AquaTru vs Berkey vs Aquasana

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Compare Reviews: AquaTru vs Berkey vs Aquasana


One AquaTru review by a user reveals that it stopped filtering after 3 months of use. Also, the user suggests that it is not meant for a tiny apartment since it takes up a lot of storage space and looks bulky to use in such a space.

Another reviewer also complains of AquaTru ceasing to work as it stopped powering periodically after he replaced the tap-water tank.

One frustrated customer writes in her review that AquaTru started developing power problems and would flicker on and off while filtering the water. It required some time to check the connections and seek their tech support to rectify this issue.

As per an AquaTru review, algae started growing in the tank after 3 months of use. This started to happen even after the user religiously cleaned the tank carefully each week as instructed. The plastic nozzle and bottom of the tank, both saw algae production and it stays stuck even after cleaning it with diluted vinegar. Since it is constructed with ridges, it is hard to reach and clean it out completely.

Another AquaTru review states that the electrical plug has sparks whenever it is plugged and is kind of scary to use. Also, the user adds that the water filter quality is disappointing in terms of design. The filters are exposed and make it look unattractive while it is a little discomfort to connect it to the sink faucet.

A smart user tested AquaTru using a TDS water quality tester and figured that it’s filtering ability is decent. However, as per his review, AquaTru has a little plastic taste to its output. He even cycled the water containers 4 times manually and washed the containers multiple times to ensure the taste goes away but it has still stayed there. There has been no change in its taste after multiple uses.

According to another review, AquaTru doesn’t have a good design. Firstly, it requires cleaning per week, which isn’t a problem. The issue is that the intake and the return tubes stick out from the bottom of the tap water container, rendering it difficult to really clean it up well.

One customer, who bought AquaTru , writes in his review that the unit stopped to turn on after few uses. It worked well initially but then stopped functioning even after trying to change the plug point.

A user exposed AquaTru in his review by stating that it had its tank coated with camphor and menthol to eliminate smudging. The problem here is that camphor is unsafe for oral consumption and can lead to severe side effects and even death in extreme conditions. Camphor works quickly on the body and toxicity is visible within an hour of consumption. It can cause nausea, vomiting, burning of throat and mouth. The very idea of using it as a coating agent is thoughtless of the creators and shouldn’t be used in the first place.

Another AquaTru reviewer discloses that the filter unit fittings are difficult to adjust and the fact that it requires changing of the filter within 2 to 3 months can be frustrating.

A customer who used AquaTru asserts in his review that it makes very intrusive noise when it is filtering the water. The throwaway water in the tank is not even fit for use on plants since it comprises of all the contaminants that have been filtered out. It is a filter unit that wastes water and takes a lot of countertop space.


A Berkey customer reveals in her review that the water will flow differently if one of the filters is malfunctioning or not properly charged. It is important to understand when to replace the filter and when it is the time it will require changing the entire filter system. This is a problem since one filter is replaced beyond its life and the other is replaced even when there is no need to. Also, the customer suggests in his review that Berkey will need a stand for better filtering and drawing of water.

One other customer complains in his review that Berkey leaves a white, powdery residue that makes the water a little whitish foggy and settles down at the bottom or becomes an oily slick on the top once the water is fully separated. The customer has faced similar issues with most fluoride filters.

A review of Berkey by a customer states that the filter leaks around the rim if the water is full where the top and bottom parts meet. Care is to be taken to ensure that there is little space left to eliminate leaking but a better design would have worked well.

A similar issue is raised in another review by a user who claims that one cannot keep the top water tank full since the bottom has limited capacity to hold purified water. If the water is too much, Berkey will start spilling or leaking. The user does mention that it works well for a family of 4.

One other customer says in her review that Berkey takes more time to filter than expected and faced the same issue of spilling when she overfilled the top section. She also discloses that Berkey leaves a strange film on top of the water similar to other fluoride filters. Even if the water is primed multiple times, there is a residue that is left behind and seems like a common complaint without any solution with all similar filters.

One customer mentions that he did not receive Berkey as described and had the cups and fluoride filters missing.

As per a Berkey review, the bottom part of the filter is plastic material and it is stated that plastic is not a good material to store water in. The user suggests drawing the water into a steel or glass container once it is filtered. There is no mention whether the plastic is safe or not in the manufacturer’s note.

A Berkey customer warns users from adding drops of bleach or iodine to the water to kill parasites before filtering it. The user states in the review that there is no way to know if Berkey is capable of removing these chemicals and there is no way to know how much of these chemicals is enough to do the job.

Another customer review of Berkey asserts that it was tested for filtration and it was found that there was copper in the water after filtration and none when it came out of the tap.

Aquasana REVIEWS

According to an Aquasana review, the main line that connected the water input started to leak and did not get fixed even after reinstalling it three times. The user suspects in the review that the fittings aren’t done properly. Also, the flow is pretty slow even while using brand new filter cartridges for purification.

As per an Aquasana customer’s review, the filters last only about 3 months and then slows down to an intolerant level. This adds up to the cost since they don’t last for 6 months as promised in its advertisement.

A customer reveals in her Aquasana review that the two plastic rings that help to seal the water lines aren’t correctly sized and was impossible for the customer to install it in the first place.
One other review of Aquasana discloses that the poly-lines are only 3 feet long and will require care while placing it on the counter so that it reaches the line and faucets properly.

An Aquasana reviewer complains that the filtered water is not cold and has a very old-school faucet that doesn’t go with the modern and contemporary kitchen. The review further states that Aquasana fails to filter the water well in comparison to other available filters. The water quality is not great at taste either. Design wise, the customer says in the review that Aquasana comes with small filters that take too much time to pour the water and a short hose connector along with poorly written instructions.

Compare what is it? AquaTru vs Berkey vs Aquasana

AquaTru, Berkey and Aquasana are all countertop water filters that help purify any type of water and make it available for drinking. They don’t require installations or plumbing to get started. They use various patented technologies that do the job of purification.

AquaTru comes with the power of reverse osmosis that purifies the tap water to achieve the quality of a bottled water.

Berkey water filter is designed for filtering large quantities of water and is ideal for families comprising of 4 to 16 people.

Aquasana drinking water system harnesses the power of selecting filtration technology that allows naturally occurring healthy minerals to pass while stopping any unwanted impurity in the water for optimal purification.


Compare what does it do? AquaTru vs Berkey vs Aquasana

These countertop filters, AquaTru , Berkey , and Aquasana , remove toxic chemicals and impurities in the water to provide safe, pure drinking water.

AquaTru is designed to remove virtually all the toxic chemicals that are carried in the tap water and purify it like high-quality bottled water. It has been certified to remove over 10x more contaminants than other filters available in the same range. It has been tested to remove 74 contaminants regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency without wasting water like other systems do.

Berkey water filter is designed to suit large families or stock water for emergencies. It has a bigger unit with an adaptable filter that purifies water within minutes of assembly for safe drinking.

Aquasana ’s OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis (RO) system design removes bad contaminants and ensures that the necessary minerals are retained in the water for a purified and mineral-rich water that the body needs.

Compare how does it work? AquaTru vs Berkey vs Aquasana

It has a TruPure technology that uses 4-stage purification process to remove virtually all toxic chemicals from tap water. The stages are – Mechanical pre-filter, Reverse Osmosis pre-filter, US-made Reverse Osmosis Membrane, and Activated Carbon filter.

The filter purifies water on the technology of micro-filtration via a pore structure that blocks disease-causing organisms and lets the water pass through. These organisms get trapped on the outermost surface of the filtering medium. It is designed to process and purify chemically treated municipal water as well as raw water from lakes, streams, ponds, or swimming pools in events of an emergency. It is a simple system that takes very little time for assembling and has an upper chamber through which the water is to be filled. Within seconds, it starts to filter and provide safe water into the lower chamber that is fit for drinking.

This filter has a 3-stage filtration system that reduces the contaminants inside the water. It uses a pre-filter that eliminates dirt and dust particles that are as small as 5 microns. The tank contains blended copper-zinc to remove chlorine and level out the pH balance.

Compare Technology: AquaTru vs Berkey vs Aquasana

The filter uses an exclusive, patent-pending TruPure technology that miniaturizes the reverse osmosis technology used by bottled brands and makes it available into a compact, countertop form.

It is based on gravity water filtration technology that draws water using gravity and not electricity through the purification elements. The filtration system has micro-porous filtration elements and a proprietary media that purify the water. The micro-porous structure is created to block organisms and trap them right before the filtering medium. The system has been developed, refined, certified, and proven with tests to purify water in the most extreme conditions across the world.

It uses a custom Claryum’s selective filtration technology that retains naturally occurring beneficial minerals. It is tested to retain calcium, potassium, and magnesium that are important for healthy, delicious water.

Compare Filters: AquaTru vs Berkey vs Aquasana

The filters in AquaTru are made of a material that comprises corn, gluten, or soy. The Dual-Stage Pre Filter smartly filers out sand, silt, sediment, rust, and particles. It also has activated carbon that removes the chlorine taste, any odors, and conditions the water for the next filtration stage. The Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter is designed to reduce impurities from the water down to 1/10000 of a micron. Lastly, the high-quality activated carbon filter eliminates volatile organic compounds, enhances the taste of water and prepares it for drinking.

This water filter has a design that outperforms commercially available water filters and also lasts 10 times longer over their lifetime. Its filtration system removes viruses, pathogenic bacteria, and harmful impurities that are listed in the Water and Purification Standard used by the Army. It utilizes micro-filtration technology with filters that are cleanable so there is no need to replace them for years. The filters are long-lasting and can accommodate 4000 to 6000 gallons of tap water for purification. After use, the replacement filters can be bought at a reasonable price.

Its filtration system begins with a sediment filter for the first stage of purification. The second is activated and catalytic carbon that is used to cure the water of organic chemicals and chlorine/chloramines, and reduce heavy metals and chlorine resistant cysts. There is a 20-micron pre-filter attached to capture dust, sediments, and silt that can otherwise clog the system. The pre-filter ensures that the filter life capacity is extended up to 600 gallons. Also, Aquasana is designed to alert when there is a need to change the filter so there is no more guessing when to replace the filter.

Compare what impurities does it remove? AquaTru vs Berkey vs Aquasana

As per the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), there are up to 7500 contaminants that are found in tap water. And out of these, 600 have been identified to be a public health concern. Despite this knowledge, the water coming to the homes regulates less than 100 contaminants since the water safety rules haven’t been updated in the last thirty years. AquaTru takes care of all three types of contaminants that are present in water-organic, inorganic chemicals, and biological contaminants.

The Berkey water filter is designed to reduce bacterial, heavy metals such as lead and mercury along with harmful minerals such as iron oxide. It is also good at filtering out chemicals, viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and trihalomethanes. It provides a consistent performance of filtering these contaminants for thousands of gallons. It also treats the water of unpleasant taste, odors, and cloudiness to make it fit for drinking.

This filter system comes with NSF Certified Claryum Filtration technology that is independently tested to remove over 97% of chlorine and chloramines. Its Activated Carbon intelligently eliminates pharmaceuticals such as estrone and ibuprofen, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, and MTBE. The Ion-Exchange filter targets and removes heavy metals such as lead, and mercury. It also features a Sub-Micron Mechanical Filtration system that captures asbestos and chlorine resistant cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia. With these different filtration systems,Aquasana reduces over 10x more contaminants and retains necessary minerals to deliver a pure, tasty drinking water.

Compare Capacity: AquaTru vs Berkey vs Aquasana

The upper level of tap water tank can hold about a gallon of water while the clean water tank holds 3 quarts of purified drinking water.

It has the capacity to hold 2.25 gallons of filtered water.

The filter is designed to deliver 600 gallons of water per filter.

Compare Safety: AquaTru vs Berkey vs Aquasana

For safety purposes, it comes with lids that prevent airborne germs to enter and contaminate the water. This is why there is no need to keep filtered water refrigerated since there are no biological contaminants present in it anymore. It is recommended to clean the water tank once a week using mild soap and water. Hands should be properly washed before touching the insides to avoid any type of contamination. The body of AquaTru is made from Tritan plastic that is BPA & BPS free. It is tested at universities and independently to be safe and free of estrogenic and androgenic activity. For more safety, users can pour the purified water into a glass pitcher after the filtration process is done.

The Berkey water filter self-sterilizes to ensure optimum safety and is designed so that it doesn’t plug-up internally. The filtration system doesn’t allow any water to pass unfiltered into the lower chamber. It is designed to purify water from any type of source and is durable to withstand extreme conditions. The portable filter meets the EPA 7 ANS and NSF (STD 53) standards. For further safety, it has been tested at the University of Arizona, Spectrum Labs, and Department of Toxicology and Environmental Science, Louisiana University.

This filter comes with an intelligent design that reduces plastic waste as it minimizes the disposable plastic parts. It is good at reducing 99% of 68 water contaminants along with lead, mercury, asbestos, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, chloramines, etc. Aquasana is certified to NSF standards 42, 53 + 401, and P473.

Compare how is it powered? AquaTru vs Berkey vs Aquasana

It operates on a 120 Volt AC wall plug with minimal electricity. Its utilization of energy will only result in mere $2.00 cost annually.

It uses gravity instead of power to filter the water.

No information is available.


Does it remove Fluoride?

Yes, it is tested to remove more than 90% of fluoride.

It can if the add-on Berkey PF-2 is used.

It does not remove fluoride.

Does it produce alkaline water?

This filter doesn’t impact the pH level of the water and is designed to turn ordinary tap water into pure bottled water. Only rainwater, which is original water comes with a neutral pH of 7 but AquaTru will preserve the pH that is present in the tap water with a range of 5 to 8. Since there is no scientific evidence on the level of pH, it is merely a preference of the user to drink alkaline or acidic base water. The pH level can be changed using a device to boost the level higher or added with lemon or lime to reduce the level for those who prefer the water to be slightly acidic.

The water filter can be converted to get alkalized water by adding a mineral such as Maifan stones and bio-ceramic energy balls to the bottom reservoir of the Berkey unit. It is tested to increase the water’s pH level by 100%.

The Aquasana ’s Premium range comes with an alkaline purifier under a counter filtration system budget. It cleans the water, restores the essential minerals, and turns the water pH level higher to deliver alkalized water. It typically lasts for about 500 gallons of filtration before requiring a replacement filter.

Compare Price: AquaTru vs Berkey vs Aquasana


Compare Warranty: AquaTru vs Berkey vs Aquasana

Both AquaTru and Aquasana comes with 1-year warranty whereas Berkey offers a lifetime warranty on their filter.

5 thoughts on “AquaTru vs Berkey vs Aquasana

  1. As someone who uses an Aquasana countertop water purification system, both at home and at work, which I have done for probably for 3 years now? I can attest that the review here is bogus and misleading and misinforming the public. I can’t understand how utter nonsense and lies can be just put out there to mislead the public like this. It’s unconscionable and despicable. The physical details of the product aren’t even described correctly. Who pays you to write this tripe?

  2. I’ve had a travel Berkey for ten years now and am very happy with it. I quickly learned to leave a couple inches clear when filling to prevent overflow.

  3. I had the same problem with the Berkey overflowing , which was exacerbated by the space the fluoride units take up in the bottom unit. To fix this I have put 4 bottles of beer into the top unit spaced upright around the filters to limit the amount of water that the upper unit will take. This allows the unit to be filled to the top utilizing the entire filter membrane and allowing the right amount of water to reach the bottom without overflowing. Obviously it is best to soak and remove the beer labels and fill the unit to just below the bottle caps. It has worked great this way for the last 2 years

  4. Which should I buy. Is any countertop worth the money. We have to have a stand alone countertop – no plumbing, no faucet connection. I’ve many conversations with the Allergy Buyers Club but they don’t have enough experience with the Aquatru to convince me to make the purchase and I appreciated their telling me that I should stay away from that product since there are not many reviews and that most of the ones I read are negative.


    • I have had good luck with the AquaTru for over six months. I’m a truck driver and it handles the vibrations in my truck and so far works well. I think it’s a pretty good price for what it takes out. And I add the minerals back just to the point of not tasting them. If you do go for it, I believe you can get $100 off through Mark Hyman’s site. Good luck.

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