Bissell Symphony vs Shark Sonic Duo

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Bissell Symphony

Bissell Symphony is an innovative way of cleaning the home and has the combined power of a vacuum cleaner and the sanitization capabilities of a steam mop. The design of Bissell Symphony is such that it consists of cyclonic action based vacuum that has the power to pick up any dry debris easily and also clean up wet, sticky messes in one go. The addition of a steam mop on Bissell Symphony gives the floor a thorough wipe and gets rid of 99.9% germs and bacteria naturally without the need of using any type of chemicals.Steam is always said to be the best way to get out dirt and dust too and the vacuum picks it up easily providing a quick and easy cleaning solution. Plus the two microfiber mop pads in Bissell Symphony are equipped with Microban Product Protection, one for mopping and one for scrubbing. The antimicrobial protection helps in keeping it fresh from odor-causing bacteria.Handing Bissell Symphony is also easy with its comfort handle and easy touch controls. The controls allow switching between functions while cleaning so as to allow vacuum and steam clean the hard floors at the same time or separately as desired.


Shark Sonic Duo

Shark Sonic Duo is revolutionary cleaner that has the capacity to power clean all types of floors and carpets. It comes equipped with Sonic Cleaning Technology that claims to remove the dirt and dust that is stuck on the floor or carpet quickly and easily without leaving streaks. Regular vacuums fail to lift and lose all dirt and debris which stays behind and over the period of time decolorizes, stinks and stains the floor. The sonic cleaning technology is so powerful that it scrubs the floors and carpets or over 1000 times per minute which ensures all the stuck on dirt gets removed. Plus handling it is quite easy due to the Airglide Maneuverability mechanism that puts zero strain on the user. Plus the use of spraying the Shark Sonic Duo Spray activates the solution and prepares the floor for optimum cleaning and also works on carpets. Another feature is the range of washable cleaning pads available which are compatible with Shark Sonic Duo system and various designs are available to suit the kind of floor or carpet it is to be used upon. These pads are washable so that there is no need to throw them like disposable pads.


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