Ab Wave vs Ab Circle Pro Review

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Ab Wave Reviews – Complaints/Cons/Disadvantages

Clever marketing for an ordinary product
The alarm bells are right there in the catch line for this exercise equipment, which comes with an asterisk and says “By adhering to the Ab Wave System which consists of adhering to a healthful meal plan, exercise on the Ab Wave machine, plus regular cardio or aerobic exercise. Your results may vary.” You just know that the models with fabulous abs used in infomercials don’t have much to do with this machine. It’s just clever marketing that doesn’t necessarily own up to the equipment.

The marketers have also pre-planned their escape route by suggesting that “results may vary”. Saying that for results that are not based on the equipment but a diet plan and working out properly, seems to be a bit of a cop out from the manufactures. It’s just not what you expect from fitness equipments that you are meant to trust.

Ab Circle Pro Reviews – Complaints/Cons/Disadvantages

Not effective for working your abs
That’s what you expect this equipment is for in the first place but all it does is work for your sides, that’s about it. It doesn’t do much for your cores and abs at all; you’d much rather be doing sit-ups instead.


Chinks need to be fixed
Even if it works okay initially the issues with the making of this equipment start showing soon enough. It’s particularly true of the kneepad that keeps getting loose after few uses and it’s annoying to keep having to tighten it. And even then it falls apart, which is disappointing.


Can be painful to use
The knee-cups have been screwed in with large screws that are covered with a foam disc. After working with it a few times the screws start hurting your knees, which is strict no-no.


Poorly made
The workmanship in making this equipment is quite tacky and it’s very obvious. The bolts don’t align well and can be a nightmare to fix. It’s flimsy overall and lifts off the floor when you workout. The paint on the roller is scratched and rollers get worn out quickly. Not worth the money you pay for it.

Compare Features and Benefits

Ab Wave

  • Easy Slide and Glide movement, Total Body Twist & Turn motion
  • Works your core, obliques, back, arms and legs. All this by just sitting in a chair
  • The unique design comes with a comfortable chair which is hooked to a sliding system which moves from left to right to provide full range of motion to work on the entire ab region of the body.
  • Burn more calories than any other ab machine


Ab Circle Pro Features

  • Works your Abs, Hips, Buttocks and thighs
  • Provides a Cardio workout too
  • Made with gym quality steel, built to last a lifetime
  • Ab Circle Pro folds for easy storage under the bed or in the closet
  • Three levels of Resistance
  • Also works as a Bun and Thigh Exerciser, just change a pin
  • Unique patent pending friction free track that’s gets you off the floor
  • Easy assembly


Compare “What do I get?” and Price

Ab Wave

  • 1 Ab Wave Exerciser
  • 1 Ab Wave Goodbye Nutritional Guide
  • 1 3-Minute “How to Navigate Your Ab Wave” Workout
  • 1 5-Minute Bon Voyage to Fat Workout
  • 1 15-Minute Coast to a New You Workout
  • $159.80 + $19.95 s/h. Official website AbWaveCanada.com | MyAbWave.com


Ab Circle Pro

  • 1 Ab Circle Pro
  • 1 3-Minute Express Workout DVD
  • 1 Nutritional Guide
  • 1 Ab Circle Pro User Manual
  • 1 Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • New – Gel Knee Pads

Price: $79.00 at Walmart.com. Official website AbCirclePro.co.uk


Is it foldable?
Ab Wave: Yes
Ab Circle Pro: Yes



Compare Areas Targeted?
Ab Wave: Targets the entire set of abs including the upper, middle, lower and side obliques in one fat burning wave like motion.

Ab Circle Pro: The Ab Circle Pro works out your upper, middle and lower abs and obliques – your entire core – in one simple fat-burning motion


Compare Workout duration
Ab Wave: Daily 15 Minute workouts
Ab Circle Pro: 3 minutes workout is equal to 100 sit-ups


Does it use weights?
Ab Wave: No
Ab Circle Pro: No


Does it help you lose weight?
Ab Wave: Yes, if aided with proper diet.
Ab Circle Pro: Yes, if aided with proper diet.


Does it strengthen muscles in your buns and thighs?
Ab Wave: No
Ab Circle Pro: Yes


User Weight Supported
Ab Wave: 249 lbs.
Ab Circle Pro: 250 lbs.


Ab Wave: Additional resistance-bands can be used
Ab Circle Pro: 3 levels of resistance



Ab Wave: Requires assembly
Ab Circle Pro: Requires assembly


Calories burned
Ab Wave: 62 calories every 10 minutes.
Ab Circle Pro: 30 calories every 10 minutes


Ab Wave: Not available
Ab Circle Pro: 25 lbs.

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