Amope Perfect Pedi vs Ped Egg vs Ped Egg Power Review

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Compare Amope Perfect Pedi with Ped Egg and Ped Egg Power and find out which is a better foot file of the three. Compare reviews, specifications, results, pros/cons and prices to make an informed decision.



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Compare What is it? Amope Perfect Pedi vs Ped Egg vs Ped Egg Power

What is Amope Perfect Pedi? – It is an electronic pedicure foot file that promises to remove dead, hard skin and give you silky soft feet after just one use.


What is Ped Egg? – It is a professional style foot file with micro files and claims to get rid of dead skin and calluses to let you have soft and smooth feet.


What is Ped Egg Power? – Ped Egg Power is a cordless electric callus remover that claims to remove dead skin and calluses from your feet so that they are silky smooth as you want them to be.


All three devices have the same functionality of removing dead skin and calluses and there is no clear winner here.


Compare How does it work? Amope Perfect Pedi vs Ped Egg vs Ped Egg Power

How does Amope Perfect Pedi work? – Amope Perfect Pedi asserts that it has been specially designed with Micro-alumina roller, which has a soft but effective rotating action. As a result it can remove lifeless hard skin from your feet easily and painlessly. It’s very easy to use and simple passes with mild pressure on dead skin can get it removed without any hassle. It’s also possible to individualize the treatment by going through successive sessions till you have soft feet.


How does Ped Egg work? – It is a stainless steel professional quality foot file that brings you salon type results in the comforts of your home, according to its claims. It’s because of the micro files it has that can remove dead skin and calluses without any difficulty. It also has two high quality emery buffing pads that will assure you soft and smooth feet at the end of the treatment. All the shavings are also stored in a special compartment so that you don’t have to end up cleaning any mess later.


How does Ped Egg Power work? – Ped Egg Power takes the operational abilities of the Ped Egg to another level altogether to give you better, safe and completely painless results. The secret of Ped Egg Power lies in the nano-abrasion roller technology that spins more than 2000 times every minute. As a result it is effective in removing dead skin and buffing it away. Moreover it emphasizes on the fact that smooth skin underneath is revealed so that you get the results you want.


While we are impressed by the technology used in Ped Egg Power, the Micro-alumina rollers in Amope Perfect Pedi work wonders and make it a winner in this category for us.


Compare Features: Amope Perfect Pedi vs Ped Egg vs Ped Egg Power

Amope Perfect Pedi Features – The Micro-alumina rollers are the most important feature of the Amope Perfect Pedi. The replaceable head has micro-abrasive particles to assure you continuous filing results. Amope Perfect Pedi also stresses on the fact that it is battery operated and compact in size for your convenience. It is also safe for use because there are no blades involved and has been ergonomically designed with a head that makes it easy to handle.


Ped Egg Features – The micro-files of Ped Egg make it effective but it has several features for your convenience. For example the handle it has means you don’t have to bend or twist to remove dead skin or calluses. The handle also has a special storage compartment for dead skin shavings to avoid mess. The ergonomic egg shaped design makes it easier for you to hold it comfortably in the palm of your hand when not using the handle.


Ped Egg Power Features – At the heart of the Ped Egg Power is the motorized spinning action, which works in tandem with the nano-abrasion roller technology making it effective for you. The spinning head of the device ensures that dead skin can be buffed away without any difficulty. You will also be pleased to find that there are no dangerous blades that are involved here, which makes it safe for use.


The nano-abrasion technology of Ped Egg Power and the fact that it doesn’t have any tricky blades gives it the edge in this category.


Compare What to Expect: Amope Perfect Pedi vs Ped Egg vs Ped Egg Power

What to expect from Amope Perfect Pedi – Amope Perfect Pedi claims to help you get rid of dead skin and calluses and leave you with silky, soft feet. It buffs away skin in a matter of minutes to give you instant and painless results. However the treatment might have to be personalized based on the individual and how much pressure is placed during daily activities on your feet.


What to expect from Ped Egg – Ped Egg asserts that it gives you professional quality results from the comforts of your home. With the help of the Ped Egg you can get rid of dead skin and calluses effortlessly and in a matter of minutes. It is also considered to be safe to use and won’t lead to any pain during or after the treatment.


What to expect from Ped Egg Power – Ped Egg Power promises to remove dead skin and calluses painlessly. You are offered professional quality treatment at home and practically anyone can make the most out of it. It’s safe to be used at home because there are no blades involved here.


Amope Perfect Pedi allows you ways to personalize the treatment but at the same time claims to give you results after one use, which makes it the winner for us.


Compare Foot File: Amope Perfect Pedi vs Ped Egg vs Ped Egg Power

Amope Perfect Pedi Foot File
It is an electronic pedicure foot file that has an ergonomic design and no blades, making it safe for use.


Ped Egg Foot File
It is a professional quality foot file with micro files that can get rid of dead skin and calluses with ease.


Ped Egg Power Foot File
This electric callus remover has micro files responsible for removing dead skin and calluses.


As far as the foot files go, we believe all three devices are on par and there is no clear winner here.


Compare Plates/Rollers: Amope Perfect Pedi vs Ped Egg vs Ped Egg Power

Amope Perfect Pedi – It has a Micro-alumina roller with a micro-abrasive, replaceable head, which spins at 360 degrees.


Ped Egg – It has two high quality emery buffing pads that work well with the micro files to give your feet that smooth finish.


Ped Egg Power – It makes the most out of nano-abrasion technology and has nan-abrasion rollers that do the task of removing dead skin and calluses.


For us, the microalumina rollers of Amope Pedi Perfect make it the winner because they are meant to be highly effective.

Compare Speed Settings: Amope Perfect Pedi vs Ped Egg vs Ped Egg Power

Amope Perfect Pedi – 1 Speed Setting

Ped Egg – Not applicable.

Ped Egg Power – 1 speed setting

Compare Country Of Origin

Amope Perfect Pedi


Ped Egg


Ped Egg Power


All three devices are made in China.

How is it powered?

Amope Perfect Pedi
It is battery operated and requires 4 AA batteries.


Ped Egg
Battery operated.


Ped Egg Power
Battery operated.


All three devices are battery operated and hence on par.

Does it remove callus?

Amope Perfect Pedi
Yes it does.


Ped Egg
Yes it does.


Ped Egg Power
Yes it removes calluses.


All three devices remove calluses and are equal in this category.

Is it water-proof?

Amope Perfect Pedi
No it isn’t.


Ped Egg


Ped Egg Power
No it isn’t.


None of the devices are waterproof and hence there is no winner in this category.

Does it have a handle?

Amope Perfect Pedi
Yes, it has an ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to use.


Ped Egg
Yes it has an ergonomically designed handle with a compartment for storing shavings.


Ped Egg Power
Yes it has a specially designed ergonomic handle.


We like the fact that Pedi Egg has a handle with special compartment for storing shavings and it’s the winner for us.

Does it spin?

Amope Perfect Pedi
The microalumina roller spins at 360 degrees.


Ped Egg
No it doesn’t.


Ped Egg Power
Yes, the roller head spins at over 2000 times per minute.


While Ped Egg Power might spin a lot faster, the spinning range of Amope Perfect Pedi makes it the winner in this category for us.

Compare What do I get: Amope Perfect Pedi vs Ped Egg vs Ped Egg Power

Amope Perfect Pedi comes with 1 Electronic Foot File, 1 Roller Head, 4 AA Alkaline Batteries, and 1 Cover.

Ped Egg Kit includes 2 emery finishing pads.

Ped Egg Power comes with Ped Egg Power callus remover tool, 4 gray abrasion rollers, 2 purple smoothing rollers, and Instruction guide.


Compare Price: Amope Perfect Pedi vs Ped Egg vs Ped Egg Power

Amope Perfect Pedi costs :
$35.27 & FREE Shipping at
$49.99 + S/h at
$39.99 + $5 gift card + S/h at
$35.27 & S/h at
$49.99 + S/h at
$39.99 + S/h at
$49.99 + S/h at


Ped Egg costs :
$13.00 + Free S/h at
$9.99 + S/h at
$7.00 + S/h at
$6.99 + S/h at
$12.99 + S/h at


Ped Egg Power costs
$14.99 + S/h at
$14.99 + S/h at
$19.95 + Free S/h at
$19.95 + $4.95 S&H at


Compare Reviews and Complaints: Amope Perfect Pedi vs Ped Egg vs Ped Egg Power

Amope Perfect Pedi Pros/Cons

Worn out files – Anastasia who reviewed Amope Perfect Pedi complained in her review that when she got the device the files had already been worn out. It was quite a nuisance or her because getting replacements is expensive and that practically renders the whole device useless.


Has its limitations – Karen who used Amope Perfect Pedi revealed in her review that it does the job of removing dead skin and calluses but it has certain issues like the fact that you have to go over the area again and again to get the job done. That means you are wasting a lot of time on removing dead skin. You also get Amope Perfect Pedi with a moisturizer but according to her that doesn’t last very long and seems like a sales gimmick.


It’s noisy – Pamela who reviewed Amope Perfect Pedi complained in her review that she couldn’t really tell if it made a difference to her feet but the problem she faced was the loud noise it made. She thought it was quite annoying and not what she expected at all.

Ped Egg Pros /Cons

Graters don’t always work – Jennifer who reviewed Ped Egg exposed in her review that she has been using it for many years now and has realized that one of the three graters just doesn’t work. It has happened consistently in her case and she can also tell which grater won’t work because it’s always kind of dull. For her it’s a deliberate and dishonest marketing tool that the company should avoid.


Blades not sharp enough
Katie who used Ped Egg complained in her review that the blades just don’t seem sharp enough to be able to do the job effectively. She received her delivery on time but it took ever so long to get started with it. What’s worse is that she had to do a lot of scrubbing over and over again to get rid of dead skin. That makes her think that it’s not as powerful and effective as the advertising claims it to be.

Ped Egg Power Pros/Cons

Doesn’t really work – Rita who used Ped Egg Power complained in her review that she has used Ped Egg for a while now and faced no problems with it. But that wasn’t the case with this supposed new and improved version as it did practically nothing for her feet. She could see some tiny white particles or powder under the roller but that just wasn’t enough to get dead skin removed. She now wonders whether she was sent a defective piece in the first place.


Waste of money – Nina who reviewed Ped Egg Power exposed in her review that you are asked to put some pressure when you touch it to your feet but as soon as you do that, the device stops rotating. According to her it just doesn’t have enough power and won’t do anything that you expect it to. You are also not told how you should use the spinning heads and that’s a disaster waiting to happen. She herself got her feet bleeding while trying to use it in the best possible way. It is also avoidable on sensitive skin because that can be painful. Overall she believes that this device is a complete waste of money and she would have been better off using a scraper instead.



The winner of this comparison is AMOPE PERFECT PEDI.


9 Comments on "Amope Perfect Pedi vs Ped Egg vs Ped Egg Power Review"

  1. Love This Products | May 12, 2016 at 9:11 am | Reply

    I’ve seen the advertisements for amope perfect pedi and thought there was no way it would really work. I purchased it on a recommendation from an acquaintance, and couldn’t be happier. I’ve used it everyday and my calluses are disappearing.

  2. I am curious if the rollers are interchangeble between the ped egg power and the amapee
    My email is

    Pkease send me your thoughts on the subject

  3. glenn hipszer | July 27, 2015 at 4:18 am | Reply

    My feet are turning to stone I AM 66 YEARS OLD. first I bought a ped egg from amazon it was used and damaged the roller was broken so I put in the spare then it at least turned after coming in contact with the skin. the battery compartment was also damaged and kept falling off and the switch was rough. but it did the job $19.99.

    A week later I bought a new ped egg for around $14 it worked fine and has a bunch of power.

    after seeing the amope at Wal-Mart for around $40.00 I hesitated for about a month. then decided and bought one It has the same or less power than the ped egg I was able to get to the burn notice ( it hurts so stop) much sooner. it did handle well with the nice handle the handle un like the ped egg has a rubber coating which will surely turn into a gooey mess in a year .I would skip the high price one and get the ped egg after having read this.

    • Annette. Miller | May 19, 2016 at 4:49 am | Reply

      Well I purchased the ped egg power and when I put if on mmy foot it stops rolling its a flop

  4. I had the same results with the ped – egg, when you try to
    Put a little pressure on it, it stops. Does not have enough power behind it to do the job effectively. It’s OK if you have been getting pedicures regularly, but for some one that does not get pedicures and have rough feets, don’t waste your money.

  5. I have been using the ped egg for 2 years and I think it works really well. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to go over your feet more than once with the file. One mistake in this article that I noticed was in the “how is it powered” section. The article states the ped egg is battery powered which it isn’t there isn’t batteries in it at all everything is manual. I wasn’t sure if maybe it was getting confused with the pedi spin which is battery operated.

  6. I found this on Amazon today. Looks like it’s new. I love love love anything pink, so I would rather get this than the Amope Pedi Perfect. Does anyone have one? Are you happy with it?

    • I have a ped egg power and I got it at Walgreens. It works great. Use the blue spinner first to get the rough callouses worn down and then finish with the pink filing blade. I use mine inbetween pedicures. In fact had a pedicure yesterday and I was able to clean up a couple spots they missed with the file. Was considering getting the emope one too to see which one works better

  7. Have been using the Pedi-egg I recently purchased from HSN. I agree that when you apply any type of pressure the rollers stop. I personally do not think it does that good of a job. It requires going over the same area repeatedly. I was looking for reviews when I saw came upon yours. I was curious about the Amope’. Anyway, I hope this helps someone decide which product is the best one to purchase.

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