Bella Cucina 13330 Rocket Blender vs Magic Bullet Vs GE Rocket Blender Review

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Bella Cucina 13330 Rocket Blender vs Magic Bullet Vs GE Rocket Blender


Compare Blades
Magic Bullet has a Cross Blade for chopping, blending and grating foods while Flat Blade can be used for whipping cream and grinding hard foods.

Bella Cucina 13330 Rocket Blender has two stainless steel blades; a flat and a cross one.

GE Rocket Blender has a flat blade for grinding and a cross blade for mixing and chopping.



Compare Motors
The high torque power base is at the heart of the Magic Bullet.
Bella Cucina 13330 Rocket Blender is known for its high-speed mixing system that can chop, blend, whip and a lot more.

The speed blender of GE Rocket Blender is powered at 240 wattage.



Compare Material
Bella Cucina 13330 Rocket Blender has a durable see through construction, with chrome finish while the blades are made of stainless steel.

Compare Vessel/Jar/Pitcher Capacity
Bullet shape cups make Magic Bullet unique. The short cup is ideal for dips and party foods and holds 12oz. The tall cup on the other hand is helpful in making smoothies etc, and holds 18 oz.

There’s a short and a tall blending cup with Bella Cucina 13330 Rocket Blender.

You get a small cup and a large cup with your GE Rocket Blender.



Microwave/Dishwasher Safe
Blades, cups and other parts in Magic Bullet are dishwasher safe but they should be placed on the top shelf of washer. Tall and short cups, shaker/steamer tops are Microwave safe while other parts are not.

Bella Cucina 13330 Rocket Blender is not dishwasher safe and it’s recommended that you hand wash it.

Cups, lids and blades in the GE Rocket Blender are dishwasher safe.


What do I get and Price?
With your Magic Bullet you get a High Torque power base, cross blade and flat blade, tall and short bullet cups, shaker/steamer tops, stay fresh re-sealable lids, four party mugs with comfort lips rings and “10 second recipe” book. You can buy Magic Bullet for $99.99 plus s&h charge of $39.98.

With your Bella Cucina 13330 Rocket Blender you get 2-stainless steel blades, 1-tall blending cup and 1-short blending cup, 1-party cup and 2-comfort lip rings, 2-resealable lids and 2-shaker lids. It’s available at for $29.99.

Your 17 piece GE Rocket Blender set includes one speed blender, Power base, Large cup, Small cup, Cross blade, Flat blade, 4 drinking cups, 4 comfort lip rings, 2 shaker lids, 2 reusable lids, 3 non-skid, non-marking feet and 3-prong plug. You can find it at for $19.88.


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