Ab Circle Pro Vs Ab Coaster Vs Ab Rocket Vs Ab Flyer Review

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Here is a comparison of as seen on tv abdominal exercise equipments – Ab Circle Pro, Ab Coaster, Ab Rocket and Ab Flyer.

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Ab Coaster
Ab Rocket
Exercises Mimicked sit ups, crunches, abdominal muscle contrctions, bun and thigh toning and Cardio crunches, core contractions. abdominal crunches ab crunches
Areas worked on Entire core, upper, middle and lower abs and obliques. Hips, Buns and thighs. Cardio Target your upper abs, lower abs and side obliques. Upper, lower and middle abs. Upper, lower and middle abs and obliques.
Resistance Levels 3 (beginner, intermediate and advanced) Weight plate posts add up to 20 lbs. of resistance. 3 levels of resistance. (beginner, intermediate and advanced) 2 Beginner and Advanced.
Exercise Position Kneeling Seated on a padded seat. Seated with legs stretched on the ground. With back support. Seated on a padded seat
User weight supported No data available. Heavy-duty all steel frame support up to 300 lbs. No data available Frame supports up to 300 lbs.
Unique Feature Patent-pending Friction Free Track provides complete range of motion. It uses the momentum of gravity to target your problem areas in a smooth full circular motion aerobically burning your fat.
  • Features natural arc motion
  • Unlike traditional crunches, which work your abs from the “top down,” the Ab Coaster works your abs from the “bottom up,” while limiting stress to your neck , back and shoulders.
  • 3-Position Adjustable Seat plus Free-Style Motion
  • Digital Workout Counter
  • Back and head apparatus comfortably supports you head and neck while you do the crucnhes. Padded rollers gently massage your back and neck Reverse arc motion targets the lower, middle and upper abs all in one smooth motion. Full range of motion kneepad to target your obliques
    Accessories Included Owners manual and Lose your Love Handles Nutritional Guide. Manual, Exercise Plan, Fast Track Meal Plan, 14-Day Express Program. Low calorie meal plan, manual with instructions. The Ab Flyer with Digital Timer & Counter, Guide to the Ab Flyer System, Ab Flyer Excercise Plan, Take Off the Pounds Mix & Match Meal Plan.
    DVD/CD/Videos included 3 minutes express workout dvd The Ab Coaster Complete Workout DVD. 2 instructional DVDs featuring 5 minute workouts – Fat blasting workouts, Ab blaster program, Dance program, Pilates assist program. Take Off the Pounds Cardio DVD.
    Price Total Cost $214.70 + $14.95 + $34.50 s/h. Total Cost $399.80 . Free Shipping. $99.99 + FREE SHIPPING. Total Cost $199.96 + $14.95 + $19.99 s/h.
    30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
    Warranty No data available. Ab Coaster System is covered by a manufacturers.
    60-Day Limited Warranty.
    No data available. Ab Flyer System is covered by a manufacturers 60-Day Limited Warranty.
    Weight 25 lbs 70 lbs 10 lbs 50 lbs
    Exclusive Offer 30-Day trial for $14.95 + $34.50 s/h $14.95 for 30 Day Trial. FREE SHIPPING $99.99 + FREE SHIPPING. $14.95 plus $19.99 S&H 30-day trial
    Usage 3 minutes a day Specified in the Express Program. 5 minutes per day. Specified in the Express Program.
    Material Made with gym quality steel that’s built to last a lifetime. The frame is constructed with commercial grade steel tubing. No data available The frame is constructed with high quality commercial grade steel with coated scratch resistant finish for maximum usage.
    Dimensions 28.5 x 27.5 x 8 (W x H x D) 61 x 53 x 33 inches (W x H x D) 27 x 14 x 7 inches (W x H x D) 34 x 33 x 48 (W x H x D)
    Assembly required Some assembly required. The Ab Coaster comes partially assembled. You will need to complete the assembly process according to the Quick Assembly Guide and/or Owner's Manual included in the box.  All tools are also included for your convenience. The unit can be fully assembled and set up in minutes. Some assembly required. The Ab Flyer comes almost completely assembled. You will need to complete the assembly process according to the Owner's Manual included in the box.  All tools are also included for your convenience. The unit can be fully assembled and set up in minutes.

    6 thoughts on “Ab Circle Pro Vs Ab Coaster Vs Ab Rocket Vs Ab Flyer Review

    1. Hello. I am looking for the most comfortable and easy folding machine. I think the AB circle and the AB rocket are unhealthy for spine column and neck respectively. I am not sure which one is better between the ab coaster and the ab flyer. I´d like to know which one is more comfortable, In the pictures the support for the elbows are bigger in the ab coaster. In the other hand, the ab flyer is cheaper and easy folding but maybe more fragile. Let me know your opinions please.

    2. I was considering buying the ab flyer through the company website, put all my cc information in then changed my mind, I never hit the place order button. Next day, they sent through the ab flyer order anyway. I called and told them to cancel but the customer service representative told me it had already been shipped and there was nothing he could do. He said I could pay the shipping to send the ab flyer back to them and they would give me a refund for the machine only. That is 45.00 in shipping charges to fix a mistake that I never even made out of my pocket. I get an e-mail from the company later that night telling me they were processing my order and they would send me another e-mail before the order ships. The customer service rep lied to me to keep me from canceling my order.

    3. to me ab rocket makes more sense – 1) you are in a perfect seated position to work your abs similar to crunches 2) the price is lesser then compared to other ab exercise machines. The ab coaster does the same what ab rocket does but the price difference is huge and plus you are more comfortable with ab rocket’s eated position.

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