Amope Pedi Perfect vs Emjoi REVIEW

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Compare what is it? Amope Pedi Perfect vs Emjoi

What is Amope Pedi Perfect? – Amope Pedi Perfect is an electronic foot file that gives you effective pedicure right at home. It buffs away dry, rough, and hard callused skin from the foot in a matter of a few minutes.

Emjoi – It’s an electronic pedicure device that gives you more effective and quicker pedicure just like salon right at home. It gets rid of dry, hard and calloused skin instantly.

Compare how does it work? Amope Pedi Perfect vs Emjoi

How does Amope Pedi Perfect work? – It has a patent pending Micralumina replaceable head that self-rotates at 360 degrees to give continuous filing with its micro-abrasive particles. The device gently buffs away hard and dry skin when you move it over the affected skin applying light or medium pressure. The skin will be silky smooth with regular passes over it.

How does Emjoi work? – It has a unique roller that spins at 360 degrees at 30 times a second. The micro mineral particles on the roller head pulverize dead skin instantly to give you smoother skin.

Compare Features: Amope Pedi Perfect vs Emjoi

Amope Pedi Perfect Features – The electronic pedicure device is specially designed to give you smooth skin even on toughened calluses. The patented Micralumina roller head exfoliates the skin with gentle and self-rotating action. The roller surface is micro-abrasive to give perfect results. Its head is ergonomically shaped for easy handling and it is battery operated so it doesn’t use energy.

Emjoi Features – Emjoi is engineered with a more powerful motor and it’s a micro-pedicure device with ergonomic design to give you ease of use. Its unique roller has micro mineral particles to buff dry skin away quickly and effectively and it does so very gently. It does not have metal scrappers and blades so it is safe to use.

Compare Benefits: Amope Pedi Perfect vs Emjoi

Amope Pedi Perfect Benefits – It gives smooth and callus free skin in minutes. With its easy handling and grip, the foot filer is very easy to operate and you need to just run it over the callused areas to make them smooth. The roller head is made of micro-abrasive particles and not metal or blade so it is not sharp and hence safe to use. The roller head can also be replaced when it wears out.

Emjoi – You can get pedicure of salon-quality right at home. Smoothing the skin is no longer a tough job since it does not require constant rubbing like traditional methods. With no blades or metal surface it is safer to use than metal scrappers and easier than pumice stones. It buffs away calluses and dry skin instantly.

Compare foot file: Amope Pedi Perfect vs Emjoi

Amope Pedi Perfect – The foot file has a roller head that rotates in 360° to give quick results. Micro-abrasive particles buff the hard skin and calluses away to reveal silky smooth skin within minutes. You will see the difference right after the first treatment.

Emjoi – The foot file will be smoother and more effective with its micro mineral particles on the roller that rotates at 360 degrees and 30 times a second to get rid of dry and hard skin instantly.


Does it have skin shavings storage compartment?
Both Amope Pedi Perfect and Emjoi do not have storage compartments.

Does it include different types of treatment plates/rollers?
No. both Amope Pedi Perfect and Emjoi come with one type of roller head that is replaceable.

Is it battery operated
Both Amope and Emjoi are battery operated.

Can the motor speed be adjusted?
None of the Pedis have speed adjustment.

Is it waterproof?
Amope Pedi Perfect and Emjoi are NOT waterproof. The devices must be used only on dry skin

Does it remove calluses
Both Amope Pedi Perfect and Emjoi are effective in removing Calluses

Compare Reviews and Complaints: Amope Pedi Perfect vs Emjoi

Amope Pedi Perfect Reviews, Pros/Cons

A customer who reviewed Amope says it is a lot more effective at getting rid of dry and cracked skin caused by diabetes than any expensive lotion and took just a few minutes for a couple of uses to see the difference. Another user says it’s a much safer and easier method than scrappers and pumice stone. One reviewer who suffers from cracked heels had smoother skin and also got rid of corn that had troubled them for months.

One reviewer complains that it’s not a sturdy device and took really long to treat their feet. Another customer says that the motor stops working as soon as the device touched the foot to exfoliate and it was a waste of money. A reviewer complains that it’s made of cheap plastic and yet another customer found that it didn’t remove any dry skin from their feet though the skin wasn’t very hard and dry.

Emjoi Reviews and Complaints

A customer who used Emjoi says that it got rid of dry and dead skin even in harsh winter. Another reviewer found it very effective on all areas of the foot like arches, heels, and toes to shave off calluses and gave them smooth feet. One user says that they found it useful in removing calluses on hands as well as feet. Another consumer found it very powerful in spite of being a small handheld device.

One customer who reviewed the device complains that it wasn’t powerful at all and didn’t help in removing calluses at all. Another user found that the rotator stopped working as soon as it was placed against the foot even lightly. One reviewer could switch the device on with great difficulty and when they tried reusing it, the device didn’t turn on at all. For another user also it worked just once and they thought it was overpriced.


6 thoughts on “Amope Pedi Perfect vs Emjoi REVIEW

  1. Amope pedi perfect seems to stop running before it’s been used a year. They run slower and slower. I am now going to try the other brands and get one that plugs in. Tired of the battery game, even rechargeable is not good for me, fails within two years.

    • Best bet is the new Skoother skin smoother found at Walmart for $10. Beats all of the motorized foot-files hands down. Twice as fast and cost a lot less!

  2. I just got the Amope’ Pedi Perfect. It was working beautifully for about 5 minutes. Then it stopped rotating with any amount of pressure. As soon as I touch the roller to my foot, the roller stops rotating but the motor is still going full force. I’m really disappointed because otherwise it would be fantastic.

  3. I ordered the Emjoi pedicure and manicure devices as a set from QVC for Christmas. I also bought a set for my husband mainly for the pedicure for him as he has diabetes and does not want to risk getting cut and/or pick up an infection by having a professional pedicure. They both are great and we paid about $35 for each set. They came with extra rollers (2 kinds) and the manicure came with extra rollers too. It was a great deal and we haven’t had any issues with any of the devices. For less than the price of 1 Amope product, we received a great deal with the combo and extra supplies. I would check with QVC and get a great deal on an awesome product!

  4. I JUST paid $50 for a PediPerfect with replacement rollers and batteries at Sam’s Club.
    I’m hoping it is just dead batteries, because the machine won’t turn on. (never used, and it won’t turn on)
    I’ll have to go out for new batteries–the customer service center is of course closed already,

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