Aerocart vs Muletto

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Compare what is it? Aerocart vs Muletto

What is Aerocart – It is an eight in one lifter, carrier and mover that claims to lighten the load and can be used for different purposes.

Muletto – It is a multipurpose wheelbarrow that promises to do a lot for you from carrying flower pots, to cylinders, furniture and more.

Verdict : Both Aerocart and Muletto are on par with their functionality and applications.


Compare How does it work? Aerocart vs Muletto

How does Aerocart work? – Aerocart asserts that it is a lot more than a wheelbarrow because it makes things 4 times lighter for you. Thanks to its patented design you can get 400% more lifting power than compared to your regular wheelbarrow. The oversized wheels of the Aerocart also assure you that the load will feel significantly lesser for you. Moreover it can be converted into a dolly thanks to the fulcrum and can move everything from plants to boulders and trailers too.

The secret of Aerocart lies in the patented design, which ensures that the center of gravity is adjusted to give you a load that’s balanced and can be easily managed.


How does Muletto work? – For starters, the performance of the Muletto is dependent on its patented design that can give you 400% more lifting power, according to its claims. But one of the major advantages of Muletto is that it has two wheels rather than one that you would normally see with your regular wheelbarrows. That makes a lot of difference to the lifting because it offers you the balance and stability as well.

Muletto asserts that it’s very simple to assemble and the job can be done in three simple steps. Once you have inserted the wheels and pins you can insert the handles and tighten wing nuts. You can also take this cool wheelbarrow wherever you go by simply removing the handles. All this can be done without the need for any special tools.

Verdict – Muletto has an edge here because of the stability it offers and also the ease of its assembly and use.

Compare Features and Benefits: Aerocart vs Muletto

Aerocart Features and Benefits
• One of the main features of the Aerocart is that it can be easily converted into a dolly so that you can use it for different purposes like carrying a refrigerator or a dishwasher for that matter. It can easily take up to 300lbs of load.
• The extended dolly is capable of carrying mulch, straw bails and furniture.
• Aerocart is perfect for moving heavy pots thanks to its extended arms and flower pot moving strap, according to its claims.
• One of its many applications includes being a cylinder carrier and a Trailer Tote for boats, RVs and more.

Muletto Features and Benefits
• Muletto with its 4 cubic foot capacity is capable of holding up to 300 lbs of weight. The ergonomic handles ensure that you can carry heavy loads without any difficulty.
• Muletto is packed with features like extended arms and flower pot moving strap that make it ideal for moving heavy flower pots. You can also use it as a cylinder carrier and a rock lifter thanks to its special mesh.
• The dolly flap you find with Muletto makes sense when you want to carry heavy and bulky items like refrigerators and dishwashers. You can also use this option well when you have to carry furniture around.
• It is a bag holder, trailer mover and a whole lot more.

Verdict – As far as applications go, both Aerocart and Muletto are even but the latter with its ergonomic handles makes things easier for you.

Compare Price and what do I get? Aerocart vs Muletto

Aerocart Price – You can get Aerocart for $159.80 and you get Aerocart all-purpose cart, bag holder, cylinder holder, plant mover strap and rock mover mesh.

Muletto – You get Muletto for $169.99. The offer includes Muletto, 2 handles, 2 pneumatic wheels, 1 bag holder, one cylinder holder, rock mesh and flower pot strap.

Verdict – Aerocart is definitely cheaper.

Compare Material Used: Aerocart vs Muletto

Aerocart – Stainless Steel

Muletto – Premium Steel construction.

Verdict – Both Aerocart and Muletto are well made and sturdy.

Compare Max Load capacity: Aerocart vs Muletto

Aerocart – 300 lbs

Muletto – 300 lbs

Verdict – They both can carry equal amount of load without any problems.

Compare Weight and Dimensions: Aerocart vs Muletto

Aerocart – Dimensions 106.7 x 30.5 x 45.7 cm, Cart weight 41 lbs.

Muletto – Weight 45 lbs. dimensions : 58 x 23.5 x 20.5 inches

Verdict – Muletto is heavier but not by much.

Compare Warranty: Aerocart vs Muletto

Aerocart – Three years.

Muletto – 1 year limited warranty

Verdict – Aerocart scores well here because its warranty is longer.

Compare Reviews and Complaints: Aerocart vs Muletto

Aerocart Reviews and Complaints

Less than impressive – One user who bought Aerocart complained in his review that it was nothing one would expect. It’s not big enough and can barely carry a bag of wheels, which is a huge let down.

Flaws galore – One customer who used Aerocart revealed in his review that the ingenious design had its advantages because it could be moved around easily. But there are problems in the barrow mode because it is lower than one would like to. Another problem with it is that the transition from barrow to forklift is quite tricky and needs some getting used to. Overall, its capacity is underwhelming.

Doesn’t do the job – Another customer who bought Aerocart exposed in his review that the dolly mode might be a good option but it doesn’t really work as well as it should. The big problem is with its efficiency because it can’t carry an entire bag of leaves. If you want to try and open the edges of the bag to put the contents in the tray, you face the shortcoming of the stance not being too wide. Hence the whole thing tips over, which is quite a nuisance when you are trying to get the job done.

Not up to the mark – One customer who used Aerocart complained in his review that it is not worth its price at all. You can save the amount and go get a regular dolly, which does the job well. Another problem is with the space it takes and can lead to storage issues.

Muletto Reviews and Complaints

Small and expensive – One user who bought Muletto exposed in his review that it is just not big enough. It makes a lot of tall claims, especially about being versatile in carrying different heavy duty things for you. However it is just not able to do that because of its small size. Another problem with it, according to him, is of course its high price. Since one pays huge amounts on it, expectations are bound to be high and it just can’t live up to them.

Not well made – One customer who used Muletto complained in his review that it was quite cheap and tacky. That’s especially true of the tires, which can go flat quite quickly. He had to buy a set of durable tyres and bolts to secure the thing.

Stops working well – One customer who reviewed Muletto complained that while it does its job for first couple of times, it starts developing problems soon enough. The tires can go flat and it becomes quite difficult to push. He also noticed that the cart had come with a few dents and scratches and that is just not on when you are buying an expensive product.

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