Brainetics vs Fun with Figures vs Vedic Math vs Kumon Review

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Brainetics is the fun way of exploring your brain’s true potential and it works on three different levels to ensure that you are led to the path of becoming a genius.

Master Skills is where you gain the ability to master learning skills including focus and ways to think out of the box, things that you rarely learn in schools. You also hone your memory, organization skills and problem solving capabilities, which can be found missing in traditional learning setups.

Two different parts of your mind are trained so that they can work in cohesion and independently at the same time. One part can memorize the information, which is processed and analyzed by the other. Thus your mind learns more efficiently and it makes a huge difference to kids throughout their academic lives.

It’s a lot of fun; which means kids won’t get bored with it and they can make the most out of it on their own or learn with the whole family.

About Fun With Figures

Anyone who’s facing difficulty with Math can benefit from Fun With Figures, which offers you clever short cuts so that you are able to do mental math on your own. It’s a proven system that lets you calculate in your head and you will start seeing results as soon as you use it.
Some of the brilliant benefits and features of this system are
• The ability to multiply two digit numbers within no time in your head.
• Check your change instantly and you will never be found wanting.
• Let go of traditional right to left calculation methods and unravel the magic of calculating from left to right.
• You can use one number to check your bills and find an easy way to deal with fractions too.
• You will also develop a smart approach to multiplication and subtraction, which shouldn’t be tricky.
• Also figure out 11 simple words that will make long divisions very simple.
With this system you can do the math for yourself.

About Kumon Math

Now your kids can have an efficient way of learning math in Kumon Math, which was created by Toru Kumon, a father and a maths teacher, who clearly understood the needs of kids.

This program works because it has assignments that let your kids have a comprehensive understanding of maths. There are different worksheets that help with different maths concepts and also boost children’s mental calculation abilities and problem solving skills while they learn to reason as well.

With this program your kids will get a head start as they will have a solid platform built for them. Not only will it help your kids comprehend maths concepts but it will also help them do better in their class. Moreover you can let your kids have a strong foundation, which they can benefit from in high school and when they are dealing with advanced mathematics in the future.

About Vedic Math

The Vedic system for mathematics is significantly different from the conventional maths system, which can become the bane of your existence. With Vedic Math you can explore the system that can make things a lot easier for you through some of its brilliant features:
• Coherence: The entire system is interrelated making it easy to follow and you can also enjoy and innovate.
• While conventional method only offers you one way of doing things, children’s creativity is nourished through different ways that can be used in the Vedic System and special methods that can be applied in special cases.
• Due to the simple system, math can be done mentally, which doesn’t make things rigid for kids and they can device their own methods and strategies.
• Kids are naturally creative and this system is the perfect fodder for them so that they can learn innovatively.
• Irrespective of your maths skills you will find that this system appeals to you.
• It boosts the agility of mind, which has far reaching impact on your problem solving abilities and it’s also a lot of fun.
• It’s also efficient and has its applications in algebra too.

Compare features and benefits:

Brainetics Features

  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide complex problems in your head!
  • Identify complex patterns in numbers.
  • Improve your memory, concentration and math skills.
  • Feel your confidence soar!
  • Award-winning System that everyone is talking about.
  • Available on DVDs

Fun with Figures Features and Benefits

  • Ancient math secrets turn even math phobics into number wizards who can calculate effortlessly in their heads faster than most adults can with a calculator.
  • Learn how to multiply any 2-digit numbers together in your head within seconds.
  • Learn how to calculate naturally – from left to right!
  • Learn how to double-check your bills by using a single number.
  • The easiest method ever for dealing with fractions.
  • A brand new approach to multiplication.
  • The simplest, most obvious, common sense method of subtracting – without having to remember the dreaded “carry digit” – another outdated and unnecessary mental torture.
  • 11 little words to instantly overcome the most-feared mental math sum of them all: long division
  • Handle problems without stress, Develop laser-like concentration.

Vedic Math Features and Benefits

  • 10-15 times faster than the modern conventional methods.
  • Improved academic performance and instant results.
  • Boosts your mathematical confidence.
  • Increases speed and accuracy.
  • Increase mental agility, intelligence and concentration.
  • Eliminates math phobia of students.
  • Fun and learning.
  • Easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to remember.
  • Boosts logical reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Kumon Math Features and Benefits

  • Gives young students a solid foundation and a head start.
  • Helps improve performance in math class.
  • Increases your child’s overall math comprehension.
  • Prepares your child for the rigors of high school and advanced mathematics.
  • Topics Covered: Number Recognition and Counting, The Four Operations, Fractions, Positive and Negative Numbers, Solving Equations, Graphing, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Probability and Statistics.
  • Preparation for high school, college, and beyond
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Reinforcement of self-motivation, discipline and perseverance
  • Strong work skills
  • Solid organization, planning and time management skills
  • Determination to solve challenging problems independently
  • Positive attitude and passion for learning
  • Nurture children’s natural curiosity and intellectual development
  • Confidence and self-esteem instilled by a continual sense of accomplishment
  • Improved concentration and study habits
  • Mastery of math and reading concepts
  • Desire and motivation to learn on their own

Compare What do I get & Price

Brainetics DVD Kit

  • DVD 1: focuses on following directions, concentrating and detecting patterns in numbers.
  • DVD 2: helps students overcome math anxiety through the use of fun tricks and games.
  • DVD 3: introduces math shortcuts enabling kids to do complex math in their mind.
  • DVD 4: develops mental multi-tasking to help solve any math problem.
  • DVD 5: applies Brainetics skills to mental organization and memory-building
  • Be a “Head” Coach – A brainetics Manual for Parents- outlines the lessons on each DVD and includes tips on how you can encourage your kids to show you what they have learned
  • 1 Deck Brainetics playing cards.
  • 1 Deck Brainetics custom flashcards.

Price: $149.95 + FREE SHIPPING. Official website

Fun with Figures

  • Fun With Figures Mental Math Course
  • The Fun With Figures Mental Math Brain Trainer software
  • The Vedic Math Genius Course

All this for just Only $29.97. Official website

Vedic Math
3 DVDs On Vedic Math Basic Course

DVD B1 Content (5 lessons)

  • 1 – Introduction: history, background, features of VM
  • 2 – Basic Devices: completion, number splitting, extending your tables, doubling & halving etc.
  • 3 – Digit Sums: 9-point circle, Vedic Square, divisibility
  • 4 – Checking Devices: First by First, Last by Last, digit sum
  • 5 – Number 11: multiplication, divisibility, new checking device

DVD B2 Content (5 lessons)

  • 6 – Left to Right: addition, subtraction, multiplication
  • 7 – Subtraction: money, general method using bar numbers
  • 8 – Multiplication: near a Base or multiple of a base, proofs, squaring, near different bases, table patterns
  • 9 – General Multiplication: one-line, reversible, including algebraic and combining fractions
  • 10 – General Division: crowning gem, one-line divisions & HCF

DVD B3 Content (5 lessons)

  • 11 – Squaring (including algebraic) numbers of any size, the Duplex, general Square Roots
  • 12 – Special Division: numerical/algebraic
  • 13 – Divisibility: using the osculation method
  • 14 – Equations: one-line solutions, general method, simultaneous, special, quadratic
  • 15 – Special and General: special multiplications, temperature conversions, Vedic Numerical Code, the value of pi

Price: $50. Official website

3 DVDs On Vedic Math Advanced Course
DVD 1 Content (Introduction plus 4 lessons)

    Introduction – course introduction, history, background, features of Vedic Mathematics

    • 1 – Algebraic Division – two methods, dividing the remainder, series expansions
    • 2 – Recurring Decimals – left to right and right to left, short cuts, variations, use of special numbers
    • 3 – Factorising – quadratics (incl 2 and 3 variables), cubics, etc., evaluating polynomials
    • 4 – Algebraic Square Root – to any number of terms

    DVD 2 Content (5 lessons)

    • 5 – Calculus Methods – quadratic equations, partial fractions, derivatives of products and quotients and trig functions, series expansions, integration by ‘parts’ etc.
    • 6 – Triples – addition/subtraction, double & half angle triples, geometry
    • 7 – Transformations – rotations of points, lines & curves, reflections
    • 8 – Coordinate Geometry – equation of a line, linear interpolation, angle between two lines, distance of a point from a line
    • 9 – Trigonometry – compound angles, inverse functions, trig proofs, trig equations

    DVD 3 Content (8 lessons)

    • 10 – Complex Numbers – multiplication, division, square root
    • 11 – Simple Harmonic Motion – using three triples
    • 12 – Projectile Motion – solving problems using three triples
    • 13 – Forces in Equilibrium – solving force problems with triples
    • 14 – Left to Right – working left to right, addition, multiplication, squaring
    • 15 – Combined Operations – adding squares, algebraic, Pythagoras
    • 16 – Trig Functions and Inverses – evaluating sine, cosine and tangent and inverses
    • 17 – Polynomial & Transcendental Equations – solving polynomial & transcendental equations, Kepler’s Equation

    Price: $70. Official website

    Kumon Math

    More information at
    price: $7.95 &

    Reading level

    Brainetics: 5 years and up
    Fun figures: Ages 8 and up
    Vedic Math: Not available
    Kumon: Ages 4 and up

    Brainetics Reviews And Complaints


    Helps those who have learning difficulties If that’s what your child is dealing with then this program can be quite helpful. Kids might take a while to get a hang of all the concepts covered with this system but it will have some benefits for them in the long run.

    Works well for the initiated
    If your child already loves maths, has mastered subtraction and addition, besides having some degree of understanding when it comes to multiplication then this program might be quite beneficial.


    Shortcut methods rather than understanding of maths
    That’s the biggest problem with this product; it teaches kids short cuts to get through maths issues, which might be a short term solution. However if you are a believer in the adage that there are no short cuts in life then you would want your child to get an understanding of maths. And that’s where Brainetics falls short.

    Not worth the price
    It’s an expensive way of learning only short cuts to maths problems. If you are paying this kind of money you’d hope your children know all there is to maths and get a solid understanding of it. But that doesn’t happen with this system, which makes it a huge waste of your money.

    Kumon Math Reviews And Complaints


    Easy learning You don’t have to struggle with your child when it comes to techniques that are talked about in the system. Moreover the books are nicely laid out, which makes it easier for your kids to go through them. They will be able to learn simple ways of doing things and get a hang of it sooner rather than later.

    It’s interesting and engaging Tedious, repetitive techniques can be a problem for kids, which is where Kumon Math scores well. It’s easy to follow to begin with and what’s more, it’s interesting and your kids will take to it instantly. It keeps them engaged and interested in maths.


    Disappointing system
    Much of the book is wasted on number writing rather than understanding the basics of maths. Your child is put through lessons like 1 plus to 118, which is a bit endless and can become boring.

    Not an efficient way to learn math
    If anything it can seriously hurt your children’s math learning ability, which is a huge shame. Kids end up learning ways to do math that aren’t really effective, efficient or even smart for that matter. So you have to wonder what’s the point of using this method in the first place?

    Vedic Math Reviews And ComplaintsPros/Advantages

    It helps with advanced maths But for that you have to have some level of understanding of maths; if you do, this book can really help you with high level maths that can be a struggle otherwise.

    You can do maths in your head The book is really helpful for that and even if you want to call them tricks they make a lot of sense. There are tales about the origin of the book, which might need a pinch of salt to digest but the methods are very handy.

    An eye opener
    It’s amazing to think that these methods have been prevalent for so long but one hasn’t heard of them; they are truly inspiring.


    Not very simple
    You are told that things are simplified in the book and practically anyone can get a hang of it easily. But that’s not the case at all and you are bound to have difficulty understanding things, especially if you are a layperson when it comes to maths.

    The book quality is not up to the mark
    While the cover and binding of the book might be well done, the paper quality is too thin and leaves a lot to be desired. There are some rips here and there as well, which is disappointing.

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