Breville Halo vs T-fal actifry | Compare T-fal Actifry & Breville Halo

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Breville Halo Health Fryer VDF065

This fryer lets you make chips and a whole lot more with minimum amount of oil. The halogen heating element is one of its highlights and ensures that there is no pre-heating required for cooking. The light also enables you to view the food being cooked so that you stay on top of things and digital controls make things further easier.

This fryer has many other features meant for your convenience like the rotating paddle that mixes ingredients for you. It’s the paddle in tandem with the special bowl design that ensures that you can not only cook chips in a healthy manner but make fish, veggie and fruit dishes as well. It has a dual height rack that helps while cooking meats and it doubles up as a reversible roasting rack. As a result foods can be raised to drain off excess oils. It makes sense when cooking greasy items like burgers, steaks and sausages.


Tefal Actifry

It’s a fryer that can be used to cook things in a healthy manner with minimum oil. All you have to do is add your ingredients and let it cook away. It can do that because of the mixing paddle that gently and constantly stirs food. It also has a steam free lid and viewing window, which lets you view your food while it’s cooking.

Tefal Actifry lets you cook with one spoon of oil and eat your favourite foods the healthy way. It also ensures that food is cooked evenly every time. Another advantage of using this fryer is that it is very easy to clean, which saves you a lot of hassle.


Breville Halo Health Fryer VDF065 Reviews/Complaints


Healthy Way to Cook: The Halo with a halogen heating element and a removable rotating bowl & paddle comes with a reversible roasting rack which makes your cooking, baking, sautéing and roasting healthy and delicious at the same time.


Less Energy Consumption: This fryer is insightfully developed with innovative technology to meet all your frying needs and reduces the time you spend in the kitchen. Apart from your healthy cooking it consumes 60% less energy then the oven which is a bonus for sure.


Easy Clean Up: After your heavy cooking usually cleaning is a huge task but the Breville Halo Health Fryer VDF065 is designed in such a way that cleaning is hardly a chore.


Poor Design: Breville Halo Health Fryer VDF065 with its badly designed paddle could get your food ripped up and broken down into small crumbs just after about 8 – 10 minutes of cooking. Here the chips get mashed by the paddle itself. This disaster is definitely due to the poor design which is the gap between the base of the arm on which the paddle itself sits and the cooking bowl.


Poor Quality: The quality of materials used is poor and shortens the life of the fryer. The problem usually faced is with the circulation fan that usually breaks or is just too noisy.


T-fal Actifry Reviews/Complaints


Low Fat Multi Cooker: T-fal Actifry is a unique kitchen appliance engineered with innovative heat-pulse that promises to make your favorite dish healthier and tastier with little or even with no oil.


Chips without Fried Smells All Over: It does not let out any of the horrible oil vapors that usually settle on everything. It makes the horrible sight of left over oil a thing of the past.


Easy to Clean: The unique design make cleaning up real easy as the pan comes out easily and it is even dishwasher proof. With a touch of a button the lid of the pan detaches making it easy to clean.


Beware Of Smoke and Fire: Tefal Actifry may cook healthy but if faulty or old it beigins to melt and will emit black smoke from the back of the machine that could be dangerous for sure. There are cases where it catches fire too.


Poor Quality: Poor quality of Tefal Actifry is a real cause for concern as the plastic looking materials used in this can break and crack easily even after a minimum usage. Though it is dishwasher proof you better think twice before you put this fragile piece in the dishwasher.


Good for Couples: Though it says you can cook for 4 in actifry the truth is that it does enough for two at most. As it takes 35 to 40 mins to do another load it’s not going to help you feed the multitudes.

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