regular basis.

Compare how does it work? Cebria vs Prevagen vs Procera vs Focus Factor

How does Cebria work? : Cebria asserts that it is effective because it is a special blend of Neuropeptides, which is responsible for fostering neurons that increase the connections in the brain. What happens is that with age the production of Neuropeptides in your body diminishes, which affects your memory. Cebria is a product of extensive, two decade long research carried out to assure you results you want.

How does Prevagen work? : One has to understand that with aging we start losing proteins that support our brain. Prevagen claims to supplement them and contains a patented ingredient called Apoaequorin. It is a special kind of protein that was first found in a certain type of jellyfish and it is what your brain needs to function in the best possible way even with the onslaught of aging. Scientists have taken this thought and carried out deep research to create Prevagen supplement, according to its claims.

How does Procera work? : To begin with, Procera contains active ingredients that have been known to have benefits for brain health in over 50 years of cumulative research. They work together to ensure that your brain cells are oxygenated so as to revitalize your mind. Your brain is also protected from the impact of toxins and free radicals. Moreover it restores the diminished neurotransmitters to leave your brain sharper. Clinical studies have shown that the ingredients used in Procera can together work wonders for your brain’s overall health.

How does Focus Factor work? : Focus Factor contains patent pending ingredients, which support memory, concentration and focus. Beta-carotene like the one found in raw vegetables is present in it and it’s important because it gives you carotenoids. Quality version of Vitamin-E is used besides six different types of Vitamin C and magnesium from malate, citrate and taurinate. There are various other neuro-boosters present in the proprietary supplement and they work together in tandem to ensure that you fight memory loss and gain focus.

Compare Side Effects: Cebria vs Prevagen vs Procera vs Focus Factor

Cebria Side Effects : Cebria is effective because of its Neuropeptides like arginine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, phenyl alanine, lysine. But you have to remember that they contain lactose; hence if you are intolerant to milk you should avoid it. Phenyl alanine it has means it should be avoided in phenylketonurics. Flushing, stomach pain, headaches are some of the side effects it can lead to.

Prevagen Side Effects : In a letter to the company, the FDA mentioned not reporting “Adverse events likе seizures, strokes, аnd worsening symptoms оf Multiple Sclerosis thаt hаd bееn reported tо уоur firm, аѕ bеing аѕѕосiаtеd with thе uѕе оf Prevagen products” to the Government. According to the FDA, based on reports about the supplement to the company, fainting, tremors and chest pains are other side effects that can occur.

Procera Side Effects : According to some reviews, people have seen a rise in their blood pressure after taking the supplement. Severe arthritic condition all over the body was also reported in one instance. Moreover the claims of the ingredients having benefits for your memory seem to be not genuine and followed up by any studies.

Focus Factor Side Effects : Although there have been no reports of any significant side effects of the supplement, there are some issues that have been mentioned by users. In fact, according to some reviews, the use of Focus Factor can lead to gastric upset.

Compare Pros and Cons: Cebria vs Prevagen vs Procera vs Focus Factor

Cebria Reviews and Complaints : Tom who used Cebria complained in his review that it made him feel hazy and he just didn’t feel like himself at the end of it.

Elaine who tried Cebria exposed in her review that it was a complete waste of her money because it didn’t make any difference to her memory.

Sophie who reviewed Cebria reveals in her review that if you have GERD or reflux then you might want to stay away from it even if you take it after a meal because you will be caused a lot of pain.

Peach who tried Cebria complains about the ingredient phenylalnine. It’s the same ingredient in Equal and is not looked at favorably by experts.

Larry who tried Cebria mentions in his review that the product works and he has been taking it for over three months. He adds that he is more focused and his short term memory has improved. But he acknowledges the problem that the supplement could be highly addictive. He says that if he forgets to take the pill for a day or two his head starts pounding very badly, which is a bit like caffeine withdrawal. He wishes that he could stop taking it but that leads to headaches and wonders if there’s caffeine in the supplement, which could be the cause of headaches.


Prevagen Reviews and Complaints : Nicola who tried Prevagen exposes in her review that it contains artificial sweetener and that might not be what you are looking for at all. It clearly mentions in the list of ingredients; FD+C Red No 40, which is nothing but an artificial sweetener.

Simpson who used Prevagen complained in his review that he has gone through five bottles already and hasn’t seen any improvement whatsoever. He states that he still forgets things as he did before and Prevagen hasn’t changed anything for him. Hence there is no point having any high expectations from it. It also seems a bit pricey, which is a huge waste of money, especially since results don’t come.

Rob who tried Prevagen claimed in his review that it didn’t work well at all. It’s also expensive and if the objective is to help people then it should have been more affordable and accessible.

John who used Prevagen said in his review that it helped his wife to an extent and hopes that over long term use it will make a difference.


Procera Reviews and Complaints : Bill who tried Procera complains in his review that it has led to headaches for him. Since he rarely has headaches, he attributes it to the side effects of this supplement. According to him, the headaches are quite similar to those caused by eating something that has MSG.

Karen who used Procera exposes in her review that the capsules are too big to swallow. That’s the reason she found a way to break open the supplement and try to get the powdery substance in. She believes that maybe that’s why she is not seeing maximum benefits out of it; however there is some positive difference that it has made to her memory. She just wishes that the capsules were smaller and easier to take.


Focus Factor Reviews and Complaints : It has been seen that there are several users who have complained about Focus Factor and some of the side effects it can cause. Gastric upset is one such problem that can be caused after taking the supplement.


Compare Features and Benefits: Cebria vs Prevagen vs Procera vs Focus Factor

Cebria Features and Benefits
• It maintains that it can help you fight age related issues include memory loss, fuzziness, brain fog and more.
• With Cebria you can restore your short term memory, think faster and also protect your memory, according to its claims.
• It’s manufactured in pharmaceutical grade GMP compliant facilities and made using certified pure ingredients.
• Another advantage of using Cebria is that it doesn’t contain any yeast, herbs, gluten, fats or purine.


Prevagen Features and Benefits
• Prevagen stresses that with this simple addition to your daily life, you will make sure that your brain is healthier, your mind sharper and you are also able to protect your memory.
• It also has a positive impact on your focus and concentration, so that you are at the top of your game at all times.
• The good news is that it has shown clinically proven results, which should put your mind at rest.
• It is made in the US, which also says a lot about its overall quality. You are also assured that it is safe and effective for your use.


Procera Features and Benefits
• It is a one stop solution for everything from brain fog to forgetfulness, lack of focus, mental fatigue and mood swings too, according to its claims.
• Procera is a clinically tested pill that can also improve your mental clarity, focus and concentration. It also sharpens your mental quickness and thinking.
• Importantly it’s considered to be a new and natural solution for you, which is just what you want.


Focus Factor Features and Benefits
• It insists that it can improve your memory while your brain function is enhanced as well.
• Focus Factor also claims to come handy when it’s about adding to your attention span.
• It can build brain connections and is considered to be safe, natural, convenient and of course an effective solution for aging-related memory problems.

Compare Ingredients: Cebria vs Prevagen vs Procera vs Focus Factor

Cebria Ingredients : Lactose, Glutamic Acid, Lysine, Leucine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Serine, Phenylalaninet, Valine, Threonine, Tyrosine, Isoleucine, Histidine, Methionine, Tryptophan are the main ingredients of its proprietary blend.

Prevagen Ingredients : Apoaequorin is the active ingredient in Prevagen. It is a well known protein found in certain types of Jellyfish and supports brain health. Prevagen is made with a vegetarian capsule and non-allergenic inactive ingredients including gluten-free rice flour filler.

Procera Ingredients : Procera is a product of extensive research and contains ingredients that have been known to improve brain health, sharpness and focus for a long time now. It emphasizes that these ingredients are natural and offer you best benefits together.

Focus Factor Ingredients : Beta-carotene, Vitamin E from soybean, six different forms of Vitamin C, magnesium from sources like malate, citrate and taurinate, neuro-boosters, Botanical extracts like Bacopa, Huperzine and Vinpocetine, DHA, which is a crucial Omega fatty acid are some of the important ingredients in Focus Factor.

8 thoughts on “Cebria vs Prevagen vs Procera vs Focus Factor Review

  1. My husband takes Procera AVH (3 daily) and is happy with the results. I take Procera “Memory Support” (1 daily). I’m interested in Focus Factor and wonder if it would be similar or as good, as the Memory Support which is considerably more expensive. Any advice?

  2. Absoute and total nonsense is Prevegen. The original formula used Jelly fish protein. As of 2012, it’s artificially made by man. So not even the original product.

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