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Compare What is it: Breville Boss vs Vitamix

What is Breville Boss? – It is a sleek blender that boasts of advanced features such as high velocity ProKinetix blade and bowl system. It is notable for its ability to pulverize any variety and combinations of ingredients finely.

What is Vitamix 6300? – It claims it whips up an array of juices and recipes by processing whole-food ingredients quickly and flawlessly. It features three pre-programmed settings for smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts that provide the perfect consistency to anything you like to relish.

What is Vitamix Professional Series 500? – It’s a versatile blender that promises to treat you to professional standard recipes, juices, smoothies and more by chopping, creaming, blending, heating and doing a lot more with a single machine.

What is Vitamix 7500? – It is a blender with modern looks, fabulous controls and remarkable features. It functions with special ultra-sharp Variable Speed Dial and Pulse feature that treat your food with unmatched precision.

What is Vitamix Professional Series 750 features quieter operations though it is a commercial grade heavy-duty machine. It features 5 pre-programmed settings that claim to offer you consistent smoothies, desserts and soups and purees, apart from the pre-programmed functions – it has 10 manual speed settings. The 750 Professional Blender features a ultra responsive speed dial which combined with the PULSE function promises to chop and mix ingredients to correct proportion.

Compare How does it work? Breville Boss vs Vitamix

How does Breville Boss Blender work? – It’s a high velocity blender that employs ProKintetix folding action along with 12 speeds variable manual controls. It pulverizes any ingredient combinations to turn them into finest particles.


How does Vitamix 6300 work?
It operates with three pre-programmed settings and uses a 2-peak horsepower motor to blend ingredients at a speed of up to 240 mph.

How does Vitamix Professional Series 500 work?
An accomplished blender that operates with a 2-peak horsepower motor which propels blades up to 240 mph.

How does Vitamix 7500 work?
It works with a powerful motor supported by an intelligently responsive Variable Speed Dial and Pulse feature. It offers the convenience of intuitive controls to make your work easier and quicker.

How does Vitamix 750 work?
The powerful and durable Vitamix 750 has a 2.2-peak HP motor that offers outstanding performance and versatility. This commercial-grade machine can chop, cream, blend, heat, grind, churn, and more. On top of it the Vitamix 750 self-cleans with just warm water and some soap and run it for about 30 seconds. The Vitamix 750 comes with a full 7-year warranty. There is no compromise with the quality, your Vitamix 750 Professional blender comes with Sanoprene Brand Rubber Lid, features stainless steel design, Stainless Steel laser-cut Blades and all the parts that come in contact with the food are BPA-free. Whats more, it comes with a brushed stainless steel base, and a handy built-in cord storage, non-slip handle.

Compare Features and Benefits: Breville Boss vs Vitamix

Breville Boss Features and Benefits
Advanced features like high velocity ProKinetix blade and bowl system, one touch functions including the world’s first ‘Green Smoothie’ function, variable speeds and more render it an appliance par excellence. It packs loads of nutrients in the green smoothies, hot soup, sorbets, hummus, nut butters and other varieties it whips up.

Vitamix 6300 Features and Benefits – It features three pre-programmed settings, variable Speed Dial and Pulse feature. It comes with a spill-proof, vented lid with plug along with easy grip and ergonomically-designed handle. It prepares a range of mouth-watering nutrients-rich recipes and beverages out of whole-food ingredients.

Vitamix Professional Series 500 Features and Benefits – This Vitamix version features three pre-programmed settings, Variable Speed Dial and Pulse feature. It also has soft grip, ergonomically crafted handle and the design that allows you to carry it around easily.

Vitamix 7500 Features and Benefits – Its powerful motor, Variable Speed Dial and Pulse feature along with advanced design and flawless controls figure as its highlights. It is compact, offers the convenience of preparing smoothies, hot soups, and frozen drinks in a single machine and offers a pool of recipes through community support.

Vitamix 750 Features and Benefits – We have covered all the features of the Vitamix 750 earlier sections, now lets talk about its benefits. Makes smoothies, desserts, and HOT soups with just a press of button. The shorter and wider 64 oz. jar fits on most countertop and under cabinets. With 5 pre-programmed functions, 10 manual speed settings and the PULSE features the Vitamix 750 is capable of blending ingredients like coffee beans, ice and even leafy greens like kale. The powerful motor of the 750 model claims to be 40% quieter than other Vitamix models. Summary – The Vitamix 750 model is NON NONSENSE power-packed machine that does what it says it does.


Compare Wattage: Breville Boss vs Vitamix

Breville Boss Wattage – 2200 watts

Vitamix 6300 – 1380 watts

Vitamix Professional Series 500 – 1400 Watts

Vitamix 7500 – 1440 watts

Compare Horsepower: Breville Boss vs Vitamix

Breville Boss – 3 HP motor

Vitamix 6300 – 2-peak horsepower motor

Vitamix Professional Series 500 – 2-peak HP motor

Vitamix 7500 – 2.2 peak HP motor

Compare Motor Speed (RPM): Breville Boss vs Vitamix

Breville Boss – Not mentioned

Vitamix 6300 – 1,600 to 23,000

Vitamix Professional Series 500 – 37,000 RPM

Vitamix 7500 – 37,000 RPM

Compare Blades: Breville Boss vs Vitamix

Breville Boss – Patented high velocity ProKinetix stainless steel blades that are extra long and versatile. Also features central blades that crush, chop and also fold to aerate.

Vitamix 6300, Vitamix Professional Series 500 & Vitamix 7500 feature Laser-cut, stainless-steel hammermill and cutting blades.

Compare Speed Settings: Breville Boss vs Vitamix

Breville Boss – Manual speed control of 12 speeds that allow switching between slow stir to high speed mill function.

Vitamix 6300 – Variable 10 speed control to choose from

Vitamix Professional Series 500 – Variable Speed Dial feature offers low to high speed settings

Vitamix 7500 – Ranges from 1 to 10 (low to high) facilitated by Variable Speed Dial.

Compare Material: Breville Boss vs Vitamix

Breville Boss – Made of BPA-Free material. Includes components like BPA-Free Tritan jug, heavy duty die-cast metal base and more.

Vitamix 6300, Vitamix Professional Series 500 and Vitamix 7500 is made from BPA-Free Eastman Tritan copolyester

Compare Safety Features: Breville Boss vs Vitamix

Breville Boss Safety Features – BPA-free construction guarantees safety. NSF certified too.

Vitamix 6300 – Safety f BPA-Free Eastman Tritan copolyester guaranteed. Also offers thermal protection system.

Vitamix Professional Series 500 – Use of BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester and thermal protection system guarantees complete safety.

Vitamix 7500 – Total safety on account of use of BPA-free material and thermal protection system.

Compare Cooling Fan: Breville Boss vs Vitamix

Breville Boss – Not mentioned

All the Vitamix models feature a Radial cooling fan

Compare Noise:

Breville Boss – Not very noisy

Vitamix 6300 – Relatively quiet

Vitamix Professional Series 500 – Not too noisy

Vitamix 7500 – Much quieter.

Vitamix 750 – Quieter than the 7500

Compare Reviews: Breville Boss vs Vitamix

Breville Boss REVIEW

Lucas, a user who bought Breville Boss reveals that Breville has a fantastic range of appliances but this particular blender disappoints in its functioning. It works fine for all the basic blending but is not at all good when it comes to making smoothies easily. Instead the user had to make it way thinner to even use it else the blades spin like an empty blender. Also frozen fruits are to be cut before using which again is an additional chore. For the money it costs, Lucas found it to be a below average blender.

Another customer Martin who used Breville Boss says that it works very well for all the functions and bought it particularly for making smoothies. The blender generally is good at breaking down food items but may require pulsing especially while getting the chunks of solid food items blended in. Smoothies made from kale and similar food item may have tiny unblended bits left. But Martin finds Breville Boss highly satisfying and loves the self-cleaning function. Few users had the problem of Breville Boss having a tight lid but Martin, in his review says the tight fit is advantageous in keeping the liquid inside it intact. Plus, the lid is not as tought to take off as many other reviews claim.

Samuel, a customer who purchased Breville Boss complains that it lacks good blender qualities. As opposed to other Breville appliances, this particular blender falls flat on its promises and highly disappoints in its functioning. The first experiment to make zucchini soup by Samuel turned out to be dissatisfying. Firstly the user had to steam the vegetables before use. The sound made by Breville Boss was too loud and there was a burning rubber smell. Despite the soup being well blended there was a burnt rubber smell and taste that was deeply embedded in it. According to the user for the price it comes for, Breville Boss absolutely is not worth buying.

Major, a user who used Breville Boss on the other hand reveals that the blender works beautifully for all blending purposes including smoothie making. It has the power to pulverize even toughest of seeds with ease. It is a bit loud due to its driving power but is not annoying or useless. Over all, McCoy says that it is quality purchase that works well with high-quality material and will even last for a long time.

Vitamix 7500 Review

Vitamix 7500 user Juan reviewed it and says that at the max setting it makes a loud noise and shakes while blending. Although it does function decently at this setting and the results were ok as per the user. For regular food items, blending happens in a satisfactory way but while using it for making coconut milk, grinding meat and mixing very stiff batter there is a strong motor burning smell. Juan says that the ingredients get lost at the bottom of its wide shape and is disadvantageous if you are not blending a large amount. It needs constant pause and pushing the ingredients in the middle with a custom spatula as the mixing stick isn’t beneficial at all due to its shorter length. Another user, Brenda who purchased Vitamix 7500 reveals that her need was to make green and fruit smoothies. The blender is high powered and can handle great deal of food items. But the concern Brenda had was the tiny black specks on the smoothie. These tiny particles are of Teflon and Vitamix creators are aware of it. Yet there are no actions that have taken place to stop such a harmful appliance. It is quite harmful and users who use Vitamix 7500 should be aware of such a problem. It is not expected from any appliance especially one which comes for such a high price.

Vitamix 750 Review

Jacob used Vitamix 750 and reveals that it is quite a powerful machine. Even though it produces amazing result there are certain disadvantages mentioned by the user. Firstly it makes a loud noise while operating that can be related as using a jack hammer and produces foul smell when used at a high speed. A lot of food gets wasted because scooping it out from the container is not an easy task. Overall it is not worth the high price is comes for. Gabriel, who bought Vitamix 750 reveals that there are different models of the blender available and suggests to purchase the newest model that has vents on the side and not at the bottom. The user also states Vitamix’s suggestion and assurance that says it has a new seal to prevent black flakes from its seal to get released into the food. The other problem the customer faced was trying to get of the customer care service. It is difficult to get hold of them and receive appropriate help. The blender works well averagely but makes a lot of noise which may not be good for people living in condos or apartments. The machine is quite powerful but gets heated fast. This is why there is a need of lot of ice during the juicing process. Gabriel advises to get the wider shorter jar for easy cleaning and storage. Another user, Owen who used Vitamix 750 found it to be a good blender but complains of its high cost and space requirements. The user suggests using Omega juicer for juicing and using Vitamix 750 for grinding dry products that do not get affected by high heat.

One thought on “Breville Boss vs Vitamix 6300 | 500 | 750 | 7500 | 5200

  1. Breville Boss is very loud — too loud. Also I noticed it has a burning smell. Knowing that Vitamix and Blendtec have had issues with gaskets/seals breaking down and getting into the containers (and food), I was not prepared to take a chance on the Boss. The noise alone was enough to keep me from taking it seriously, but then I read reviews where some said smoothies had chunks in them. Breville needs to do some homework and improve this. I like their other products but will pass until they improve the Boss.

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