21 Day Fix vs P90X3 vs Focus T25

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About 21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix is an amazing fitness program that lets you lose weight and sculpt body in 21 days. You can lose at least 10 lbs and many inches in just 21 days if you follow this regimen. 21 Day Fix has been created by fitness expert Autumn Calabrese and is a combination of simple 30-minutes exercises and an eating plan you can follow easily.

21 Day Fix includes a seven-day program for upper body, legs, cardio, cardio with weights, yoga and pilates. It is said to work great for someone who has been working out for years or a beginner, for youngsters or even seniors. The eating plan of 21 Day Fix has color-coded containers for vegetables, fruits, protein, carbohydrates, cheese and healthy fats, seeds and oil and Shakeology Shaker up for drinks. The diet plan lets you control ounces, calories and cups so that you don’t overeat an is easy to stick to.

About P90X3

P90X3 is an intense workout program that will make sure that you work out very hard for 30 minutes a day for 90 days to get a ripped and sculpted body and lose up to 40 lbs or more. Lack of time will no longer come in your fitness with this exciting and fast program that lasts just 30 intense minutes a day. The program of P90X3 is made from a combination of the already proven Muscle Confusion of P90X and the Muscle Integration of X2. The new routines are tailored to get the best out of these short but intense sessions.

The fitness program P90X3 is well-structured, has a variety of moves that keep every group of muscle challenged for each second of the 30 minutes that the session lasts. Created by Tony Horton, P90X3 has resistance workouts, power workouts, cardio, and core, flexibility and balance workouts that include Yoga, pilates, isometrics and dynamics.


About Focus T25

Focus T25 is an in-house fitness program that you need to dedicate just 25 minutes a day for five days a week to get the same results as hours of working out every day. The program ensures that you do not miss out on your workout because of lack of time. Expert trainer Shaun T created this program that is short, makes you sweat like crazy and gives you insane results. You can lose 35-50 lbs in 10 weeks if you follow it dedicatedly.

Focus T25 is designed to give you everything from high intensity cardio, strength training, and core training. The program lets you focus on one muscle group at a time and moves along sequentially without letting you rest. Focus interval training works on your core, back, biceps, glutes, quads, lower abs, triceps, and obliques. Even for those who find this kind of intense workout difficult, there is a modified workout.


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