Bowflex Max Trainer vs Elliptical Trainer Review

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Compare What is it? Bowflex Max Trainer vs Elliptical Trainer

Bowflex Max Trainer – An exercise machine that comes with a revolutionary design to burn higher amount of calories in minimum time. The easy and effective approach is great as opposed to traditional cardio inducing exercise machines like an elliptical.

Elliptical Trainer – An exercise machine created to give an easy movement for users to get a cardio burn while putting lesser impact on their joints.

Compare How does it Work? Bowflex Max Trainer vs Elliptical Trainer

How does Bowflex Max Trainer work? – Its basic design is like an elliptical but it is highly efficient in providing cardio workout in a time frame of 14 minutes per day. The integrated interval system is an innovative way to change intensity levels from high to low to achieve higher burning of calories in less time. It is also stated that Bowflex Max Trainer comes with an “afterburner effect” that keeps the calories burning even after the workout is done to give more weight loss compared to traditional methods.


How does Elliptical Trainer work? – An elliptical trainer is designed to let a person use it easily and get a good cardio burn. The movement of the machine is made to simulate stair climbing, walking or running without putting any pressure on the joints. It has a benefit of upper and lower body workout in some designs.

Compare Features and Benefits: Bowflex Max Trainer vs Elliptical Trainer

Bowflex Max Trainer Features and Benefits – The machine comes with multiple levels of resistance with different workout programs arranged in a way tosuit different individuals who would love to shuffle between various interval settings. The backlit display is great in checking the target-zone and burn-rate. Theheart-rate monitor and integration with Max Trainer App syncs the data directly to an App on an Apple iOS or Android device. It’s studied to provide 2.5 times more cardio burn than any other exercise machine without putting any impact on the joints. It activates 80% more upper body which helps in getting a thorough workout rather than just the lower body and cardio.

Elliptical Trainer Features and Benefits – Different versions of elliptical trainer designs are available. Most of them come with handles that can help in achieving upper body workout too. It has an intermediate range of leg motion between a treadmill and stationary bikes and helps in getting very good amount of exertion of leg muscles and elevates the heart-rate.Also, the varying stride length can affect various muscle groups to give a full body workout.

Compare Results: Bowflex Max Trainer vs Elliptical Trainer

Bowflex Max Trainer Results – The results of people who have used Bowflex Max Trainer have been exceptional. It has been studied extensively to provide weight loss in just 10 weeks. It also boosts energy and shapes the body along with the cardio burn.

Elliptical Trainer – Elliptical trainers are traditionally known to help lose weight and get a decent toning for the body. There is no proper research to know the amount of time and pounds lost.

Compare Price: Bowflex Max Trainer vs Elliptical Trainer

Bowflex Max Trainer – There are two versions of the trainer available – M5 for $1,500 and M3 for $999. Both models look the same but M5 has more features with 16 resistance levels, 9 workout programs and heart-rate monitor integrated in the contact grips. There is a 2-year warranty to it as opposed to the 1-year warranty over the M3 model which has 8 resistance levels, 2 training programs and chest strap to track heart-rate.


Elliptical Trainer Price – There are various models available, the low end ones are cheaper and high-end models come with more options like varying stride length, adjustable ramp, etc.


Is it noisy? Bowflex Max Trainer vs Elliptical Trainer
Bowflex Max Trainer – No. There is the minimum sound of moving parts.

Elliptical Trainer – There are moving parts but because pedals are used there is no footfall noise.


Compare Calories Burned: Bowflex Max Trainer vs Elliptical Trainer

Bowflex Max Trainer Calories Burned – Bowflex promises to provide a burn of 2.5x calories per minute and during research has even reached 600 calories burn or more in 30 minutes duration.

Elliptical Trainer Calories Burned – There is no proper research regarding it but it can provide approximately 335 calories in 30 minutes for a person of 155 lbs. weight.


Does it burn belly fat? Bowflex Max Trainer vs Elliptical Trainer

Bowflex Max Trainer – Yes.

Elliptical Trainer – Yes.


Does it build muscles? Bowflex Max Trainer vs Elliptical Trainer

Bowflex Max Trainer – No, but it shapes the body by activating the core.

Elliptical Trainer – No, only helps shape the body.

Does it work your abs? Bowflex Max Trainer vs Elliptical Trainer

Bowflex Max Trainer – Yes.

Elliptical Trainer – Yes.

Does it tone your abs?

Bowflex Max Trainer – Yes, with core activation it tones body parts.

Elliptical Trainer – Not really, it just activates the core.

Does it make you lose weight? Bowflex Max Trainer vs Elliptical Trainer

Bowflex Max Trainer – Yes

Elliptical Trainer – Yes

Does it hurt your knees? Bowflex Max Trainer vs Elliptical Trainer

Bowflex Max Trainer – No it is designed to provide zero impact.


Elliptical Trainer – Yes, but is quite less when compared to other types of exercise machines.

Compare Advantages & Disadvantages: Bowflex Max Trainer vs Elliptical Trainer

Bowflex Max Trainer Pros/Cons

Greater Calorie Burn – It comes with a feature that makes it burn calories faster at 2.5x times as opposed to other machines and that too in 14 minutes of workout.

Convenience – Best part of such a highly efficient trainer is that it is in-home and is not dependent on external weather conditions. One can simply use it at their own time.

Less Space – Bowflex Max Trainer is designed to go more vertical than horizontal which is why is needs less space and has lesser footfalls when compared with an elliptical trainer.

Safe and Effective Workout – The trainer helps in activating the core and works very similar to a stepper plus elliptical. Plus there is a safety to the body as there is zero impact on joint.

Synching Using App – The free app helps in synching data with an Android or Apple device easily and syncs furthermore with a MyFitnessPal account so that the workout can be tracked properly.

Higher Cost – As opposed to traditional machines the cost of Bowflex Max Trainer is higher.

Not for full body – No, cardio based machine can replace entire body workout with weight training which is why it can compliment it and activate the whole core to help lose weight.

Elliptical Trainer Pros/Cons

Cardiovascular workout – Ellipticals provide good amount of cardio workout, better than treadmills to boost health and help maintain weight loss.

Less Stressful – The impact is low as compared to a treadmill and can take some stress off the legs and back.

Additional Advantage – Some new age elliptical machines comes with a feature that helps in backward pedaling to activate calves and hamstrings with handles that can further help to workout the arms.


Not complete workout – The low-impact nature of elliptical does not help in gaining muscle strength and needs other weight-training exercises to get a total body workout.

Injury Scare – There can be injury problems to people who have knee issues even though elliptical are mostly safe for knees when compared to treadmills.

Less Calorie Burn – Calorie burn of elliptical is very less and for a person weighing 155 lbs. can burn approximately 335 calories only which is why Bowflex Max Trainer is the best in this type of machines.

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  1. This information is just what I needed and answered my questions. I was undecided on which machine to invest in and this information helped me to decide. Thank you for the comparison.

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