Ab Doer 360 vs Ab Doer Twist

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What is it? Ab Doer 360 vs Ab Doer Twist

Ab Doer 360
Ab Doer 360 is the only fitness system that uses ABDOBICS. ABDOBICS is a
revolutionary workout scientifically designed to increase calorie burn and build muscle fast!

Ab Doer Twist
Ab Doer Twist provides an abdominal-based workout that combines muscle toning with aerobic training.

How does it work? Ab Doer 360 vs Ab Doer Twist

Ab Doer 360
Employing a Torsion-Flex technology, the Ab Doer 360 is designed to help users work hard to reach muscles and improve their flexibility while working out. The Ab Doer 360 helps hold the user’s body in proper alignment thereby increasing flexibility and reducing any injury risk.
The Ab Doer 360 is designed with a comfy, padded rotating seat that glides smoothly giving users the ultimate abdominal workout. The back support uses a padded dual foam roller system designed to massage the back with every rotation and also help loosen tight muscles.
On purchasing the Ab Doer 360 you get a free workout DVD helping you benefit the most from this product, whether you are at a beginner or advanced level.

Ab Doer Twist
Ab Doer Twist is designed to provide users the advantage of an effective aerobic workout while in a seated position. Simply sit down on the Ab Doer Twist and your body will automatically be positioned in the proper and stable position.
Ab Doer Twist movements will effectively help you get rid of excess fat from your stomach and obliques, while simultaneously targeting other areas of your body including hips, buttocks and inner and outer thighs.
It also features a state-of-the-art Torsion-Flex technology which stimulates a variety of muscle groups that you can use effectively without experiencing pain and strain.
Quality Exercise Machine
The Ab Doer Twist is a machine worth investing in as it is made of gym quality and heavy-gauge steel offering multiple resistance options.
The entire machine, especially its contouring arm bars on the sides, have been ergonomically designed to eliminate stress on hands,wrists,elbows,shoulders, neck and upper back while using it.You can also increase its resistance to help tone your abs, legs, hamstrings, hips, buttocks and obliques.After your work out, you can use its massage roller to benefit from a relaxing and therapeutic massage.

What to expect? Ab Doer 360 vs Ab Doer Twist

Ab Doer 360
• Tone the abs, shapes the muscles and burns calories all with one easy-to-do movement.
• Targets your core, activates more muscles and massages with you exercise.
• After two decades of fitness success, the Ab Doer 360 is now
reengineered to give you a more effective work out!
• Transform your body faster than ever before!
• The secret is John Abdo’s exclusive combination of ab-toning &
muscle-shaping with heart-pounding cardio!
 Targets major muscles around your waistline with patented
Multidirectional Technology.
 Tightens your core, improves flexibility, and alleviates back discomfort – all from a comfortable, seated position!
 Fast and effective for every age, size, weight and fitness level!
 Lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble – get fit anywhere and
love the way you look again!

Ab Doer Twist
 Strongly built; made of gym quality materials
 Ergonomic design; features contoured arm bars to reduce stress on
hands, wrist, elbows, shoulders, neck and upper back
 Massage roller offers therapeutic massage as you workout
 Simple to use and easy to assemble
 Targets and tones abs, obliques, thighs, hips, and buttocks; rotates up and down to tone upper body, too
 Torsion Flex technology activates a wide range of muscles
while supporting your back and body
 Swivel-action seat with multiple resistance dial
 Front stabilizer

Exercises: Ab Doer 360 vs Ab Doer Twist

Ab Doer 360
Core Support Columno
Ergonomically-advanced design activates your core, back & spinal
muscles in every direction giving you a stronger back & healthy posture!
Contouring Arm BarsSupports proper body alignment by reducing harmful compression on your neck, back & spine!
Comfortable Seated Workout
Your muscles automatically fire as they react to the Dynamic Fluidity Seat’s 360° movements for total body toning without high-impact aerobics!

Ab Doer Twist
1. BODY BOBS (Lateral Bending)
With a wide stance, and feet firmly on the floor, sit upright in the Starting Position (SP), then lean to the right side with your torso, pause momentarily, then sway all the way over to the left side in a lateral pendulum-like motion.
This motion effectively targets all of the midsection muscles laying emphasis to your obliques and lower back!
2. BODY BOOGIES – (Circular; Clockwise and Counter-clockwise)With a wide stance, and feet firmly on the floor,sit upright in the SP then lean forward bringing your chest towards your thighs. Once your chest reaches this position begin to rotate your torso to the right in a circular fashion until you perform a complete circle with your torso and upper body. Start with little circles that are slow and controlled, then as you warm up increase the size of each circle and its speed. Simply stop and rotate in the opposite direction to add versatility to your workouts.This motion targets all the midsection muscles, while your legs and upper bodyreceive incredible toning benefits at the same time.
3. FIGURE 8’s-(Just like is reads; Figure 8’s)With a wide stance, and feet firmly placed on the floor, sit upright in the SP then start to move your torso and midsection so your hands scribe the Figure 8. Ensure NOT to pull with the arms or hands, but let your abdominals and obliques do the work. Simply concentrate on making the most perfect “8” figure you can.Once you master this figure, try reversing your motion to scribe a perfect figure 8 in the opposite direction.Not only does this drill work all of the midsection muscles, it also places more emphasis on the obliques and abdominals!
4. STREET BRAWL- (Getting crazy with The AB DOER TWIST machine)
With a wide stance, and feet firmly planted onto the floor, lean forward so your chest is closer to your thighs. By radically pivoting your torso from side-to-side in short little intervals, try to punch your knees in alternating fashion; but be careful you don’t knock yourself out. You can lift your chest away from your knees andstill maintain a pivoting punching action to add multiple benefits to this exciting and highly effective motion.This exercise lays a lot of emphasis on the abdominals and obliques, plus you’ll feel your arms, shoulders and chest getting a terrific workout all at the same time!
(In-line skating in your living room)
Activate the “Swivel-Action Seat”. Lean to your left side and extend your right leg to the right side of your body. Pivot your body from left-to-right in a skating action with your legs, darting your left foot out then your right as your torso and upper body sway to the tempo.This is an enjoyable yet highly-helpful motion that burns fat all over your body while toning your abdominals, obliques, legs, hips, buttocks, arms, shoulders, and entire back!

Max User Weight Supported: Ab Doer 360 vs Ab Doer Twist

Ab Doer 360 – 300 pounds
Ab Doer Twist – Up to 300 pounds

Resistance: Ab Doer 360 vs Ab Doer Twist

Ab Doer 360 – No
Ab Doer Twist – No

Warranty: Ab Doer 360 vs Ab Doer Twist

Ab Doer 360 & Ab Doer Twist – 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

price: Ab Doer 360 vs Ab Doer Twist

Ab Doer 360 – Trial price of $14.95 USD today and then 30 days later one easy payment of $199.80 USD
Ab Doer Twist – $ 220.87

Review: Ab Doer 360 vs Ab Doer Twist

Ab Doer 360

Ab Doer 360 reviews say that Ab Doer 360 strains the back while using it.

There are design flaws with the arm bar. It doesn’t remain stationary even if tightened to the max and can put tremendous strain on the shoulders while doing side to side motions.

Using the Ab Doer 360 for a couple of days may give you a neck and back pain.

Upon close inspection, the side to side twisting exercises can even cause serious back injuries. Using the Ab Doer 360 is bad for the spine and involves movements that are bad for the core too.

It lacks the resistance that is required to build great looking abs.

It is more or less like a rubber band and the back support is highly flexible to take away any resistance build up. It does provide good amount of cardio workout and can offer good amount of calorie burn. But for abs, it does not simply work.

There was no feeling of getting a workout with this equipment. It doesn’t work the abs or make them sore after using it for a long time either. It is more or less like a kitchen chair and has negligible resistance and mediocre quality build.

It doesn’t provide much for those who are serious body builders and professionals.

As compared to an exercise ball and resistance band, Ab Doer 360
offers less resistance and low impact workout.

It doesn’t have the capacity to offer an intense workout on its own.

It has very low resistance and can be good for beginners. It does not offer anything for the obliques, lats or the back. All the motions that Ab Doer 360 claims to perform does not have any effect on the abdominals in any way.

Ab Doer Twist

Ab Doer Twist reviews reveals that using the Ab Doer Twist for two days gave a back pain.

The support column is a different color and the pins are all super long. The rubbers on the handles don’t line up and the seat was permanently tilted forward.

The arm bar itself was manufactured backward compared to the one on the assembly video.

Ab Doer Twist is of very poor quality. There is no resistance to build your abs. Feels like you are bouncing with a rubber band. The large pole you rest your back on is too flexible.

It wobbled a lot after getting it together which means the parts
were not manufactured properly.

Ergonomically it is terrible for the spine. It stretches your back but not for a real workout.

It does not work your abs.

Ab Doer Twist is good for those who have limited mobility or who need to stretch before a workout, but it should not be considered as a stand-alone exercise machine.

It is comfortable and easy to use, but after 3 weeks of use there were no real abdominal results.

It is very cheaply made!

The knob for making the handle bar does not stay up.

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