5 Second Fix vs Bondic

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Compare what is it? 5 Second Fix vs Bondic

What is 5 Second Fix? – It claims to be a liquid plastic welding tool that can repair practically everything under 5 seconds by fixing, filling, and sealing it.

What is Bondic? – It states to be the world’s first plastic welder that can bond, weld, fix, and repair anything better than glue within seconds.

Compare how does it work? 5 Second Fix vs Bondic

How does 5 Second Fix work?5 Second Fix is a really strong liquid plastic welding compound that uses UV LED light to harden the sealant and weld things. You need to apply the liquid wherever you want and treat it with the UV LED light for 15-20 seconds for the resin to solidify into a clear and hard bondage.

How does Bondic work? – Scrape the residue off the surface with the Bondic cleaning pad so that the adhesion is optimal. Then activate the Bondic LED and apply the liquid on the surface that needs to be treated. Harden the Bondic liquid with the LED light and apply layers of the liquid till you are satisfied with the strength of the bond.

Compare What to Expect? 5 Second Fix vs Bondic

5 Second Fix – What to expect? – Fill, fix, cure, and repair any broken object whether wood, plastic, glass, or metal, in seconds with 5 Second Fix without the mess of glue. The weather-proof and waterproof solution will remain in its liquid form for up to a year unless treated with UV light, so you wouldn’t waste it when unused.

Bondic – What to expect? – The world’s first plastic welder is waterproof and heat resistant and can bond, weld, fix, and repair anything with a super strong bond within seconds better than glue. You can create invisible hooks to hang keys or decorative items and the non-toxic remains liquid when LED light is not used on it.

Compare features: 5 Second Fix vs Bondic

5 Second Fix FEATURES5 Second Fix is very easy to use and repairs things under 5 seconds. It hardens only with the LED light so you can position or reposition the surface before fixing it. It can fix things of any material – wood, plastic, glass, or metal and even aerial objects such as mini helicopters and drones. It is flexible, paintable and sandable so you can shape and make anything appear brand new again and the repair will be invisible. The solution can withstand -40°C to 150°C temperature. After the bonding hardens, 5 Second Fix is dishwasher safe and lasts up to a year if left unused.

Bondic FEATURESBondic gives permanent bond within seconds. It is waterproof and heat resistant so it works under any condition. Bondic remains in its liquid forms for years even if not used and solidifies only when it comes in contact with the Bondic LED. It instantly and permanently creates a strong bond. Bondic repairs broken eyeglasses, damaged casings, insulates broken low voltage cables, and more and makes them good to be used again. The liquid glue can be simultaneously treated with the LED to create strong invisible hooks to hang your keys or decorative items. Bondic is 100% non-toxic and resistant to acids, lyles, and lubricants.

Compare what do I get?

5 Second Fix – Two units of 5 Second Fix with carrying case.

Bondic – The Bondic kit contains the Bondic Pen, 1 Cartridge, LED, and 2 cleaning pads that can repair, fill, cure and shape anything – wood, plastic, metal and even fabric – in a few seconds.

Compare Price: 5 Second Fix vs Bondic

5 Second Fix – $19.99

Bondic – $ 21.95 with free shipping

Compare Reviews: 5 Second Fix vs Bondic

5 Second Fix REVIEW

5 Second Fix fills, fixes, cures and repairs things very easily. You just need to apply the solution on the affected surface and treat it with LED light for just about 10-15 seconds to get hardened and clear bonding. 5 Second Fix repairs broken objects very quickly and within seconds so that you do not end up replacing everyday objects when they break. Even though the liquid solution does bond objects quite well, the delivery mechanism is not up to the standard and it either breaks after a few uses or arrives broken with all the glue leaking. The adhesive system 5 Second Fix asserts that it uses battery-operated UV LED light to harden the solution when applied on the surface, but the LED light is of poor construction and the battery comes dead even with a new order. Furthermore, the bonding is hampered when the battery weakens and the UV light dims so a larger UV flashlight that can cover a larger area works out to be better and faster. 5 Second Fix is not really glue so you can fix things without the mess and stickiness. It repairs light objects such as your belt, eyeglasses, your kids’ toys or even a thick rope.

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A user Barry writes that they ordered the set after their neighbor had good results with Bondic . The liquid solution permanently stuck a rubber foot back onto a document stand because the stand was clear acrylic and the UV light could be shone through directly on Bondic . However, in spite of following the instructions and applying a second layer for better results on a broken eyeglasses arm, it broke again within an hour of use. On using the solution to repair a cracked hairdryer diffuser it split apart even with a gently push. The solution seems to work for some repairs but not when two pieces are tightly joined and the UV light can’t get through.

Another user Kenneth calls it a great product that’s easy and fun to use when directions are followed. But it has its limitations as the UV Light must cure the adhesive, so on areas that the light cannot reach it is useless. Hence, securing two objects together can be difficult. One reviewer Sue says that the bonding is good but its delivery system is substandard. The seal of the refill container is extremely weak arrived broken with the original order and replacement with the liquid leaking. Bondic can’t be kept lying down for the chances of leaking.

4 thoughts on “5 Second Fix vs Bondic

  1. To use Bondic effectively in some situations where internal gluing is necessary to form a strong bond, get a good epoxy or silicone glue and put it into the internal area. Then use Bondic to weld/glue the external area. Allow the whole thing to set according to the instructions for your epoxy or internal glue. The two combined will be stronger than either separately. Bondic will work in situations where using a clamp would be awkward or impossible.

  2. I found the 5 Second Fix completely useless. I could shine the UV light on and all around it until the battery runs out and the damned stuff still remains tacky and soft. It’s never going to set.

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