Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet Blender Review

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Here is a comparison of Magic Bullet Vs Baby Bullet Blender . Compare features, specifications, reviews complaints etc.

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About Magic Bullet Blender
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Baby Bullet Blender

Baby Bullet, the junior version of the popular Magic Bullet food processor, is an adorable exclusively-for-babies food processor that whips up yummy, healthy and fresh baby food for babies at any age and stage. It prepares nutritious smoothies, soups, cocktails, desserts and lots more for little ones exactly the way they need in less than five minutes!

Baby Bullet comes with a host of attachments that perform various functions, such as the baby blend blade, a milling blade, two baby blend cups, a batch bowl, six storage cups and a flexible freezer-friendly batch tray for easy pop out of food stored in it.

All that Baby Bullet needs is a push and twist for stage one eaters, and push and pull for stage two eaters for chunky texture. It can even steam, defrost and sterilize, and has a unique date dial feature that acts as a food planner for babies! Official website

Magic Bullet Blender

A revolutionary high-speed blender mixer system that has captivated the minds of millions, Magic Bullet is a food processor, blender, grinder and mixer all rolled into one! Magic Bullet proves the fact that size doesn’t matter; it’s incredibly compact, the size of a coffee mug. It makes chopping, dicing, blending, grating and mincing vegetables and lots more a breeze and can prepare smoothies, shakes, soups and other yummies within seconds! The highlight of this amazing appliance is the fact that it doesn’t work on switches and buttons. Rather, it needs a twist or a turn at its cap and gentle pressing down on the power base to switch it on! Magic Bullet comes with many attachments that can be used in multiple ways, including its bullet cup or mug that can be placed in the microwave, refrigerator or freezer. It’s truly futuristic in look that delivers performance par excellence! Official website

Compare Features: Baby Bullet Blender Vs Magic Bullet Blender

Baby Bullet Features The wonderful Baby Bullet is a complete baby food making system that whips up an entire week's yummy, healthy baby food within minutes. It comes with a range of components such as a power base, different blades, easy pop silicone batch tray, date dial storage cups, one stay fresh lid and tip proof tray, a user manual, a recipe book, a nutritional guide and more. Baby Bullet is really handy and helps prepare and store baby food conveniently. Its date-dial lids indicate exactly when food was prepared. It’s an ideal appliance to make baby food for every stage of development. Magic Bullet Features Magic Bullet is a truly sophisticated appliance and radically different in performance, looks and the way it operates. It comes with a wide range of parts that are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. Its attachments include two blades, two cups, four mugs, two sealed lids, two vented lids and a power base on which it runs. Its 17-piece high-speed mixing system cuts, chops, whips, blends does lots more within seconds! Magic Bullet has durable see-through construction and measures approximately 4 by 4 by 10 inches. The package also includes an amazing recipe book and a one year limited warranty too.

Compare Pros: Baby Bullet Blender Vs Magic Bullet Blender

Baby Bullet Pros It makes perfect sense to bring home a smart appliance like Baby Bullet that’s created especially to prepare food for babies. Baby Bullet offers several benefits to parents who are hard-pressed for time but don’t want to settle for anything but the best for their little one. Baby Bullet can prepare the most delicious and healthy baby foods for every stage of development out of fruits, veggies and grains in a matter of a few minutes. It has numerous attachments like different blades for various types specially made for preparation of baby foods, flexible easy pop silicone batch tray, date dial storage cups that display the date when a particular dish was prepared, a recipe book, a nutritional guide, a user manual and more. Baby Bullet is manufactured from BPA-free plastic that ensures safety and quality. It is easy to clean and is also dishwasher safe. What’s more, it can be used regularly to whip up soft baby food out of even chunky fruits and veggies like avocados and pears. Also, the price of the Baby Bullet set is absolutely reasonable. A wonderful food processor just for babies definitely brings parents the satisfaction that babies’ food is healthy and wholesome as it’s prepared separately. Getting babies to eat is a tough job, but with Baby Bullet at hand, it’s not only easy but also fulfilling to prepare loads of delicious smoothies, soups, cocktails and other edibles that stay fresh really long and also have great nutritional value! Magic Bullet Pros The sophisticated and immensely versatile Magic Bullet performs a wide range of functions and boasts of several advantages. The appliance is not only easy to use but also takes on multiple roles as it can chop, grind, dice, blend and carry out a host of other functions within seconds. It’s incredibly small and compact in size and thus a great space-saving product. Despite its tiny size and non-fussy maintenance, it works far more broadly and efficiently as compared to normal food processors. One can simply toss just about any fruit, vegetable or greens in it to whip up the yummiest smoothies, shakes, soups, juices of their choice in no time. Magic Bullet doesn’t have knobs and switches on it. It functions with a mere twist and pressing down on its top when placed on its power base; no need to switch any buttons on and off as there aren’t any! It’s a hi-tech 17-piece high-speed mixing system, and its set comprises a power base with two stainless steel cross and flat blades, bullet cups, mugs, well-fitting lids with colored lip rings and a recipe book among other things. The attachments can be used in microwave, refrigerator and freezer with food in it. What’s more, it’s dishwasher safe cleaning it after use is also very easy. Magic Bullet is also priced reasonably and comes with a limited one year warranty. This fantastic appliance is indeed magic, looks like a million bucks unlike the conventional and bulky food processors.

Compare Cons: Baby Bullet Blender Vs Magic Bullet Blender

Baby Bullet Cons Although Baby Bullet is a great concept and makes preparing baby food easy, certain measures need to be taken to minimize inconvenience at an inopportune moment. The plastic used to manufacture it has been found by some to be of somewhat substandard quality. It tends to crack when a blade is attached to process food, which can also tear up the sealing gasket. Some have observed that the Baby Bullet customer service needs improvement and issues better handling, especially when it comes to getting a damaged part replaced. The quality assurance part of Baby Bullet also needs to be enhanced. There may be hitches in the quality and functioning of components like blades, the batch bowl and also in the sealing of the batch bowl lid. Some Baby Bullet components may also get warped, due to which they cannot be used the next time. Cleaning the food out from around the blade also gets difficult and most of that is ultimately wasted. The blender doesn’t blend food till the bottom so it has to be checked manually time and again. The food inside also has to be tossed around for proper blending. The pop out freezer trays may also not pop the food out as smoothly as it’s claimed. Finally, it makes sense to check all the Baby Bullet attachments immediately on purchasing it so that exchanging any of them is not difficult. If these issues are sorted out, it would be fantastic to own Baby Bullet. Magic Bullet Cons? Magic Bullet is undoubtedly a great appliance, still one need to watch out against certain limitations while buying or using it. Its motor has been found to encounter some problems by some customers. Some have observed that its motor is not very powerful for regular use. Though Magic Bullet can perform chopping, cutting, blending, mincing, mixing and other functions smoothly, sometimes it may not be able to process certain types of food such as hard foods and ice cubes. Some customers have remarked that it cannot prepare a basic smoothie at times especially if ice cubes are added in it. Though it may be able to carry out simple tasks like preparing salad dressings satisfactorily, according to some reviews, a real food processor can do it better. Some users have also reported the problem of leakage in the unit, which results in smelliness and mess. Its base is not sealed due to which this issue is further aggravated. The rings also may not fit the mugs well. The blades and the containers may also not deliver as well as one may expect. One may also have to manually shake Magic Bullet to blend the ingredients smoothly. Due to its small size, one may not be able to prepare lots of food or smoothies in one go, and the ingredients also tend to spill while being processed in it. These issues ought to be resolved right away so that users can get the maximum out of it.

Baby Bullet Blender Vs Magic Bullet Blender - Side By Side Comparison

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