Bowflex Max Trainer vs Treadmill Review

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Compare REVIEWS: Bowflex Max Trainer vs Treadmill

Bowflex Max Trainer Reviews – Pros/Advantages

Maximum calorie burn :
Bowflex Max Trainer provides amazing calorie burn in minimum time and compresses the workout in 14 minutes while still burning the calories after workout. Helps in working out even when the weather is bad which cancels any external running or walking workouts.

Space Effective :
It is very compact and all the space it covers is basically vertical so that there is less area needed to fix it. Also it has lesser footfalls as opposed to elliptical trainers to ensure usage anywhere.

Perfect and safe workout :
It activates the core and feels like a stepper plus elliptical. Seasoned runners feel a great burn in the minimum time workout on it. Additionally, it does not put impact on joints so it is great for everyone.

App Sync :
Its app is great at collecting all the data to track workout progress and also syncs with a MyFitnessPal account to get a better documentation of the progress.

Bowflex Max Trainer Reviews – Cons/Diadvantages/Complaints

It is very costly as opposed to traditional exercise machines but it is highly effective as well.

Is not complete body workout:
It does not replace the entire body workout and is only a great way to get beneficial cardio that activates the whole core and help losing weight.

Treadmill Reviews – Pros/Advantages

Indoor workout
Treadmills provide a great option to people who want to stay true to their workout schedule regardless of the weather.

Low impact workout
It provides very less impact if cushioned treads is used for running and is much better than running on outdoor surfaces.

Different Settings
Incline settings can be used to mimic uphill training which cannot be achieved by replying on natural features. Also a rate settings helps in keeping a consistent pace and achieve a good cardio burn.

Other benefits
An advanced treadmill will be able to simulate terrains and can also help user progress like distance traveled, calories burned and track the heart rate. It also is easy for users to use and can be used while watching a TV to convert TV watching time into a healthy time.


Treadmill Reviews – Cons/Disadvantages/Complaints

Unnatural for runners
It keeps the pace steady which does not really help runners to mimic external outdoor running. Also it can give them a bad habit as it has no wind resistance.

Injuries due to impact
With time and improper use it can cause a bad impact on knee and ankle joints.

It is consistent and at the same time monotonous which may result in people losing interest in using them.

Space constrain
It takes a lot of space to accommodate even the smallest of treadmills.

Treadmills are not just space hogging but also are costly when compared to running and walking outdoors which may just need a good pair of shoes as a part of investment.


Compare What is it? Bowflex Max Trainer vs Treadmill

What is Bowflex Max Trainer
It is a new age in-home machine that is targeted to provide higher calorie burn in minimum time. It is designed for effective and easy approach as opposed to traditional elliptical.

What is a Treadmill
It is an exercise machine that is targeted at providing cardio workout to the body and burn calories. Basically it is achieved by walking or running while staying in the same place.


Compare How does it work? Bowflex Max Trainer vs Treadmill

How does Bowflex Max Trainer work?
It is similar to an elliptical trainer but designed to be more efficient to provide cardio workout in just 14 minutes per day. It comes with integrated interval system which is a series of low and high intensity workouts that burn calories in less amount of time. Additionally, it is stated to even trigger “afterburner effect” that helps in burning calories even after the workout is done. This new technique is far more effective in weight loss than the traditional ones.

How does a Treadmill work?
It comes with an electric motor or a flywheel is connected to a wide conveyor belt. A person has to step over it and start walking or jogging in the same place. Advanced treadmills have settings to change speed of the conveyor belt to achieve different intensity levels.


Compare Features and Benefits: Bowflex Max Trainer vs Treadmill

Bowflex Max Trainer Features and Benefits
It comes with multiple resistance levels and has different workout programs that are tailor-cut using various interval settings to suit the need of any individual. There is a back-lit display with target-zone and burn-rate indicators. There is a heart rate monitor and has a Max Trainer App that helps in synching with an Apple iOS or Android device. It provides 2.5 times more cardio burn than any other exercise machine and has virtually zero impact on the joints. It activates 80% more upper body too.

Treadmill Features and Benefits
It is a great way of achieving walks and jogs indoors instead of going out and helps especially when the weather is not great. Depending upon the type of treadmill it can come with various intensity levels and can even provide inclined walks for higher calorie burns.


Compare Results: Bowflex Max Trainer vs Treadmill

Bowflex Max Trainer Results
It provides exception results and is said to have helped people shed pounds in just 10 weeks time. At the same time it shapes the body and boosts energy.

Treadmill Results
People achieve good results over time but it does not shape the body, but just makes them lose the fat due to calorie burn.

Compare Price: Bowflex Max Trainer vs Treadmill

Bowflex Max Trainer Price
There are two versions – The M5 comes for $1,599 and M3 for $999. Design wise both models are the same but M5 comes with more features like 16 resistance levels, 9 workout programs and a heart rate monitor integrated in the contact grips with a 2 year warranty. The M3 is the affordable model that has 8 resistance levels, 2 training programs and chest strap that to check the heart rate and comes with a year’s warranty.

Treadmill Price:
The cost can vary depending on features.


Compare calories burned: Bowflex Max Trainer vs Treadmill

Bowflex Max Trainer : It burns 2.5x calories per minute and in trials it has reached 600 calories burn or more in just 30 minutes.

Treadmill : It provides 1.6x calorie burn per minute and can reach 300 calories in half an hour at moderate speed and inclination.


Is it noisy?

Bowflex Max Trainer : No.

Treadmill : Depending on maintenance level it can be noisy.


Does it burn belly fat?

Bowflex Max Trainer : Yes.

Treadmill : It helps in overall weight loss.


Does it build muscles?

Bowflex Max Trainer : It provides toning to muscles and activates the core.

Treadmill : No


Does it work your abs?

Bowflex Max Trainer : Yes

Treadmill : No


Does it tone your abs?

Bowflex Max Trainer : Yes, with core activation the abs get toned.

Treadmill : No


Does it make you lose weight?

Bowflex Max Trainer : Yes

Treadmill : Yes


Does it hurt your knees?

Bowflex Max Trainer : No, it is zero impact workout solution.

Treadmill : Yes.

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