Amish Secret vs Dutch Glow

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Compare What is it: Amish Secret vs Dutch Glow

What is Amish Secret – It is claimed to be a handmade formula that brings back the charm of wood furniture. Its non-greasy finish gives a new life to the furniture that includes cherry, oak, maple, walnut and even exotic woods.

Dutch Glow – Dutch Glow is declared as a 100 year old formula used by Amish Woodworkers to make wood surfaces shine like no other chemicals can. Its primary ingredient Amish Wood Milk has been researched to provide a long lasting shine to the surface of all types of wooden furniture at home.


Compare How it Works: Amish Secret vs Dutch Glow

How does Amish Secret work? The formula is stated to be inspired from Amish Heritage and works similarly to the age-old practices that restore the look of wooden furniture. To use Amish Secret it has to be applied by simply spraying it on the part of wood requiring retouching and wiped using a clean soft-microfiber cloth. It is to be used for 3 to 4 times a month to provide optimal shine.

How does Dutch Glow work? To use Dutch Glow it simply needs application to the wood surface and wiped using a soft micro-fiber cloth. There is no need to wipe it over and over the surface as it gives a sparkling finish in one single wipe.


Compare Features and Benefits: Amish Secret vs Dutch Glow

Amish Secret Features and Benefits – Amish Secret is harmless to any wooden surface and is beneficial due to its easy usage. The original luster of the wood is brought back as it is claimed to even reach into the surface cracks. It starts cutting wax and grease in mere seconds even on painted wood to keep it shining and dust-free for a long time. It also can get rid of water rings and prevent new ones from taking place.

Dutch Glow Features and Benefits – Dutch Glow is asserted to have several benefits as it brandishes its age old origins. The traditional formula does not contain chemicals which leaves a trace over the surface. Instead it clears up the wood’s surface in such a way that it starts repelling dirt and grime. It is stated to magically clean surfaces of grease, smoke stains, fingerprints, scuff marks and even water rings that are present since long time. It works on all types of wood including oak, cherry, pine, maple and teak.


Compare Reviews, Complaints, Pros/Cons: Amish Secret vs Dutch Glow

Amish Secret Review, Complaints and Pros & Cons

Jack Miller who used this product says in his Amish Secret review that the formula did not work at all on the furniture and looks still the same after cleaning. It was not able to bring a shine to the wood and costs a lot to even send it back. In fact regular soap and water cleaning is said to be better.

Bob Russell complains in his Amish Secret review that it does not possess any magical cleaning potential and is similar to what soap and water does. On the contrary it left a silicone-like covering over the wood and does not work on worn or unfinished areas of old wooden furniture. The overspray is very slick and one has to be careful while using it near vinyl flooring.

Tony Garner in his Amish Secret review reveals that it completely failed to provide any luster to the wooden furniture. It only brightens up the parts of furniture which are already bright and lets the rest stay the way it is. It fails to clear off the rings and stains on a wooden table which is why it is branded to be absolute waste of money.

One customer who ordered Amish Secret complains about very poor customer service as a lot of shipping and handling charges were incurred with the issue of credit card being charged twice.

Paul D who reviewed Amish Secret reveals similar issue of poor customer service and false advertising where two bottles are shown for promotion while only one is sold for that price.


Dutch Glow Review, Complaints and Pros & Cons

Nick Curtis who used this product complains in his Dutch Glow review that it lacks information pertaining to its ingredients which is hazardous even if the claim is that it is made of natural ingredients. It should provide details of materials in it since there may be people who may have certain allergies and end up using it.

Christophe Royer who reviewed Dutch Glow has positive words regarding its results and states that it works very well for cleaning woodwork. Christophe Royer has apparently tested it on several wooden surfaces and recommends it highly for bringing back the luster to wooden furniture.

One other customer who used Dutch Glow reveals that it is worthless as it does not clean anything and leaves smears on the surface.

Matt Picard is disappointed with the Dutch Glow, He complains in his Dutch Glow review that the ordering process was a headache and is clearly a sham. The company keeps asking to add something more in the cart like a literal ‘carrot on the stick’. The problem is once the order is placed a huge sum of shipping and handling is added which skyrockets the price furthermore and cannot be canceled. The customer service is hopeless and sends the customers on a wild goose chase to solve queries or when it comes to getting a refund.

Colin Mcauley says Dutch Glow is not as good as some other solutions which are easily available at home depot and are conveniently cheap to purchase as there is no shipping and handling incurred.

One thought on “Amish Secret vs Dutch Glow

  1. Bought Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk to clean our lighter oak wood kitchen cabinets that had fingertip grime – I tried a number of products over the years without satisfaction – so thought I would invest in this product. First, the sprayer did not spray – so I changed their applicator to squeeze out the product onto a paper towel. Applied it to the grime – and who-la ! the grime came off & the nice thing was their was NO residue and NO odor ! So – so far – so good for what I wanted to do…haven’t tried it on scuff marks yet.

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