AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut Review

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Compare How does it work? AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut

How does Aircut work?

Aircut (also called as Air Cutter) is an electric powered hand-held hair(air) cutter invented by Waukesha, Wisconsin inventor Norman Yerke in 2008 for cutting hair. It has a two motor system, one for lifting hair and pulling it in the unit and another that moves like a scissor to cut it. It consists of a plastic guard or “styler” which helps in avoiding a very short cut. Plus it has an internal micrometer filer that keeps any hair from entering any internal components and keeps it intact in the unit.

AirCut ak.a Air Cutter is a unique hair cutting tool which has the “do-it-yourself” convenience since it has one of a kind self-contained cutting engine. The suction for cleaning the hair is built in in (Air Cutter) and does not require addition vacuum. This makes AirCut compact and ideal for haircuts shorter than 4 ½ inches. Air Cutter also comes with 9 different Snap-on attachments for custom cutting the hair for any desired length. The removable hair collection chamber can be easily pulled and cleaned without leaving any mess.

How does Flowbee work?

Flowbee is a new generation hair-cutting device which has a vacuum hose connected to clean the hair while cutting them to avoid itchy and messy hair. This bright yellow Flowbee appliance works on a 12 volt adapter to drive its clippers and sports a comfortable slip-proof grip.

Flowbee is a precision hair cutting and trimming solution aligned with numerous trimmer guards for perfect cut. It is designed to fit any standard vacuum cleaner hose and plugs into the wall separately. Once the vacuum is secured the device can be used to cut hair cleanly and neatly.

How does Robocut work?

Robocut is a vacuum cleaner connected automatic hair-cutting device. The vacuum is powerful to clean messy hair which gets cut using the device. Robocut has the ability to cut hair from a range of ½ inch to 6inches long. Robocut’s vacuum sucks the hair when the rotary blade mechanism starts working.

Robocut provides an outlet to connect with any standard sized vacuum hoses. This helps in suction of hair which is clipped using this hair cutting device.

Compare How to use? AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut

How to use AirCut – AirCutter needs the oil which is supplied along with to be applied on the blades and attached with the desired styler to start trimming hair.

How to use Flowbee – To use Flowbee one needs to simply attach a vacuum hose through its free universal hose adapter and adjust the desired setting and length of the hair to start cutting.

How to use Robocut – Robocut needs a standard vacuum hose attached to it to begin cutting. Later the right length desired should be adjusted for a salon like haircut. While cutting hair the extender should be ran over a couple of times for making sure the hair are cut properly.

Compare What do I get? and Price: AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut

AirCut – Purchasing AirCut in 3 easy payments of $33.33 gets a set of 8 straight stylers ranging from ½ to 4 inches, a cleaning brush, lubrication oil, AC transformer, cover for hair clippings, filter and a ½ inch tapered styler. Official website | Price $99.99

Flowbee – Flowbee consists of head with hose, AC 120V transformer, a bottle of lubricant, 10 spacer length settings, Universal vacuum hose adapter, user manual and requires a vacuum cleaner of 3hp or 8 amps for perfect results. Official website | Price – $114.90

Robocut – Robocut comes in blue color and has hair cutter with precision dial, laser blades, metal gearbox, flexible hose and power supply. It also has two range extenders for reaching up to 6 inches hair length and a short/pet Adapter for short hair and pet grooming, Buzz Adapter for extra short hair, Angled adapter for tapering and layering, gentle angled for a lesser steep tapering, hose adapter for connecting vacuum hoses, oil tubes for lubricating blades, instruction sheet and hair-cutting guide with free shipping only at $99.00. Official website

Compare Cleaning Instructions: AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut

How to Clean AirCut – To clean AirCut, the hair collection area should be cleaned of any hair on it. Once clean the cover should be removed and lightly dusted with a brush which is included. All hair in the filter area should be cleaned and cleared using the same brush. The filter should be placed back with care to make sure that the device turns on properly. The clean-out cover should be reinstalled prior to use.

For best results the blades should be oiled after every 10 haircuts. Oiling the blade is easy, a drop of two should be placed in the oil and rubbed back and forth with a finger. Later the device should be run for 10 seconds to make sure the oil spreads evenly.

How to Clean Flowbee – Flowbee requires no clean-up.

How to Clean Robocut – There is no information available regarding cleaning Robocut.

Does it work well on pets? AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut

Does AirCut work on pets – AirCut is not designed for pets.

Does Flowbee work on pets – Flowbee can be used on a pet with its Pet Attachment. But care should be taken that the pet is shampooed and all mats brushed out before using the appliance. Also one should not try to cut more than ½” of hair off at one time.

Does Robocut work on pets – Robocut is designed to provide hair cutting and pet grooming in one and is perfect for use on pets.

What does tapered styler do? AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut

AirCut Tapered styler helps cutting a shaping the backside of the head and around the ears to give a salon like cut.

Flowbee Tapered spacers in Flowbee is used for sides and lower neck for a clean and perfect cut.

Robocut No information is available for tapered setting of Robocut.

Compare Instructions: AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut

AirCut The hair should be free of any styling products like gel and hairspray and works perfectly on dry or towel-dried wet hair.

Flowbee works great on dry or towel-dried hair and using any hair styling product should be avoided.

Robocut should be used on plain dry hair and no hair products like thickeners, hair sprays, gels, etc should be applied.

What is the recommended Vacuum cleaner power?

AirCut does require a vacuum cleaner

Flowbee needs a 4 HP vacuum or stronger.

Robocut works well on any household vacuum.

Compare Blades: AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut

AirCut – Installing stylers needs just lining it up at the opening in the housing. The styler is to be pushed and snapped in position. Every styler has a tongue and groove design for an easy push-in and pull-out action. There is no information available regarding the cost and sharpness of the blades.

Flowbee – at $25 there are 2 blades, 6 thanksgiving 2012s, 4 screws, straight angle: 90 degrees blades available which need assembly.

Robocut – Comes with cartridge of $14.99 pre-assembled with sharp angle: 75 degree.

Compare Advantages/Reviews/Pros: AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut

1> It is very cheap with flexibility to cut hair whenever and wherever desired.
2> it is light and compact enough to carry during travels.

1> It is cheap and clean since it uses a vacuum cleaner.
2> It provides very neat and fine looking trim for closer cuts that shows.
3> It also works well on pets without making any mess of hair.

1> It helps in providing cheap haircuts in any desired style in no time.
2> It uses a vacuum which makes it cleaner to use without having hair all over the floor.
3> It also has a pet attachment for grooming pets.

Compare Disadvantages/Complaints/Cons: AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut

1> It does not have enough power to suck the air.
2>It is not strong enough in lifting the hair into the cutters.

1> Needs a powerful vacuum to work the suction and still does not give satisfactory result.
2> It comes with limited amount of spacers.
3> It comes with complaints of the device not functioning.

1> The build is very cheap plastic and not strong enough.
2> It is uncomfortable and give a sore head due to hair pulling as a result of its circular design.
3> It does not cut hair well enough in one go.

20 thoughts on “AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut Review

  1. I bought a Robocut on clearance from WalMart about 25 years ago for $20. Loved so much, I went back for another one, but they cut the price to $10, so I bought 2. Decided I should buy them out and the price was down to $5 with one left. I bought it. Gave one to my dad who has used on himself and my mom for about 25 years now with no issues problems or breakage. My family grew from two to seven and used the other three with no issues until one of the kids started swinging around in a circle and hit the wall. It burst apart, but nothing broke and we were able to put it back together. All told, it saved us a tone of money on haircuts. Even at only $10 a cut plus tip, if I had paid full price (It was $169.00 back then) it would have been a great investment. It always did a professional looking job with no complaints about pulling of hair. Just follow the detailed written and video instruction, and you will have no issues. However during our move from MO to OH our storage unit was broken into and everything taken. Sadly those 3 units have probably been tossed by someone who just did not understand how to use them. So I was looking to replace them on the internet today and found this site and thought I would leave a comment since the reviewer above obviously had no real experience with these products stated things rather negatively when at least the Robocut is an excellent durable product.

  2. At first you say under “What is the recommended Vacuum cleaner power?” that AirCut does require a vacuum cleaner but then later on you say it doesn’t. So, which is it?

  3. Flobee is an amazing product, I have been using mine for over 10 years. As a man, I absolutely hated the salon experience, it felt too metro for my taste and at $60 to $80 bucks a pop, felt too expensive/like a rip-off. Barber shops were less expensive but the quality was not good.

    I took a chance knowing that the Flobee would pay for itself in less than 2 uses.

    Flobee for life.

  4. I’m looking to purchase my 3rd Flowbee. Bought the original 25 years ago. Talk about easy kid cuts! My oldest son never shed a tear, he begged to get his hair cut. I would have to use it with just the vacuum and not the blades when he didn’t need his hair cut.

    The fist one lasted about 10 years, doing a lot of haircuts (my husband and sons have extremely thick, curly hair). 2nd made it roughly 15 years, just died Wednesday. We have saved thousands of $$ using the Flowbee and no crying kids.

    • Yep, we’ve had our “Flowbee” for 10 + years and it still works great.
      I have replaced the cutting blades once which is not unusual or unreasonable.

  5. When I was growing up Mom cut our hair. It was a treat to pay someone to cut it. My grandfather once gave me and a brother a real buzz job. Something about we looked like goddamn hippies. (It was the early 70s). Our parents were not at all happy.
    So now I’m all grown up and old I could never imagine getting a home haircut. Buying one of these machines to save a couple bucks? Thrifty? No, cheap.
    There are places to get a haircuts everywhere. A lot around the $10 mark. They might not always be the best, but you’ve been using a vacuum for years.
    And does your vacuum cutter take care of those ear hairs and keep your eyebrows looking sharp? The stylist reeks of some terrible fast food and cigarettes and corporate insists on playing only the very worst top 40 and/or 80s radio station. Or you can avoid human contact.

  6. My Flowbee is great been using for nearly 4 years. Honestly, I believe they would all be great products. The weak point is finding a decent vacuum these days. I have tried nearly everything from outrageously expensive to cheap and the cheap ones have just as much suction as the expensive models. They all start losing suction after a few uses and force you to get a new vacuum. I am going to use my Flowbee on a shop vac. They are cheaper and more suction. Dyson and Hoover can keep their machines, they are a joke.

  7. We bought a Flowbee first and liked it, but then we saw the Robocut and purchased it. The biggest difference for me is that the Robocut can be dialed to different lengths, while the Flowbee has different attachments so you can’t make minute changes. When the Robocut died the other day during the middle of a haircut, we pulled out the Flowbee that has been stored for many years.
    Personally, I will purchase another Robocut because I’ve gotten very comfortable using it and dialing in the changes. I’m not sure which one as I see they have a professional model with a vacuum attached. Probably go with the other though; too many parts to go out (if the vacuum failed before the cutter, or vice versa).

  8. Flowbee does not last long.
    My first unit was used for 3 of us for 15 years until it no longer worked.
    The second one lasted 2 years with use on just myself.
    Poor product.
    Look for something else.

  9. I have had my Flowbee for at least 23 years, I still prefer it over going to a salon. Cut my hair today and offered to cut my sons hair. His reply was, I can’t believe you still have that mom (got it shortly after he was born). Honestly the best product that I have ever purchased seeing that my family consisted of 6 people.

  10. The Flowbee does come with replacement blades but there isn’t any information available on how to install them. There are several parts and innumerable ways to put the head back together none of which seem to work correctly once every thing is screwed back together. I would suggest then when disassembling the head to remove the old blades that you video tape it from beginning to end otherwise like myself you will have spent additional money on new blades and just have an expensive pile of plastic junk that will no longer work no matter how many ways you attempt to to it back together. For me it has been a complete waste of money.

    • “YouTube ” has a tutorial(s) on maintenance, repair and head assembly. The cutting blades are not difficult at all to replace but keep in mind, they do need occasional light oiling which is supplied with purchase or any clipper head oil works great also.

  11. I bought a Robocut hair cutter 25 years ago, and have used it regularly every month since. I attach it to my Kirby vacuum hose, cut first to 3/4 inch, then to 1/2 inch around the sides. Takes just over 10 minutes each time, and does a great job. Probably has saved me over $2500 over the years. Still cuts as good as when I first got it. Oil the blade each time. A very happy Robocut owner!

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